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"EECS in a Connected World"

BEARS 2005 offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest exciting developments in EECS. This year we highlight deep EECS advances enabling computing and communications to connect diverse aspects of our world. Morning sessions on Thursday, Feb. 10 will feature distinguished faculty speakers on a range of topics, including wireless networks, optical communication, the future of the internet, embedded software, machine learning, security, and trust. The afternoon Open House sessions provide a more intimate setting for focused discussions with faculty members and graduate students involved with individual centers and projects. The evening banquet guest speaker will be Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, group president of QUALCOMM.

Friday, February 11, will feature workshops designed to give an in-depth view on particular activities in EECS and its collaborations.

We value the continued support of our industrial partners and look forward to engaging with new ones. We hope to see you at BEARS 2005!

Thursday, February 10 - Sibley Auditorium


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Welcome remarks, Richard Newton, Dean of the College of Engineering (video)

Anant Sahai (bio), "Some Fundamental Issues in Spectrum Sharing" (abstract) (video)

Ming Wu (bio), "New Waves of Photonics at Berkeley" (video)

Scott Shenker (bio), "DHT's, Flatland and the Internet" (abstract) (video)



Parallel Sessions - 11:00am

Session One
Sibley Auditorium

Session Two:
120ABC Bechtel


Edward Lee (bio), "Embedded Software: Building the Foundations" (abstract) (video)

Martin Wainwright, (bio)"

"Message-passing in Graphical Models: Algorithms, Applications and Challenges" (abstract) (video)

Ali Niknejad (bio), "The Road to 60 GHz Wireless CMOS" (abstract) (video)

Shankar Sastry (bio), "Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Computing" (abstract) (video)

Katherine Yelick (bio), "Towards a Digital Human"(abstract) (video)

Dan Klein (bio), "Natural Language Processing: Unsupervised, Adaptative, and Efficient Technologies" (abstract) (video)

Umesh Vazirani (bio), "Quantum Physics and the Nature of Computation" (video)

James O'Brien (bio), "Green Goop and Polygon Soup: Computer Graphics Research at U.C. Berkeley" (video)

Open Houses - 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Hearst Memorial Mining Building Atrium


Hearst Memorial Mining Building Atrium

Welcome Remarks, Jitendra Malik, Chair, EECS. Dinner Speaker: Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, QUALCOMM - "Not Just Talk: 3G CDMA"

Open House Descriptions

1:00 - 3:00pm


Berkeley Institute of Design logo

Berkeley institute of Design
354 & 360 Hearst Mining Building

Berkeley Wireless Research Center logo

Berkeley Wireless Research Center
2108 Allston Way, #200


Center for information technology in the interest of society logo

Center for Information Techonology Research in the Interest of Society
The Atrium & Room 275: Collaborative Software
Room 475 : Tele-Immersion
Hearst Memorial Mining Building

2:00 - 4:00pm

International Computer Science Institute logo

International Computer Science Institute
1947 Center Street

Overlays and Active Services for Internetworked Storage logo

Overlays and Active Services for Internetworked Storage
440 Soda Hall


Internet Indirection Infrastructure logo

Internet Indirection Infrastructure
606 Soda Hall
Posters and Demo



3:00 - 5:00pm

Gigascale Systems Research Center logo

Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center logo

Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center
531 (Wang Room) Cory Hall

Gigascale Systems Research Center

Donald O. Pederson Center
540 Cory Hall

Center for hybrid and embedded software systems logo

Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems
Donald O. Pederson Center
540 Cory Hall

A cascading stream architecture for large-scale receptor-beam networks logo

420 Soda Hall


Center for Optoelectronic Nanostructured SemiconductoR Technology logo

Center for Optoelectronic Nanostructured SemiconductoR Technologies
175 Cory Hall

Poster and Lab Tour



Atrium, 6th Floor Soda Hall

Poster Session


CENTS logo

410 Soda Hall
Posters and Demos

Microfabrication laboratory logo

Microfabrication Laboratory
400 (Hughes Room) Cory Hall

Friday, February 11 - Workshops and Tutorials

9:00am - 5:00pm

Tiny OS

Sibley Auditorium


Wireless Foundations

Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall


2:00pm - 5:00pm


380 Soda Hall



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