5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Scaling Part Models: Challenges and Solutions for Robustness on Large Datasets
Nabeel Hingun [2023]

Improving the Efficiency of Robust Generative Classifiers
Alan Rosenthal [2021]

Model-Agnostic Defense for Lane Detection Against Adversarial Attack
Henry Xu [2021]

Towards Characterizing Model Extraction Queries and How to Detect Them
Zhanyuan Zhang [2021]

Towards Evaluating and Understanding the Adversarial Robustness of Random Transformation Defenses
Zachary Golan-Strieb [2021]

A Large-Scale Analysis of Attacker Activity in Compromised Enterprise Accounts
Neil Shah [2020]

On The Ridiculousness of Notice and Consent: Contradictions in App Privacy Policies
Ehimare Okoyomon [2019]

Stateful detection of black box adversarial attacks
Steven Chen [2019]

Breaking Active-Set Backward-Edge Control-Flow Integrity
Michael Theodorides [2017]

TurtleGuard: Helping Android Users Apply Contextual Privacy Preferences
Lynn Tsai [2017]

A Contextually-Aware, Privacy-Preserving Android Permission Model
Arjun Baokar [2016]


Building XP process metrics for project-based software engineering courses
An Ju [2019]

Tor's Usability for Censorship Circumvention
Linda Lee [2016]

Automated Discovery of User Trackers
Sakshi Jain [2014]

Topics in Cell Phone Security
Jethro Beekman [2014]

AdDroid: Privilege Separation for Applications and Advertisers in Android
Paul Pearce [2013]

Towards Sound HTTP Request Causation Inference
Kristin Stephens [2013]

Designing a Voting Machine for Testing and Verification
Cynthia Sturton [2012]

Location Privacy: User Behavior in the Field
Andrew Fisher [2012]

Measuring User Confidence in Smartphone Security and Privacy
Erika Chin [2012]