Design Goals for Relational and DBTG Databases (M78/89)
Eugene Wong and Randy H. Katz

Frequency Domain Analysis of Nonlinear Systems: Formulation of Transfer Functions (M78/88)
L.O. Chua and C.-Y. Ng

An Intuitive Derivation of a Realization (M78/87)
C.A. Desoer and E.L. Lo

Modular Decomposition in Stochastic Transportation Networks (M78/86)
A.W. Shogan

Studies in Micropower NMOS Operational Amplifier Design (M78/85)
P.R. Gray

Synthesis of Reciprocal Piecewise-Linear N-Port Resistors (M78/84)
Leon O. Chua and David J. Curtin

Stabilization, Tracking and Disturbance Rejection in Multivariable Convolution Systems (M78/83)
F.M. Callier and C.A. Desoer

The Colored Branch Theorem: A Simple Circuit Theoretic Proof and its Applications (M78/82)
J. Vandewalle and L.O. Chua

An Algorithm for Single-Row Routing with Prescribed Street Congestions (M78/81)
S. Tsukiyama, E.S. Kuh and I. Shirakawa

On the Finite Solution of Nonlinear Inequalities (M78/80)
E. Polak and D.Q. Mayne

Division of Labor and the Distribution of Income (M78/79)
P. Varaiya, R. Artle and C. Humes Jr.

Annual Report 1978 on Multiple Mirror Plasma Confinement (M78/78)
A.J. Lichtenberg and M.A. Lieberman

Foundations of Feedback Theory for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (M78/77)
C.A. Desoer and Y.T. Wang

Foundations of Nonlinear Network Theory: Part I Passivity (M78/76)
J.L. Wyatt Jr., L.O. Chua, J.W. Gannett, I.C. Goknar and D.N. Green

A Derivative-Free Algorithm for a Class of Infinitely Constrained Problems (M78/75)
R. Trahan and E. Polak

Bipartite Graphs and an Optimal Bordered Triangular Form of a Matrix (M78/74)
A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and T.A. Bickart

Specifications for a Proposed Standard for Floating Point Arithmetic (M78/72)
J.T. Coonen

Locking Granularity Revisited (M78/71)
D.R. Ries and M.R. Stonebraker

MOS Switched -Capacitor Filters (M78/70)
R.W. Brodersen, P.R. Gray and D.A. Hodges

A Method for Computing Functions of a Matrix Based on Newton's Divided Difference Formula (M78/69)
A.C. McCurdy

High-Order Continuous-Time Monolithic Analog Filters (M78/68)
Khen-Sang Tan

An Algorithm to Solve the mxn Assignment Problem in Expected Time O (mn log n) (M78/67)
R.M. Karp

Geometric Properties of Resistive Nonlinear n-Ports: Transversality, Structural Stability, Reciprocity, and Anti-Reciprocity (M78/66)
L.O. Chua, T. Matsumoto and S. Ichiraku

X-Tree: A Tree Structured LSI Modular Computer System (M78/65)
A.M. Despain

On the Power of the Compass (or why Mazes are Easier to Search than Graphs) (M78/64)
M. Blum and W. Kozen

On Self-learning Pattern Classification (M78/63)
R.L. De Mantaras

Discriminate Effect of Information: The Third Measure of Information (M78/62)
Y. Enta

MOS Switched-Capacitor Analog Sampled-Data Recursive Filters (M78/61)
Ian A. Young

The Outputs of Jacksonian Networks are Poissonian (M78/60)
Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

When is a Flow in a Queing Network Poissonian? (M78/59)
Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

Vector Lyapunov Functions: Stability and Stabilizability Problems for Interconnected Systems (M78/58)
J. Bernussou

A Pattern Recognition Approach to the Problem of Linguistic Approximation in System Analysis (M78/57)
Piero P. Bonissone

Research of Microwave Scattering Properties of Snow Fields (M78/55)
D.J. Angelakos

Programming Languages for Relational Database Systems (M78/54)
C.J. Prenner and L.A. Rowe

Fully Integrated Analog Filters Using Bipolar/JFET Technology (M78/53)
Khen-Sang Tan and Paul R. Gray

The Simulation of Large Scale Integrated Circuits (M78/52)
Arthur R. Newton

Learning and Self Learning Procedures for Automatic Classification (M78/51)
J. Aguilar-Martin

An Interactive Rectangle Elimination Method for Bi-Objective Decision-Making (M78/50)
A.N. Payne and E. Polak

MOS Switched Capacitor Ladder Filters (M78/49)
D.J. Allstot, R.W. Brodersen and P.R. Gray

How Far Should You Go with the Lanczos Process? (M78/48)
W. Kahan and B.N. Parlett

Relational Decomposition Preserving Functional Dependence (M78/47)
W. Chang

Implementing Capability-Based Protection Using Encryption (M78/46)
D.L. Chaum and R.S. Fabry

A Unified Theory of Symmetry for Nonlinear Resistive Networks (M78/45)
Joos Vandewalle and Leon O. Chua

Software Requirements and Specifications: Status and Perspectives (M78/44)
C.V. Ramamoorthey and H.H. So

Frequency Domain Analysis of Nonlinear Systems (M78/43)
L.O. Chua and C.-Y. Ng

On the Dynamics of Josephson Junction Circuits (M78/42)
A.A. Dabidi and L.O. Chua

A Nonlinear Lumped Circuit Model for SCR (M78/41)
L.O. Chua and Y.W. Sing

Analysis of the Symmetric Lanczos Process (M78/40)
David St. Clair Scott

Velocity-Space Ring-Plasma Instability, Magnetized Part II: Simulation (M78/39)
J.K. Lee and C.K. Birdsall

Velocity-Space Ring-Plasma Instability, Magnetized Part I: Theory (M78/38)
J.K. Lee and C.K. Birdsall

Computer Science: Covert Communication Channels in Timesharing Systems (M78/37)
Jeffrey Craig Huskamp

An Algorithm for Minimum Partitioning of a Transversal Matroid (M78/36)
Susumu Sasabe

On the Capability of Finite Automata in 2 and 3 Dimensional Space (M78/35)
Manuel Blum and William J. Sakoda

Nondeterminism and the Size of Two Way Finite Automata (M78/34)
William J. Sakoda and Michael Sipser

Applications of Automata Theory to the Design of Intelligent Machines (M78/33)
William J. Sakoda

Self-heating of 1d Thermal Plasmal; Comparison of Weightings; Optimal Parameter Choices (M78/32)
A. Peiravi and C.K. Birdsall

Two New Algorithms for Obtaining Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Systems (M78/31)
L.O. Chua and A. Ushida

Interactibility Proofs and the Computational Complexity of Binary Quadratics (M78/30)
L. Adleman and K. Manders

High-Performance NMOS Operational Amplifier (M78/29)
D. Senderowicz, D.A. Hodges and P.R. Gray

Nonlinear Circuit Theory (M78/28)
L.O. Chua

Nonlinear Converters for Pulse-Code-Modulation Systems (M78/27)
Gheorghe Smarandoiu

On Optimum Single-Row Routing (M78/26)
E.S. Kuh, T. Kashiwabara and T. Fujisawa

New Convergence Theorems For a Class of Feasible Directions Algorithms (M78/25)
E. Polak and S. Tishyadhigama

Concurrency Control and Consistency of Multiple Copies of Data in Distributed Ingres (M78/24)
Michael Stonebraker

A Distributed Data Base Machine (M78/23)
M. Stonebraker

Evaluation of Distributed Criteria for Distributed Data Base Systems (M78/22)
D. Ries and R. Epstein

Frequency Domain Passivity Conditions for Linear Time-Invariant Lumped Networks (M78/21)
J.W. Gannett and L.O. Chua

An Intrinsic Calculus for Weak Martingales in the Plane (M78/20)
Eugene Wong and Moshe Zakai

Distributed Query Processing in a Relational Data Base System (M78/18)
R. Epstein, M. Stonebraker and E. Wong

The Construction and Evaluation of Fuzzy Models (M79/18)
R.M. Tong

Query Processing in a Relational Database Management System (M78/17)
Karel Youssefi and Eugene Wong

GO is a P space Hard (M78/16)
D. Lichtenstein and M. Sipser

Report on the Design of a Simulator Program (SAMPLE) for IC Fabrication (M79/16)
Sharad Narayan Nandgaonkar

Computer Science: Iteration Theorems for Families of Strict Deterministic Languages (M78/15)
K.N. King

On Partitioning a Graph: A Theoretical and Empirical Study (M78/14)
Robert M. MacGregor

Simulation of Integrated Injection Logic (M78/13)
Graeme R. Boyle

A Unified Theory of Symmetry for Nonlinear Multiport and Multiterminal Resistors (M78/12)
L.O. Chua and J. Vandewalle

The Robust Nonlinear Servomechanism Problem (M78/11)
C.A. Desoer and Y.T. Wang

A New Model for the Recognition of Strings of Symbols (M78/10)
K. Abe

Computer Science: A Machine Independent Algorithm for Code Generation and Its Use in Retargetable Compilers (M78/9)
Robert Steven Glanville

Synthesis of Piecewise-Linear Networks (M78/8)
L.O. Chua and S. Wong

Stability of Multidimensional Scalar and Matrix Polynomials (M78/7)
E.I. Jury

How to make the Lanczos Algorithm Converge Slowly (M78/6)
D.S. Scott

Query Processing for a Relational Database System (M78/3)
Karel A. A. Youssefi

A Patching Algorithm For the Nonsymmetric Traveling-Salesman Problem (M78/2)
R.M. Karp

A Robust Secant Method for Optimization Problems with Inequality Constraints (M79/2)
E. Polak and D.Q. Mayne

Arithmetic Tests for A-Stability. A[alpha]-Stability, and Stiff-Stability (M78/1)
T.A. Bickart and E.I. Jury