Technical Reports - Joseph Gonzalez

Robotic Untangling and Disentangling of Cables via Learned Manipulation and Recovery Strategies (EECS-2021-121)
Priya Sundaresan

Intermittent Visual Servoing: Effciently Learning Policies Robust to Instrument Changes for High-precision Surgical Manipulation (EECS-2021-104)
Samuel Paradis, Ken Goldberg and Joseph Gonzalez

Learning Self-Supervised Representations of Code Functionality (EECS-2021-62)
Paras Jain, Ajay Jain, Tianjun Zhang, Pieter Abbeel, Joseph Gonzalez and Ion Stoica

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2021-15)
Samvit Jain

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2021-11)
Samvit Jain

Masked Layer Distillation: Fast and Robust Training Through Knowledge Transfer Normalization ()
Derek Wan, Paras Jain and Tianjun Zhang

Challenges and Tradeoffs in Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving (EECS-2020-111)
Alvin Kao

A Study of Transfer Learning Methods within Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2020-98)
Shrishti Jeswani

PyPlover: A System for GPU-enabled Serverless Instances (EECS-2020-74)
Ryan Yang, Nathan Pemberton and Jichan Chung

Interpretable Few-Shot Image Classification with Neural-Backed Decision Trees (EECS-2020-71)
Scott Lee

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Sketching (EECS-2020-57)
Ashwinee Panda, Daniel Rothchild, Enayat Ullah and Nikita Ivkin

Multi-Task Learning Architectures and Applications (EECS-2020-54)
Andy Yan, Xin Wang, Yanlai Yang, Roy Fox, Xiaolong Wang and Joseph Gonzalez

Efficient Inference on Video, In Real-Time and At Scale (EECS-2020-35)
Samvit Jain

Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing (EECS-2019-3)
Eric Jonas, Johann Schleier-Smith, Vikram Sreekanti, Chia-Che Tsai, Anurag Khandelwal, Qifan Pu, Vaishaal Shankar, Joao Menezes Carreira, Karl Krauth, Neeraja Yadwadkar, Joseph Gonzalez, Raluca Ada Popa, Ion Stoica and David A. Patterson

A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI (EECS-2017-159)
Ion Stoica, Dawn Song, Raluca Ada Popa, David A. Patterson, Michael W. Mahoney, Randy H. Katz, Anthony D. Joseph, Michael Jordan, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Joseph Gonzalez, Ken Goldberg, Ali Ghodsi, David E. Culler and Pieter Abbeel

DFS-Perf: A Scalable and Unified Benchmarking Framework for Distributed File Systems (EECS-2016-133)
Rong Gu, Qianhao Dong, Haoyuan Li, Joseph Gonzalez, Zhao Zhang, Shuai Wang, Yihua Huang, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica and Patrick P. C. Lee