Hydrogel Actuated Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Array (EECS-2023-59)
Oliver Chen

Design, Development and Applications of Portable Field Emission Devices (EECS-2021-224)
Nishita Deka, Vivek Subramanian and Kristofer Pister

Actuation and Localization of Resource-Constrained Autonomous Microrobotic Systems (EECS-2021-20)
Brian Kilberg

Robust and Unsupervised Interest Point Detection for Efficient Visual Odometry (EECS-2020-64)
Farhan Toddywala

Monolithic Wireless Transceiver Design (EECS-2020-33)
Filip Maksimovic

Modeling and Control of Resonant Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter (EECS-2018-6)
Yongjun Li

Implantable Beta Radiation Detecting Active Pixel Sensor Design For Prostate Cancer Surveillance (EECS-2017-177)
Leticia Ibarra, Michel Maharbiz and Kristofer Pister

Implementation and Characterization of a Multi-hop 6TiSCH Network for Experimental Feedback Control of an Inverted Pendulum (EECS-2017-26)
Craig Schindler, Thomas Watteyne, Xavier Vilajosana and Kristofer Pister

Applied Estimation of Mobile Environments (EECS-2014-32)
Kevin Weekly

Towards a Synthesizable Standard-Cell Radio (EECS-2012-219)
Richard Yu-Kuwan Su and Kristofer Pister

Outlet Power Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2012-152)
Ameer Ellaboudy

Protocol-Independent Compression for Resource-Constrained Wireless Networks (EECS-2012-93)
Travis Massey and Kristofer Pister

RF Ranging for Location Awareness (EECS-2009-69)
Steven Michael Lanzisera and Kristofer Pister

Joystick Control for TinyOS Robot (M02/24)
M. Chiri, S. Bergbreiter and Kris Pister

Process Variation Analysis for MEMS Design (M00/44)
L. Schenato, W-C. Wu, Laurent El Ghaoui and Kristofer Pister

Wireless Communications for Smart Dust (M98/2)
V.S. Hsu, Joseph M. Kahn and Kristofer Pister

Finger-Like Biomechanical Robots (M92/12)
D.C. Deno, R.M. Murray, Kristofer Pister and S. Shankar Sastry

Control Primitives for Robot Systems (M90/39)
D.C. Deno, R.M. Murray, Kristofer Pister and S. Shankar Sastry