VLSI Implementation of Digital Fourier Transforms, Final Report (CSD-82-111)
Alvin M. Despain, Carlo H. Séquin, Clark D. Thompson, E. Wold and D. Lioupis

On the Foundations of Artificial Workload Design (CSD-82-110)
Domenico Ferrari

Working Set Size Strings (CSD-82-109)
Domenico Ferrari

The Properties and Limiting Behavior of Working Set Size Strings and Flat-faults (CSD-82-108)
Tzong-yu Paul Lee

X-Tree and Y-Components (CSD-82-107)
Carlo H. Séquin and Richard M. Fujimoto

Design and Implementation of RISC I (CSD-82-106)
Carlo H. Séquin and David A. Patterson

Fourier Transforms in VLSI (CSD-82-105)
Clark D. Thompson

Talking to UNIX in English: An Overview of an On-line UNIX Consultant (CSD-82-104)
Robert Wilensky

Solving the Weighted Parity Problem for Gammoids by Reduction to Graphic Matching (CSD-82-103)
Po Tong, Eugene L. Lawler and V. V. Vazirani

RESST: A VLSI Implementation of a Record-Sorting Stack (CSD-82-102)
Clark D. Thompson, Michael J. Carey and Paul M. Hansen

An Efficient Implementation of Search Trees on O(lg N) Processors (CSD-82-101)
Clark D. Thompson and Michael J. Carey

Timber: A Sophisticated Relation Browser (M81/94)
Michael Stonebraker and Joseph Kalash

Computer-Aided Design of Structures Subject to Eigenvalue Inequality Constraints (M82/91)
Y.Y. Wardi and E. Polak

Algebraic Theory of Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems (M82/90)
C.A. Desoer and C.L. Gustafson

Bias Report (M82/89)
R. Gyurcsik, D. Cheung, F. Ma and T. Yee

On Locating Unstable Equilibrium Points for Power System Transient Stability Analysis (M82/88)
C.L. DeMarco and A.R. Bergen

Non-Differentiable Optimization Via Adaptive Smoothing (M82/87)
D.Q. Mayne and E. Polak

Distributing a Database for Parallelism (M82/86)
Eugene Wong and Randy H. Katz

Performance Analysis of Distributed Data Base Systems (M82/85)
Michael Stonebraker, John Woodfill, Jeff Ranstrom, Marguerite Murphy, Joseph Kalash, Michael Carey and Kenneth Arnold

Bipolar-JFET-MOSFET Negative Resistance Devices (M82/84)
L.O. Chua, J. Yu and Y. Yu

An NMOS Integrated Vector-Locked Loop (M82/83)
Daniel Senderowicz

An MOS-LSI Adaptive Linear Prediction Filter for Speech Processing (M82/82)
Ronald D. Fellman

A Computer-Assisted Study of Forced Relaxation Oscillations (M82/81)
T.S. Parker and L.O. Chua

Database Portals: A New Application Program Interface (M82/80)
Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence A. Rowe

Simultaneous Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems (M82/79)
C.A. Desoer

Measures of Deviance in Non-Classical Logics (M82/77)
E. Trillas, T. Riera, R. Yager and S. Termini

Evaluations of Possibility in a Fuzzy Environment (M82/76)
T. Riera

LSI Circuit Simulation on Vector Computers (M82/75)
Andrei Vladimirescu

A Clustering Algorithm for Partitioning of Programmed Logic Arrays (M82/74)
G. De Micheli and M. Santomauro

Nonlinear Lumped Circuit Model of GaAs Mesfet (M82/73)
L.O. Chua and Y.W. Sing

Layout Rule Spacing of Symbolic Integrated Circuit Artwork (M82/72)
Mark W. Bales

Analysis of Linearized Decoupled Power Flow Approximations for Steady State Security Assessment (M82/71)
R. John Kaye and Felix F. Wu

Synchronization and Chaos (M82/70)
Y.S. Tang, A.I. Mees and L.O. Chua

Two-Step Compensation of Nonlinear Systems (M82/69)
C.A. Desoer and C.A. Lin

Axial Plasma Injection and Shock Formation in Multiple Mirrors (M82/68)
R.V. Bravenec, A.J. Lichtenberg and M.A. Lieberman

Evaluation of a Fully-Integrated High-Frequency Switched-Capacitor Bandpass Filter (M82/67)
C.L. Hoang

Measurements of Plasma Confinement: The 10 Meter Multiple-Mirror Experiment (M82/66)
H.D. Price, A.J. Lichtenberg, M.A. Lieberman and M. Tuzsewski

A Simple Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator (M82/65)
L. Blum, M. Blum and M. Shub

Automatic Layout of Optimized PLA Structures (M82/64)
Howard A. Landman

Solution of Fuzzy Equations with Extended Operations (M82/63)
Elie Sanchez

Megavolt Arsenic Implantation into Silicon (M82/62)
P.F. Byrne

On Stabilization and the Existence of Coprime Factorizations (M82/61)
V. Anantharam

Design of Multivariable Feedback System With Simple Unstable Plant (M82/60)
C.A. Desoer and C.L. Gustafson

Observations on the Evolution of a Software System (M82/59)
Eric Allman and Michael Stonebraker

PLEASURE: A Computer Program for Simple/Multiple Constrained/Unconstrained Folding of Programmable Logic Arrays (M82/57)
Giovanni De Micheli and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Experimental Design of a Generative Model Based on Working Set Size Characterizations (M82/56)
T-Y.P Lee

Delight for Beginners (M82/55)
Bill Nye and Andre Tits

Experimental Study of High Beta Ballooning Modes (M82/54)
H.D. Price, N.M.P. Benjamin, A.J. Lichtenberg and M.A. Lieberman

Delight-MIMO: An Interactive, Optimization-Based Multivariable Control System Design Package (M82/53)
D.G. Mayne, W.T. Nye, E. Polak, P. Siegal and T. Wuu

A High-Frequency Differential Narrow-Band Switched Capacitor Filtering Technique (M82/52)
Jesus A. Guinea

Plasma-Sheath-Wall Time-Dependent Behavior: An Informal Survey (M82/51)
Charles K. Birdsall

Semi-infinite Optimization in Engineering Design (M82/50)
E. Polak

On the Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems (M82/49)
V. Anantharam and C.A. Desoer

Soft Deduction Rules in Medical Diagnostic Processes (M82/48)
G. Soula and E. Sanchez

Nonadiabatic Scattering and Particle Flow in Multiple Mirrors (M82/47)
K.J. Doniger and M.A. Lieberman

Josephson Junction Circuit Analysis Via Integral Manifolds (M82/46)
M. Odyniec and L.O. Chua

Crash Recovery in a Distributed Database System (M82/45)
Marion D. Skeen

EXQUEL: A Semantic Extension of QUEL (M82/44)
Eugene Wong

Negative Resistance Devices (M82/43)
Leon O. Chua, Juebang Yu and Youying Yu

Mextra: A Manhattan Circuit Extractor (M82/42)
Daniel T. Fitzpatrick

Large Scale Integration of Hybrid-Method Digital Subscriber Loops (M82/41)
Oscar E. Agazzi

The Waveform Relaxation Method for Time Domain Analysis of Large Scale Integrated Circuits: Theory and Applications (M82/40)
Ekachai Lelarasmee

Noise Limitations in Switched-Capacitor Filters (M82/39)
Kuo-Chiang Hsieh

A Form Application Development System (M82/38)
Lawrence A. Rowe and Kurt A. Shoens

Using a Relational Database Management System for Computer Aided Design Data (M82/37)
Antonin Guttman and Michael Stonebraker

A Computational Approach to Fuzzy Quantifiers in Natural Languages (M82/36)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Treating a Fuzzy Subset as a Projectable Random Subset (M82/35)
Wang Pei-Zhuang and Elie Sanchez

Algorithm Models for Nondifferentiable Optimization (M82/34)
E. Polak and D.Q. Mayne

The Influence of Program Dynamics on Performance (M82/33)
Richard Bassein

Document Processing in a Relational Data Base System (M82/32)
Michael Stonebraker, Heidi Stettner, Joseph Kalash, Antonin Guttman and Nadene Lynn

Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Database Systems (M82/31)
Michael Stonebraker

Modeling Nonlinear Devices Exhibiting Frequency- Dependent Capacitances and Inductances (M82/29)
A. Dervisoglu and L.O. Chua

A MOS Switched-Capacitor Instrumentation Amplifier (M82/28)
Robert C. Yen and Paul R. Gray

High-Order Nonlinear Circuit Elements: Circuit-Theoretic Properties (M82/27)
Leon O. Chua and Ellen W. Szeto

Nonlinear Optimization with Constraints: A Cookbook Approach (M82/26)
L.O. Chua and G.N. Lin

Canonical Piecewise- Linear Analysis (M82/25)
Leon O. Chua and Robin L.P. Ying

The Problem of Fuzzy Relation Decomposition (M82/24)
Janet Efstathiou and Richard M. Tong

Designing a Database for Ingres (M82/23)
Lorna E. DuMont

Study of Minimizing Sequences (M82/22)
E. Polak and Y.Y. Wardi

Nonlinear Programming Without Computation (M82/21)
L.O. Chua and G.N. Lin

Characterizing and Reproducing Program Referencing Dynamics (M82/20)
C.R. Dutt and D. Ferrari

Using the Peral AI Package (Package for Efficient Access to Representation in Lisp) (M82/19)
Michael Deering, Joseph Faletti and Robert Wilensky

State-Space Theory of Nonlinear Two-Terminal Higher-Order Elements (M82/18)
Leon O. Chua and Ellen W. Szeto

Synthesis of Higher Order Nonlinear Circuit Elements (M82/17)
Leon O. Chua and Ellen W. Szeto

VSWS: The Variable-Interval Sampled Working Set Policy (M82/16)
Domenico Ferrari and Yiu-Yo Yih

Program Page Reference Patterns (M82/15)
Robert Hagmann and Robert Fabry

Some Combinatorial Aspects of Network Reliability (M82/14)
Rubin Johnson

Possibility Distributions, Fuzzy Intervals and Possibility Measures in a Linguistic Approach to Pattern Classification in Medicine (M82/13)
E. Sanchez

Parallel Algorithms for Minimum Cuts and Maximum Flows in Planar Networks (M82/12)
Donald B. Johnson and Shankar M. Venkatesar

Probabilistic Flows for the Reliability Evaluation of Multi-Area Power System Interconnections (M82/11)
D.P. Clancy, G. Gross and F.F. Wu

A VLSI RISC (M82/10)
D.A. Patterson and C.H. Séquin

Large Scale Integration of Hybrid-Method Digital Subscriber Loops (M82/9)
O. Agazzi, D.A. Hodges and D.G. Messerschmitt

Subsystemwise Simulation oif Discrete-Time Interconnected Dynamical Systems (M82/8)
G. Guardabassi

Steady-State Security Regions of Power Systems (M82/7)
Felix F. Wu and Sadatoshi Kumagai

Relax: A New Circuit Simulator for Large Scale MOS Integrated Circuits (M82/6)
E. Lelarasmee and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

The VLSI Complexity of Sorting (M82/5)
C.D. Thompson

Compression and the Deterministic Time Hierarchy (M82/4)
Faith E. Fich and Shafi Goldwasser

Optimal Causal Coding-Decoding Problems (M82/3)
J. Walrand and P. Varaiya

A Characterization of the Kernals Associated with the Multiple Integral Representation of Some Functionals of the Wiener Process (M82/2)
Eugene Wong and Moshe Zakai

Exponential Lower Sounds for Some NP-Complete Problems in Restricted Linear Decision Tree Model (M82/1)
Esko Ukkonen