5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Exploring alternative designs for a computational hyperspectral imager for microscopy
Yashovardhan Raniwala [2023]


Spatiotemporal Algorithms for Neural Activity Tracking with Diffuser-Based Microscopes
Tiffany Chien [2021]

Deep learing for single-shot autofocus microscopy
Henry Pinkard [2019]

Deep learning for single-shot autofocus microscopy
Henry Pinkard [2019]

Efficient illumination angle self-calibration in Fourier ptychography
Regina Eckert [2019]

gNUFFTW: Auto-Tuning for High-Performance GPU-Accelerated Non-Uniform Fast Fourier Transforms
Teresa Ou [2017]

Node-Pore Coded Coincidence Correcting Microfluidic Channel Framework: Code Design and Sparse Deconvolution
Michael Kellman [2017]

Analysis and comparison of Fourier Ptychographic phase retrieval algorithms
Li-Hao Yeh [2016]

Defocus based phase imaging for quantifying electromagnetic edge effects in photomasks
Aamod Shanker [2014]