Master's Theses & Technical Reports - Ken Goldberg

5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Algorithms for Suture Placement and Seed Placement: Planar Geometric Optimization for Surgery and Agriculture
Varun Kamat [2023]

AlphaGarden: Leveraging Simulation in Developing an Autonomous Real-Sim-Real Pipeline for Polyculture Gardening
Rishi Parikh [2023]

Autonomous Learning for Industrial Manipulation: Enhancing Grasping and Insertion Tasks through Scalable Data Collection
Letian Fu [2023]

Generalizing Perception Systems Applied to Untangling Long Cables
Vainavi Viswanath [2023]

Probabilistic State Estimation to Enable Manipulation and Interactive Perception for Robotic Cable Untangling and Object Search
Kaushik Shivakumar [2023]

Safe and Efficient Robot Learning by Biasing Exploration Towards Expert Demonstrations
Albert Wilcox [2023]

Beyond Conservatism in Offline Reinforcement Learning: The Importance of Effective Representations
Kevin Li [2022]

Design and Implementation of Physical Experiments for Evaluation of the AlphaGarden: an Autonomous Polyculture Garden
Mark Presten [2022]

IPC-GraspSim: Reducing the Sim2Real Gap for Parallel-Jaw Grasping with the Incremental Potential Contact Model
Chung Min Kim [2022]

Learning to Perceive and Manipulate Deformable Objects by Leveraging Simulation and Cloud Robotics
Aditya Ganapathi [2022]

Robust Imitation Learning for Risk-Aware Behavior and Sim2Real Transfer
Zaynah Javed [2022]

Automating Kitting Novel 3D Objects into Novel 3D Cavities Using Self-Supervised Learning of SE(3) Transforms
Shivin Devgon [2021]

Efficient Unicontact Grasping in Cluttered Scenes
Vishal Satish [2021]

Intermittent Visual Servoing: Effciently Learning Policies Robust to Instrument Changes for High-precision Surgical Manipulation
Samuel Paradis [2021]

Robotic Untangling and Disentangling of Cables via Learned Manipulation and Recovery Strategies
Priya Sundaresan [2021]

Efficient Distribution of Robotics Workloads using Fog Computing
Raghav Anand [2020]

Robotic Fabric Manipulation with Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Simulation
Ryan Hoque [2020]

Building a Target Recognition Pipeline for Mechanical Search and Algorithmically Generating Adversarial Grasp Objects with Minimal Random Perturbations
David Wang [2019]

Computing and Evaluating Adversarial Grasp Objects with Systematic Face Rotations and Applications of Dense Object Descriptors to Mechanical Search
David Tseng [2019]

Extraction of Vehicle Trajectories from Online Video Streams
Xinhe Ren [2018]

EchoBot: Facilitating Data Collection for Robot Learning with the Amazon Echo
Rishi Kapadia [2017]

First Order Driving Simulator
Wesley Hsieh [2017]

Surgical Automation for Multilateral Multi-Throw Suturing
Siddarth Sen [2016]

Algorithms, Models and Systems for Eigentaste-Based Collaborative Filtering and Visualization
Tavi Nathanson [2009]

Interface Design and Implementation of a Collaborative Observatory for Natural Environments
Bryce Lee [2008]

Exploiting Ultrasound Sensitivity Patterns to Accurately Localize Mobile Motes in Real Time using Particle Filtering
Nathan Burkhart [2007]


Dex-NeRF: Using a Neural Radiance Field to Grasp Transparent Objects
Yahav Avigal [2022]

Learning Robotic Grasping Policies for Suction Cups and Parallel Jaws in Simulation
Matthew Matl [2019]

DebateCAFE v1.0: Incentivizing Articulation and Consideration of Adversarial Arguments
Mo Zhou [2017]

Autonomous Palpation for Tumor Localization: Design of a Palpation Probe and Gaussian Process Adaptive Sampling
Animesh Garg [2016]

A Succinct Control Theory Derivation and New Experiments with the Square-Root Variant of Fitts' Law for Heterogeneous Targets
Siamak Faridani [2012]