M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


PCB-less Integration of a Robust Wireless MEMS Tactile Package
Dillon Acker-James [2022]

Small Autonomous Robot Actuator (SARA): A Solar-powered Wireless MEMS Gripper
Alexis Moreno [2021]

MEMS-Actuated Carbon Fibers
Rachel Zoll [2019]

Implementation and Characterization of a Multi-hop 6TiSCH Network for Experimental Feedback Control of an Inverted Pendulum
Craig Schindler [2017]

Implantable Beta Radiation Detecting Active Pixel Sensor Design For Prostate Cancer Surveillance
Leticia Ibarra [2015]

Adaptive Time Synchronization and Frequency Channel Hopping for Wireless Sensor Networks
Branko Kerkez [2012]

Protocol-Independent Compression for Resource-Constrained Wireless Networks
Travis Massey [2012]

Hardware and High Data Speeds on the CINEMA CubeSat
David McGrogan [2010]

Serial Assembly of Microstructures
Subramaniam Venkatraman [2006]

5th Year M.S.

Single-Chip Micro Mote in EEG, fMRI, and TMS Systems
Joshua Alexander [2022]

Adversarial Swarm Defense with Decentralized Swarms
Jason Zhou [2021]

Redesigning Power Systems on a Single Chip Micro Mote with Berkeley Analog Generator Low Dropout Series Regulator Generation
Jackson Paddock [2021]

MicroBotNet: Low Power Neural Networks for Microrobots
Brian Liao [2020]

Robust and Unsupervised Interest Point Detection for Efficient Visual Odometry
Farhan Toddywala [2020]

Temperature-Compensated BLE Transmission from a Crystal-Free Mote
Titan Yuan [2020]

Designing High Speed Current Steering Digital to Analog Converter Using Berkeley Analog Generator
Mohammadamin Torabi [2019]

Design and User Guide for the Single Chip Mote Digital System
Sahar Mesri [2016]