A VLSI Chip Set for a Mutiprocessor Workstation (CSD-89-500)
Daebum Lee, Deog-Kyoon Jeong, David A. Wood, David A. Patterson, Mark D. Hill, Shing I. Kong, George S. Taylor, David A. Hodges, Susan J. Eggers, Garth A. Gibson and Randy H. Katz

Multiport Memory Design Considerations for Parallel Execution CPU Architectures (M88/83)
Y. Nakagome, G.A. Uvieghara and David A. Hodges

SPUR: A VLSI Multiprocessor Workstation (CSD-86-273)
Mark Donald Hill, Susan J. Eggers, James Richard Larus, George S. Taylor, Glenn D. Adams, Bidyut Kumar Bose, Garth A. Gibson, Paul Mark Hansen, John Keller, Shing I. Kong, Corinna Grace Lee, Daebum Lee, J. M. Pendleton, Scott Allen Ritchie, David A. Wood, Benjamin G. Zorn, Paul N. Hilfinger, D. A. Hodges, Randy H. Katz, John K. Ousterhout and David A. Patterson

Partial Response Coding in Digital Subscriber Loops (M85/37)
N-S. Lin, David A. Hodges and David G. Messerschmitt

Full-Speed Testing of A/D Converters (M84/38)
T. Doernberg, H-S. Lee and David A. Hodges

Timing Recovery in Digital Subscriber Loops (M83/71)
O. Agazzi, C-P.J. Tzeng, David G. Messerschmitt and David A. Hodges

Large Scale Integration of Hybrid-Method Digital Subscriber Loops (M82/9)
O. Agazzi, D.A. Hodges and D.G. Messerschmitt

MOS Switched -Capacitor Filters (M78/70)
R.W. Brodersen, P.R. Gray and D.A. Hodges

High-Performance NMOS Operational Amplifier (M78/29)
D. Senderowicz, D.A. Hodges and P.R. Gray

Systematic Generation of Monostable and Counting Bistable Circuits (M92)
D.A. Hodges, D.O. Pederson and R.S. Pepper

High-Performance Field-Effect Transistors Formed by Impurity Redistribution (M58)
D.A. Hodges