Perception for Real-World Robotic Applications (EECS-2023-122)
YuXuan Liu and Pieter Abbeel

VectorFusion: Text-to-SVG by Abstracting Pixel-Based Diffusion Models (EECS-2023-61)
Amber Xie, Ajay Jain and Pieter Abbeel

On the E􏰀ectiveness of Fine Tuning versus Meta-reinforcement Learning (EECS-2022-202)
Mandi Zhao, Pieter Abbeel and Stephen James

Efficient Empowerment Estimation for Unsupervised Stabilization (EECS-2021-109)
Ruihan Zhao, Kevin Lu, Pieter Abbeel and Stas Tiomkin

Learning Self-Supervised Representations of Code Functionality (EECS-2021-62)
Paras Jain, Ajay Jain, Tianjun Zhang, Pieter Abbeel, Joseph Gonzalez and Ion Stoica

On Training Robust Policies for Flow Smoothing (EECS-2020-197)
Kanaad Parvate

Deep Imitation Learning for Complex Manipulation Tasks from Virtual Reality Teleoperation (EECS-2020-190)
Tianhao Zhang, Zoe McCarthy, Owen Jow, Dennis Lee, Xi Chen, Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel

Algorithms for Multi-task Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-110)
Alexander Li

Robotic Fabric Manipulation with Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Simulation (EECS-2020-72)
Ryan Hoque

Generalization via Information Bottleneck in Deep Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-56)
Xingyu Lu, Stas Tiomkin and Pieter Abbeel

Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Assembly with Force Control (EECS-2020-20)
Jianlan Luo

Reverse Curriculum Generation for Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2018-162)
Carlos Florensa Campo, David Held, Markus Wulfmeier, Michael Zhang and Pieter Abbeel

Self-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Computation Graphs for Robot Navigation (EECS-2018-47)
Gregory Kahn, Adam Villaflor, Bosen Ding, Pieter Abbeel and Sergey Levine

A Learning-Based Approach to Safety for Uncertain Robotic Systems (EECS-2018-41)
Anayo Akametalu

Imitation from Observation: Learning to Imitate Behaviors from Raw Video via Context Translation (EECS-2018-37)
YuXuan Liu, Abhishek Gupta, Pieter Abbeel and Sergey Levine

A Simple Neural Attentive Meta-Learner (EECS-2018-32)
Nikhil Mishra, Mostafa Rohaninejad, Xi Chen and Pieter Abbeel

A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI (EECS-2017-159)
Ion Stoica, Dawn Song, Raluca Ada Popa, David A. Patterson, Michael W. Mahoney, Randy H. Katz, Anthony D. Joseph, Michael Jordan, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Joseph Gonzalez, Ken Goldberg, Ali Ghodsi, David E. Culler and Pieter Abbeel

Scalable High-Quality 3D Scanning (EECS-2016-220)
Karthik Narayan, Pieter Abbeel, Jitendra Malik, Alexei (Alyosha) Efros and Martin Banks

Autonomous Palpation for Tumor Localization: Design of a Palpation Probe and Gaussian Process Adaptive Sampling (EECS-2016-140)
Animesh Garg

Learning Compound Multi-Step Controllers under Unknown Dynamics (EECS-2016-41)
Weiqiao Han, Sergey Levine and Pieter Abbeel

Safety, Risk Awareness and Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2016-20)
Teodor Moldovan

Short-Term Traffic Forecasting: Modeling and Learning Spatio-Temporal Relations in Transportation Networks Using Graph Neural Networks (EECS-2015-243)
Behrooz Shahsavari and Pieter Abbeel

Machine Learning for Helicopter Dynamics Models (EECS-2014-219)
Ali Punjani and Pieter Abbeel

Reinforcement Learning Methods to Enable Automatic Tuning of Legged Robots (EECS-2012-145)
Mallory Tayson-Frederick

Reinforcement Learning Methods to Enable Automatic Tuning of Legged Robots (EECS-2012-129)
Nicolas Zeitlin

The Berkeley 3D Object Dataset (EECS-2012-85)
Allison Janoch