Photo for Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall

Former Professor Emeritus


Received his B.S.E. at the University of Michigan in 1946, M.S.E. University of Michigan, 1948, and Ph. D. Stanford University, 1951. From 1951-1955 he worked at Hughes Aircraft Company on microwave tubes, including resistive-wall, reactive-wall and rippled-wall amplifiers, as well as periodic structures (e.g., ring-bar helix) and large-C analysis for high power traveling-wave tubes, leading to the first multikilowatt TWT at X-band. From 1955-59 he was at the General Electric Microwave Laboratory as leader of the electron physics group, with work on electron guns, streams and traveling-wave tubes. The work at Hughes and General Electric led to publication of 14 journal articles, granting of 27 patents (most co-authored) and election to Fellow of IEEE. In 1959 he joined the Electrical Engineering Department, UC Berkeley.

Professor Birdsall passed away in 2012.

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