Towards a Quantum Hardware Roofline: Evaluating the Impact ofGate Expressivity on Processor Design (EECS-2024-78)
Justin Kalloor, Mathias Weiden, Ed Younis, De Jong Wibe, John D. Kubiatowicz and Iancu Costin

Leveraging Machine Learning for Quantum Circuit Optimization (EECS-2023-84)
Mathias Weiden

DCR: DataCapsule Replication System (EECS-2022-267)
Hanming Lu

SCL: A Secure Concurrency Layer For Paranoid Stateful Lambdas (EECS-2022-232)
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Nathan Pemberton

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Nitesh Mor, Eric Allman, Richard Pratt, Kenneth Lutz and John D. Kubiatowicz

Global Data Plane Router on Click (EECS-2015-234)
Nikhil Goyal, John Wawrzynek and John D. Kubiatowicz

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-144)
Enrico Tanuwidjaja, Jian Neng Li and Ashkon Soroudi

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-137)
Jian Neng Li, Ashkon Soroudi and Enrico Tanuwidjaja

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-135)
Ashkon Soroudi, Enrico Tanuwidjaja and Jian Neng Li

High Availability on a Distributed Real Time Processing System (EECS-2015-134)
Enrico Tanuwidjaja

Building an Adaptive Operating System for Predictability and Efficiency (EECS-2014-137)
Gage Eads, Juan Colmenares, Steven Hofmeyr, Sarah Bird, Davide Bartolini, David Chou, Brian Glutzman, Krste Asanović and John D. Kubiatowicz

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Martin Suchara, Arvin Faruque, Ching-Yi Lai, Gerardo Paz, Frederic Chong and John D. Kubiatowicz

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Daniel Wilkerson, David Alexander Molnar, Matthew Harren and John D. Kubiatowicz

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Ling Huang, Ben Zhao, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Long-Term Data Maintenance in Wide-Area Storage Systems: A Quantitative Approach (CSD-05-1404)
Hakim Weatherspoon, Byung-Gon Chun, Chiu Wah So and John Kubiatowicz

Two-Level, Self-Verifying Data for Peer-to-Peer Storage (CSD-05-1401)
Patrick Eaton, Hakim Weatherspoon and John Kubiatowicz

Low Stretch between Nearby Peers (CSD-04-1328)
Kirsten Hildrum, John D. Kubiatowicz and Jeremy Stribling

Handling Churn in a DHT (CSD-03-1299)
Sean Rhea, Dennis Geels, Timothy Roscoe and John Kubiatowicz

Monitoring, Analyzing, and Controlling Internet-Scale Systems with ACME (CSD-03-1276)
David Oppenheimer, Vitaliy Vatkovskiy, Hakim Weatherspoon, Jason Lee, David A. Patterson and John Kubiatowicz

Another Way to Find the Nearest Neighbor in Growth-Restricted Metrics (CSD-03-1267)
Kirsten Hildrum, John Kubiatowicz and Satish Rao

Optimizations for Locality-Aware Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays (CSD-03-1266)
Jeremy Stribling, Kirsten Hildrum and John D. Kubiatowicz

Supporting Rapid Mobility via Locality in an Overlay Network (CSD-02-1216)
Ben Y. Zhao, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Exploiting Routing Redundancy Using a Wide-area Overlay (CSD-02-1215)
Ben Y. Zhao, Ling Huang, Anthony D. Joseph and John D. Kubiatowicz

Distributed Data Location in a Dynamic Network (CSD-02-1178)
Kirsten Hildrum, John D. Kubiatowicz, Satish Rao and Ben Y. Zhao

Quantifying Network Denial of Service: A Location Service Case Study (CSD-01-1150)
Yan Chen, Adam Bargteil, Randy H. Katz and John Kubiatowicz

Tapestry: An Infrastructure for Fault-tolerant Wide-area Location and Routing (CSD-01-1141)
Ben Y. Zhao, John D. Kubiatowicz and Anthony D. Joseph

Silverback: A Global-Scale Archival System (CSD-01-1139)
Hakim Weatherspoon, Chris Wells, Patrick R. Eaton, Ben Y. Zhao and John D. Kubiatowicz

OceanStore: An Extremely Wide-Area Storage System (CSD-00-1102)
David Bindel, Yan Chen, Patrick Eaton, Dennis Geels, Ramakrishna Gummadi, Sean Rhea, Hakim Weatherspoon, Westly Weimer, Christopher Wells, Ben Zhao and John Kubiatowicz

ISTORE: Introspective Storage for Data-Intensive Network Services (CSD-98-1030)
Aaron Brown, David Oppenheimer, Kimberly Keeton, Randi Thomas, John Kubiatowicz and David A. Patterson