Technical Reports - 1982

VLSI Implementation of Digital Fourier Transforms, Final Report (CSD-82-111)
Alvin M. Despain, Carlo H. Séquin, Clark D. Thompson, E. Wold and D. Lioupis

On the Foundations of Artificial Workload Design (CSD-82-110)
Domenico Ferrari

Working Set Size Strings (CSD-82-109)
Domenico Ferrari

The Properties and Limiting Behavior of Working Set Size Strings and Flat-faults (CSD-82-108)
Tzong-yu Paul Lee

X-Tree and Y-Components (CSD-82-107)
Carlo H. Séquin and Richard M. Fujimoto

Design and Implementation of RISC I (CSD-82-106)
Carlo H. Séquin and David A. Patterson

Fourier Transforms in VLSI (CSD-82-105)
Clark D. Thompson

Talking to UNIX in English: An Overview of an On-line UNIX Consultant (CSD-82-104)
Robert Wilensky

Solving the Weighted Parity Problem for Gammoids by Reduction to Graphic Matching (CSD-82-103)
Po Tong, Eugene L. Lawler and V. V. Vazirani

RESST: A VLSI Implementation of a Record-Sorting Stack (CSD-82-102)
Clark D. Thompson, Michael J. Carey and Paul M. Hansen

An Efficient Implementation of Search Trees on O(lg N) Processors (CSD-82-101)
Clark D. Thompson and Michael J. Carey

Distributing a Database for Parallelism (M82/86)
Eugene Wong and Randy H. Katz

LSI Circuit Simulation on Vector Computers (M82/75)
Andrei Vladimirescu

PLEASURE: A Computer Program for Simple/Multiple Constrained/Unconstrained Folding of Programmable Logic Arrays (M82/57)
Giovanni De Micheli and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

EXQUEL: A Semantic Extension of QUEL (M82/44)
Eugene Wong

The Waveform Relaxation Method for Time Domain Analysis of Large Scale Integrated Circuits: Theory and Applications (M82/40)
Ekachai Lelarasmee

A Characterization of the Kernals Associated with the Multiple Integral Representation of Some Functionals of the Wiener Process (M82/2)
Eugene Wong and Moshe Zakai