M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


Application-Integrated Record-Replay of Distributed Systems
Narek Galstyan [2024]

Object Management in a Distributed Futures System
Edward Oakes [2020]

Making Edge-Computing Resilient
Aisha Mushtaq [2019]

Recursive SDN for Carrier Networks
James McCauley [2017]

Adaptive Stream Processing using Dynamic Batch Sizing
Tathagata Das [2014]

Troubleshooting Blackbox SDN Control Software With Minimal Causal Sequences
Colin Scott [2014]

Shark: SQL and Analytics with Cost-Based Query Optimization on Coarse-Grained Distributed Memory
Antonio Lupher [2013]

Analysis and Experiences with Information Flow Tracking as a Practical Means to Prevent Data Leakage
Lisa L Fowler [2011]

5th Year M.S.

Mixclave Networks: Building Mixnets with Hardware Enclaves
Mark Theis [2023]

Enhancing Privacy and Security on the Extensible Internet
William Lin [2022]

Vertex: A Unified Edge Computing Environment
Michael Perry [2021]

Montag: Cloud Native Data Tainting and Policy Enforcement
Hantao Wang [2020]

Vertex: Programming the Edge
Brian Kim [2020]

Emergency Broadcast Architecture
Michael Dong [2019]