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Spring 2024

Fall 2024


My research spans natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision. I build systems that use language to interact with people, e.g., in collaborative interactions (like CerealBar). I design models and datasets that address and represent problems in language grounding (e.g., NLVR). I also develop learning algorithms for systems that learn language through interaction.

In 2022, I received my PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University, based at Cornell Tech in New York, NY. Afterwards, I spent about a year in Seattle, WA at AI2 as a Young Investigator on the Mosaic team. In 2016, I graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Linguistics.


  • 2022, PhD, Computer Science, Cornell University
  • 2016, BS, Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University

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