A New Methodology for Bulk Power System Reliabillity Evaluation
Khosrow Moslehi [advisor: Felix F. Wu]

A Unified CAD Model for MOSFETs
Sally Liu [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Alignment Signals from Electrons Scattering near an Edge for Electron Beam Microfabrication
Yi-Ching Lin [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Application of Restructuring Techniques to the Optimization of Program Behavior in Virtual Memory Systems
Jehan-Francois L. J. Paris [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Charge Circuits for Analog LSI
Robert H. McCharles [advisor: David A. Hodges]

Computer Based Management Information Systems Embodying Answer Accuracy as a User Parameter
Jacob P. Morgenstein [advisor: Martin H. Graham]

Design and Analysis of Program Behavior Models for the Reproduction of Working-Set Characteristics
Newton Faller [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Design of a Multi-Language Editor with Static Error Detection Capabilities
Mark R. Horton [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Effects of Random and Periodic Excitations on Relaxation Oscillators
Asad A. Abidi [advisor: Robert G. Meyer]

Frequency Weighted Linear Predictive Coding of Speech
Peter L. Chu [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

General and Efficient Methods for Global Code Improvement
Mark N. Wegman [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

High Frequency Bipolar-JFET-l(2)L Integrated Circuit
Sik K. Liu [advisor: Robert G. Meyer]

High-Speed Photodetectors with Interdigital Mesa Structures on Si Surfaces
Dennis C.-W. Chen [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Instrumentation for Imaging of Fluid Flow Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with an Example of One-Dimensional Flow Imaging
Joel Libove [advisor: Jerome R. Singer]

Jump Behavior of Circuits and Systems
Sosale S. Sastry [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

Monolithic Integration of a Dielectric Millimeter-Wave Antenna and Mixer Diode
Chingchi Yao [advisor: Steven E. Schwarz]

Performance Limits of Integrated Circuit Simulation on a Dedicated Minicomputer System
Ellis Cohen [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Performance of FIR Adaptive Filters Using Recursive Algorithms
Michael L. Honig [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

Power System Dynamic Security Assessment and Reliability Evaluation
Yu-Kun Tsai [advisor: Felix F. Wu]

Real-Time Natural Scene Analysis for a Blind Prosthesis
Michael F. Deering [advisor: Lotfi A. Zadeh]

Scheduling with Release Times and Deadlines
Barbara B. Simons [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Semiconductor Injection Lasers with a Circular Resonator: A Study of GaAs-(GaAl)As Dielectric Waveguides and Their Incorporation into a Laser Resonator
Andrew S.-H. Liao [advisor: Shyh Wang]

Silicon MESFETs
Cornelis D. Hartgring [advisor: William G. Oldham]

Simulation of Digital Communication Through Urban/Suburban Multipath
Mohammad A. Kamil [advisor: George L. Turin]

Software Requirements Engineering: Experience and New Techniques
Chong Woo Nam [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Super-Schottky Diodes, Josephson Junctions and Shadow Masks Made by Preferential Etching on Silicon
J. Maah-Sango [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Techniques for the Design and Management of Dynamic Computer Networks
Yuen-Wah Ma [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

The Relationship Between Signal Representation and Learning in ECG Analysis
Kenneth P. Birman [advisor: Martin H. Graham]

Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscopy and Special Effectds in Secondary Emission Electron Spectroscopy
Dale E. Miller [advisor: Thomas E. Everhart]

Virtual Storage Management in the Absence of Reference Bits
Ozalp Babaoglu [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]