The Beauty and Joy of Physical Computing (EECS-2022-156)
Deanna Gelosi

Turn-by-WiAR: A Computationally-Mediated Approach to Rapid Prototyping of Physical Objects (EECS-2019-70)
Vedant Saran and Eric Paulos

Programmable Materials (Skintillates) - Final Report (EECS-2016-120)
Saurabh Mitra, Yuhao Liu and Yi Tong

Programmable Materials Final Report (EECS-2016-74)
Yuhao Liu, Yi Tong, Saurabh Mitra and Eric Paulos

Towards Digital Apprenticeship: Wearable Activity Recognition in the Workshop Setting (EECS-2015-172)
Timothy Campbell, Jonathan Harper, Björn Hartmann and Eric Paulos

On-line Collision Avoidance for Multiple Robots Using B-Splines (CSD-98-977)
Eric Paulos