Technical Reports - Ken Goldberg

Accelerating Grasp Exploration by Leveraging Learned Priors (EECS-2020-129)
Hanyu Li, Michael Danielczuk, Ashwin Balakrishna and Ken Goldberg

Robotic Fabric Manipulation with Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Simulation (EECS-2020-72)
Ryan Hoque

Learning Robotic Grasping Policies for Suction Cups and Parallel Jaws in Simulation (EECS-2019-119)
Matthew Matl

Extraction of Vehicle Trajectories from Online Video Streams (EECS-2018-44)
Xinhe Ren, David Wang, Michael Laskey and Ken Goldberg

DebateCAFE v1.0: Incentivizing Articulation and Consideration of Adversarial Arguments (EECS-2017-197)
Ken Goldberg and Mo Zhou

A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI (EECS-2017-159)
Ion Stoica, Dawn Song, Raluca Ada Popa, David A. Patterson, Michael W. Mahoney, Randy H. Katz, Anthony D. Joseph, Michael Jordan, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Joseph Gonzalez, Ken Goldberg, Ali Ghodsi, David E. Culler and Pieter Abbeel

Autonomous Palpation for Tumor Localization: Design of a Palpation Probe and Gaussian Process Adaptive Sampling (EECS-2016-140)
Animesh Garg

A New Derivation and Dataset for Fitts' Law of Human Motion (EECS-2013-171)
Ken Goldberg, Siamak Faridani and Ron Alterovitz

Cloud Robotics and Automation: A Survey of Related Work (EECS-2013-5)
Ken Goldberg and Ben Kehoe

Eigentaste: A Constant Time Collaborative Filtering Algorithm (M00/41)
Ken Goldberg, T. Roeder, D. Gupta and C. Perkins