Hierarchical Stability and Alert State Steering Control of Interconnected Power Systems (M79/81)
Shankar Sastry and Pravin Varaiya

Symbolic Layout and Compaction of Integrated Circuits (M79/80)
Min-Yu Hsueh

Informal Conference on Particle and Hybrid Codes for Fusion (M79/79)
C.K. Birdsall and A. Friedman

Characterization and Measurement of 1/f Noise in MOS-LSI NMOS Devices (M79/78)
Chorng-Kuang Wang

Benchmarking Unix A Comparative Study (M79/77)
Luis Felipe Cabrera

An Improved Algorithm for Multi-Terminal Network Flow Synthesis (M79/76)
Dan Gusfield

Efficient Generation of Memory Reference Strings Based on the LRU Stack Model of Program Behavior (M79/75)
Ozalp Babaoglu

The Robustness of Controllabiltiy and Observability of Linear Time-Varying Systems with Application to the Emergency Control of Power Systems (M79/74)
S.S. Sastry and C.A. Desoer

Precisiation of Human Communication Via Translation Into Pruf (M79/73)
L.A. Zadeh

Linguistic Decision Analysis Using Fuzzy Sets (M79/72)
R.M. Tong and P.P. Bonissone

Coefficients for Stieltjes' Continued Fraction for the Gamma Function (M79/71)
Bruce W. Char

Evaluation and Enhancement of the Performance of Relational Database Management Systems (M79/70)
Paula B. Hawthorn

Identification and Adaptive Control of Markov Chains (M79/69)
Vivek Borkar and Pravin Varaiya

A String Model Etching Algorithm (M79/68)
Robert Jewett

Mathematical Theory of Power System Reliability Evaluation (M79/67)
Felix Wu

Possibility Theory and Soft Data Analysis (M79/66)
L.A. Zadeh

Software Microprogramming Tools for the VAX-11/780 (M79/65)
Richard D. Tuck

A Unified Hardware Description Language for CAD Programs (M79/64)
J.D. Crawford

Asymptotic Unbounded Root Loci by the Singular Value Decomposition (M79/63)
S.S. Sastry and C.A. Desoer

Martingales Parameterized by Sets and Multiple Ito Integrals (M79/62)
Bruce E. Hajek

No Period Two Implies Convergence, OR Why Use Tangents When Secants Will Do? (M79/61)
W. Kahan

Approximate Solution for the Conversion of Decision Tables Problem (M79/60)
Malik Ghallab

Tools for Research in Computer Workload Characterization and Modeling (M79/58)
Steven Louis Gaede

Coherence and Alert States for Interconnected Power Systems (M79/57)
Shankar Sastry and Pravin Varaiya

Heterogeneous Data Models- Part I Semantic Issues (M79/56)
R.H. Katz and E. Wong

Solver: An Analytic Function Root Solving and Plotting Package (M79/55)
H. Stephen Au-Yeung and Alex Friedman

Random Walks, Universal Traversal Sequences, and the Complexity of Maze Problems (M79/54)
R. Aleliunas, R.M. Karp, R.J. Lipton, L. Lovasz and C. Rackoff

Determination of the Transition between Adiabatic and Stochastic Motion (M79/53)
Allan J. Lichtenberg

A Globally Convergent, Implementable Multiplier Method with Automatic Penalty Limitation (M79/52)
E. Polak

Complete Stability of Non-Reciprocal Nonlinear Systems (M79/51)
L.O. Chua and S. Suwannukul

Stability Theorems for Stochastic Integral Equations Driven by Random Measures and Semimartingales (M79/50)
Michel Metivier

A Fluid Model for Multiple-Mirror Axial Plasma Flow Part I--Preliminaries (M79/49)
R. Bravenec

Algorithms for Computer Aided Design of Control Systems by the Method of Inequalities (M79/48)
E. Polak and D.Q. Mayne

The Working Set Size Distribution of the Markov Program Behavior Model (M79/46)
Makoto Kobayashi

Fuzzy Sets and Information Granularity (M79/45)
L.A. Zadeh

A Structure Preserving Model for Power System Stability Analysis (M79/44)
A.R. Bergen and D.J. Hill

Ingres Verson 6.2 Reference Manual (M79/43)
John Woodfill, Nick Whyte, Mike Ubell, Polly Siegel, Dan Ries, Marc Meyer, Paula Hawthorn, Bob Epstein, Rick Bermen and Eric Allman

Simulation of Optically Formed Image Profiles in Positive Photoresist (M79/42)
Michael M. O'Toole

Ergodic Orbits in Particle Simulations of Strong Ion Rings (M79/41)
Alex Friedman

Characterization of Finite Fuzzy Measures Using Markoff-Kernels (M79/40)
E.P. Klement

Interconnections of Markov Chains and Quasi-Reversible Queuing Networks (M79/38)
Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

A Simple Dynamic Routing Problem (M79/37)
A. Ephremides, P. Varaiya and J. Walrand

A Uniform channel IGFET (M79/36)
R.W. Coen and R.S. Muller

Sojourn Times and the Overtaking Condition in Jacksonian Networks (M79/35)
J. Walrand and P. Varaiya

Liar's Paradox and Truth-Qualification Principle (M79/34)
L.A. Zadeh

Approximate Reasoning Based on Fuzzy Logic (M79/32)
L.A. Zadeh

Exact Penalty Functions and Lagrange Multipliers (M79/31)
J.B. Lasserre

MOS Switched Capacitor Ladder Filters (M79/30)
David J. Allstot

Plasma Simulations Using Inversion Symmetry as a Boundary Condition (M79/29)
W.M. Nevins, Y. Matsuda and M. Gerver

MUFFIN: A Distributed Data Base Machine (M79/28)
Michael Stonebraker

Radial Losses in High Beta Multiple Mirror Plasmas (M79/27)
M. Tuszewski and M.A. Lieberman

Geometric Properties of Dynamic Nonlinear Networks: Transversality, Well-Posedness, and Eventual Passivity (M79/26)
T. Matsumoto, L.O. Chua, H. Kawakami and S. Ichiraku

On the Development of Correct Programs with the Documentation (M79/25)
Andrzej Blikle

On the Validity of Dempster's Rule of Combination of Evidence (M79/24)
L.A. Zadeh

Representation and Transformation of Two-Parameter Martingles Under a Change of Measure (M79/23)
Bruce Hajek and Eugene Wong

MHD Stabilization of Finite Beta Multiple Mirror Plasmas (M79/21)
M. Tuszewski, D. Price, M.A. Lieberman, R. Bravenec, K. Doniger, C. Hartman and A.J. Lichtenberg

The Effects of Concurrency Control on Database Management System Performance (M79/20)
Daniel R. Ries

Diffusion in Near-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems with Three Degrees of Freedom (M79/19)
J.L. Tennyson, M.A. Lieberman and A.J. Lichtenberg

Pricing and Site Selection with Market Imperfections: Hotelling Revisited (M79/17)
Roland Artle and Norman Carruthers

Particle-Fluid Hybrid Simulations Applied to Beam-Plasma and Ring-Plasma Instabilities (M79/15)
Jae Koo Lee and C.K. Birdsall

A Derivation of the Time to Failure Distribution (M79/14)
Natarajan Narasimhamurthi

A Superlinearly Convergent Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems (M79/13)
D.Q. Mayne and E. Polak

Solving Nonlinear Inequalities in a Finite Number of Iterations (M79/12)
D.Q. Mayne, E. Polak and A.J. Heunis

On the Generalized Nyquist Stability Criterion (M79/11)
C.A. Desoer and Y.T. Wang

Computer Systems (M79/10)
D.L. Chaum

Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Psudonyms (M79/9)
D.L. Chaum

Techniques for Processing of Aggregates in Relational Database Systems (M79/8)
Robert Epstein

A Property of Certain Multistage Linear Programs (M79/7)
J.B. Lasserre

Theoretical and Computational Aspects of the Optimal Design Centering, Tolerancing and Tuning Problem (M79/6)
E. Polak and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Data Abstraction, Views and Updates in Rigel (M79/5)
Lawrence A. Rowe and Kurt A. Shoens

Retrospection on a Data Base System (M79/4)
Michael Stonebraker

The Use of Technological Advances to Enhance Data Management System Performance (M79/3)
P. Hawthorne and M. Stonebraker

An Access Path Model for Physical Database Design (M80/1)
R.H. Katz and E. Wong

Spice1 MESFET Model Description (M79/1)
C.D. Hartgring