M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


Haptic Perception of Liquids Enclosed in Containers
Carolyn Chen [2019]

Human Modeling for Autonomous Vehicles: Reachability Analysis, Online Learning, and Driver Monitoring for Behavior Prediction
Vijay Govindarajan [2017]

Experimental Design for Human-in-the-Loop Driving Simulations
Katherine Driggs Campbell [2015]

Real-time Safe Semi-Autonomous Control with Driver Modeling
Victor Shia [2013]

Optimal Camera Placement
Avital Steinitz [2012]

5th Year M.S.

Eye Gaze Tracking for Assistive Devices
Evan Finnigan [2019]

Facilitating Robotic Grasping using Pushing and Toppling
Christopher Correa [2019]

Gaze Tracking in the Plane
Forest Finnigan [2019]