CS Visiting Faculty

Christopher Hunn

Visiting Lecturer
Teaching Schedule (Spring 2020):
CS 198-61. CS Scholars 61B Study Session, We 5:00PM - 6:59PM, Soda 380
CS 198-62. CS Scholars CS70 Study Session, Th 6:00PM - 7:59PM, Soda 380
CS 370. Adaptive Instruction Methods in Computer Science, Mo 1:00PM - 2:59PM, Jacobs Hall 310
CS 370-2. Adaptive Instruction Methods in Computer Science, Tu 11:00AM - 12:59PM, Jacobs Hall 310
Teaching Schedule (Fall 2020):
CS 36. CS Scholars Seminar: The Educational Climate in CS & CS61A technical discussions, Th 4:00PM - 5:59PM, Soda 380
CS 198-61. CS Scholars CS 61B Group Study, We 6:00PM - 7:59PM, Soda 380
CS 198-62. CS Scholars CS 70 Group Study, Tu 6:00PM - 7:59PM, Soda 380

Ramesh Sridharan

Visiting Lecturer

Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Visiting Professor

Research Interests: Theory (THY)
Education: 2009, PhD, Computer Science, MIT
Teaching Schedule (Spring 2020):
CS 294-168. Lattices, Learning with Errors and Post-Quantum Cryptography, Mo 5:00PM - 7:29PM, Soda 320
CS 294-175. Advanced Cryptography, Fr 10:00AM - 11:59AM,

Stella Yu

Visiting Lecturer
Education: 2003, Ph.D., Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University
Teaching Schedule (Spring 2020):
CS C280. Computer Vision, TuTh 12:30PM - 1:59PM, Soda 306

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