Technical Reports - Laura Waller

Deep learing for single-shot autofocus microscopy (EECS-2019-138)
Henry Pinkard, Zachary Phillips, Arman Babakhani, Daniel Fletcher and Laura Waller

Differential methods in phase imaging for optical lithography (EECS-2018-160)
Aamod Shanker and Antoine Wojdyla

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-53)
Longxiang Cui, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee, Ying Ou and Ryan Frazier

Capstone Report - Project NoScope (EECS-2015-52)
Zeyi Lee, Mark Hardiman, Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou and Longxiang Cui

Project NoScope (EECS-2015-51)
Mark Hardiman, Ying Ou, Ryan Frazier, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-50)
Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

Defocus based phase imaging for quantifying electromagnetic edge effects in photomasks (EECS-2014-105)
Aamod Shanker

Measurement and characterization of EUV mask performance at high-NA (EECS-2013-56)
Rikon Chao