The Unprecedented Risks and Opportunities of Extended Reality Motion Data (EECS-2023-232)
Vivek Nair

On Imitating Proprietary Language Models (EECS-2023-149)
Arnav Gudibande

TeraPipe: Token-Level Pipeline Parallelism for Training Large-Scale Language Models (EECS-2021-258)
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Proactive Secret Sharing in Dynamic Environments (EECS-2019-62)
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The Emperor’s New Password Manager: Security Analysis of Web-based Password Managers (EECS-2014-138)
Zhiwei Li, Warren He, Devdatta Akhawe and Dawn Song

Transformation-Aware Symbolic Execution for System Test Generation (EECS-2013-125)
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Transformation-aware Exploit Generation using a HI-CFG (EECS-2013-85)
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Data-Confined HTML5 Applications (EECS-2013-20)
Devdatta Akhawe, Frank Li, Warren He, Prateek Saxena and Dawn Song

REGIS: A Tool for Building and Distributing Personalized Practice Problems (EECS-2012-101)
Albert Segars

Symbolic Grey-Box Learning of Input-Output Relations (EECS-2012-59)
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How Open Should Open Source Be? (EECS-2011-98)
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Heng Yin and Dawn Song

Privacy Scope: A Precise Information Flow Tracking System For Finding Application Leaks (EECS-2009-145)
Yu Zhu, Jaeyeon Jung, Dawn Song, Tadayoshi Kohno and David Wetherall

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Emulating Emulation-Resistant Malware (EECS-2009-58)
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Measuring Channel Capacity to Distinguish Undue Influence (EECS-2009-47)
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Extracting Models of Security-Sensitive Operations using String-Enhanced White-Box Exploration on Binaries (EECS-2009-36)
Juan Caballero, Stephen McCamant, Adam Barth and Dawn Song

Loop-Extended Symbolic Execution on Binary Programs (EECS-2009-34)
Prateek Saxena, Pongsin Poosankam, Stephen McCamant and Dawn Song