Ph.D. Dissertations - Krste Asanović

Energy-Efficient System Design Through Adaptive Voltage Scaling
Ben Keller [2017]

Hardware and Software Support for Managed-Language Workloads in Data Centers
Martin Maas [2017]

Decoupled Vector-Fetch Architecture with a Scalarizing Compiler
Yunsup Lee [2016]

Design of the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture
Andrew Waterman [2016]

Productive Design of Extensible On-Chip Memory Hierarchies
Henry Cook [2016]

Understanding and Improving Graph Algorithm Performance
Scott Beamer [2016]

Resilient Design Techniques for Improving Cache Energy Efficiency
Brian Zimmer [2015]

Optimizing Resource Allocations for Dynamic Interactive Applications
Sarah Bird [2014]

Using FPGAs to Simulate Novel Datacenter Network Architectures At Scale
Zhangxi Tan [2013]