EM-trust: a Robust Reputation Algorithm for Peer-to-peer Marketplaces (CSD-05-1400)
Jonathan Traupman and Robert Wilensky

Experiments in Improving Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation (CSD-03-1227)
Jonathan Traupman and Robert Wilensky

Robust Hyperlinks Cost Just Five Words Each (CSD-00-1091)
Thomas A. Phelps and Robert Wilensky

Multivalent Documents: A New Model for Digital Documents (CSD-98-999)
Robert Wilensky and Thomas Phelps

An Experiment in Enhancing Information Access by Natural Language Processing (CSD-97-963)
Isaac Cheng and Robert Wilensky

Extending the Lexicon by Exploiting Subregularities (CSD-91-618)
Robert Wilensky

Sentences, Situations and Propositions (CSD-90-585)
Robert Wilensky

The Berkeley UNIX Consultant Project (CSD-89-520)
Robert Wilensky, David N. Chin, Marc Luria, James H. Martin, James Mayfield and Dekai Wu

Primal Content and Actual Content: An Antidote to Literal Meaning (CSD-87-365)
Robert Wilensky

Some Problems and Proposals for Knowledge Representation (CSD-87-351)
Robert Wilensky

UC -- A Progress Report (CSD-87-303)
Robert Wilensky, James Mayfield, Anthony Albert, Robert Chin, Charles Cox, Marc Luria, James H. Martin and Dekai Wu

Talking to UNIX in English: An Overview of an On-line UNIX Consultant (CSD-82-104)
Robert Wilensky