A Form Application Development System
Kurt A. Shoens [advisor: Lawrence A. Rowe]

A High-Frequency Differential Narrow-Band Switched Capacitor Filtering Technique
Jesus A. Guinea [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

A Model for Laser Melting of Polycrystalline Silicon in Multilayer Structures
Clifford I. Drowley [advisor: Chenming Hu]

A Study of the Large-Scale Structure of the Plasmasphere Using Extreme Ultraviolet Observations
Supriya Chakrabarti [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy and Stuart Bowyer]

A Versatile Computer Representation of Integrated Circuit Masks
James A. Wilmore [advisor: David A. Hodges]

Algorithms for Computer-Aided Design of Control Systems and Structures Subject to Singular Value Inequality Constraints
Yorai Y. Wardi [advisor: Elijah Polak]

An Integrated Approach to the Validatiion and Evaluation of Critical Software Systems
Yu-King R. Mok [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

An MOS-LSI Adaptive Linear Prediction Filter for Speech Processing
Ronald D. Fellman [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]

An NMOS Integrated Vector Lock Loop
Daniel Senderowicz [advisor: David A. Hodges and Paul R. Gray]

Analysis Techniques for Exotic Machine Instructions and Their Use in Retargetable Compilers
Thomas M. Morgan [advisor: Lawrence A. Rowe]

Applications of Differential Sensitivity to Large-Perturbation Problems -- Diagnosability and Model Simplification
V. Visvanathan [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Axial Flow of a Collisional Plasma Through Multiple Magnetic Mirrors
Ronald V. Bravenec [advisor: Michael A. Lieberman]

Bulk and Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
Ching-Te K. Chuang [advisor: Richard M. White]

Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups
David L. Chaum [advisor: Bernard Mont-Reynaud]

Controlling Large Software Development in a Distributed Environment
Eric E. Schmidt [advisor: Robert S. Fabry]

Correspondences Between Structure and Function in the Bullfrog Octoconial Organs
Richard A. Baird [advisor: Edwin R. Lewis]

Crash Recovery in a Distributed Database System
Marion D. Skeen [advisor: Michael R. Stonebraker]

Diffusion Processes in Near-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
Jeffrey L. Tennyson [advisor: Michael A. Lieberman]

File Migration in Distributed Computer Systems
Juan B. Porcar [advisor: Alan J. Smith]

Four-Wave Mixing in Dyes
John A. Buck [advisor: John R. Whinnery and Andrew Dienes]

Higher-Order Nonlinear Circuit Elements
Ellan W.-C. Szeto [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Hot-Electron Effects in MOSFETs
Ping K. Ko [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Integrated Silicon Microbeam PI-FET Accelerometer
Pau-Ling Chen [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Large Scale Integration of Hybrid-Method Digital Subscriber Loops
Oscar E. Agazzi [advisor: David A. Hodges and David G. Messerschmitt]

Linear Multivariate Feedback Systems: Robust Stability, Robust Disturbance-Rejection and Design
Ming-Jeh Chen [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

LSI Circuit Simulation on Vector Computers
Andrei Vladimirescu [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Modeling the Phototransduction in Ventral Photoreceptor of Limulus Polyphemus
Nasser A. Farahbakhsh [advisor: Edwin R. Lewis]

MOS Devices with Very Thin Gate Dielectrics
Charles G. Sodini [advisor: David A. Hodges and William G. Oldham]

Noise Limitations in Switched-Capacitor Filters
Kuo-Chiang Hsieh [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Nonlinear Device Modeling
Yuen-Wah Sing [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Nonlinear RLC n-Ports: Interconnection, Frequency-Power Relationships, and Equivalence
Wesley J. Kim [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Overhead and Reconfigurability Considerations in the Design of Distributed Computing Systems
Chung-Hao Jen [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Piecewise-Linear Circuits: A Canonical Approach
Robin L.-P. Ying [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Min-hwa Chi [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Resolving Conflict among Resource Sharing Processes
Constantin A. Courcoubetis [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Stationary Staate Theory of Tunneling with Application to Simulated Ineleastic Tunneling Through Structure Mode Interaction
Stephen R. Whiteley [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Surfaces of Homopolar Amorphous Semiconductors: Definition, Characterization, and Density of Surface States
Daniel L. Richmond [advisor: Shyh Wang]

The Waveform Relaxation Method for Time Domain Analysis of Large Scale Integrated Circuits: Theory and Applications
Ekachai Lelarasmee [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Two Problems in Concrete Complexity: Cycle Detection and Parallel Prefix Computation
Faith E. Fich [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Two-Dimensional Integral Analysis of Bipolar Junction Transistors
Archie F. Lachner [advisor: Richard S. Muller]