A Micromechanical Frequency-Selective Power Amplifier
Wei-chang Li [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

A quantitative approach to wireless spectrum regulation
Kate Harrison [advisor: Anant Sahai]

A Scalable DC Microgrid Architecture for Rural Electrification in Emerging Regions
Achintya Madduri [advisor: Seth R. Sanders and Eric Brewer]

Abstract Semantics for Software Security Analysis
Kevin Zhijie Chen [advisor: Dawn Song]

Advanced High-Frequency Measurement Techniques for Electrical and Biological Characterization in CMOS
Jun-Chau Chien [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Axis-aligned Filtering for Interactive Physically-based Rendering
Soham Uday Mehta [advisor: Ravi Ramamoorthi]

Beyond Bounding Boxes: Precise Localization of Objects in Images
Bharath Hariharan [advisor: Jitendra Malik]

Bio-Inspired Artificial Olfactory System
Ping-Chen Huang [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Capacitive-Gap MEMS Resonator-Based Oscillator Systems for Low-Power Signal Processing
Thura Lin Naing [advisor: Clark Nguyen and Elad Alon]

Closed-loop decoder adaptation algorithms for brain-machine interface systems
Siddharth Dangi [advisor: Jose M. Carmena]

CMOS Magnetic Particle Flow Cytometer
Pramod Murali [advisor: Bernhard Boser and Ali Niknejad]

Coflow: A Networking Abstraction for Distributed Data-Parallel Applications
Mosharaf Chowdhury [advisor: Ion Stoica]

Communication-Avoiding Krylov Subspace Methods in Theory and Practice
Erin Carson [advisor: James Demmel and Armando Fox]

Communication-Optimal Loop Nests
Nick Knight [advisor: James Demmel]

Compositional Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Contracts
Pierluigi Nuzzo [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Connecting the Last Billion
Yahel Ben David [advisor: Eric Brewer and Scott Shenker]

Convex geometric tools in information theory
Varun Jog [advisor: Venkat Anantharam]

Coordination Avoidance in Distributed Databases
Peter Bailis [advisor: Joseph M. Hellerstein, Ion Stoica and Ali Ghodsi]

Data-centric Programming for Distributed Systems
Peter Alvaro [advisor: Joseph M. Hellerstein]

Design and Engineering of Pattern Formation in Gene Expression in Escherichia coli
Justin Hsia [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Design and Fabrication of cm-scale Tesla Turbines
Vedavalli Krishnan [advisor: Michel Maharbiz]

Design Considerations for Nano-Electromechanical Relay Circuits
Matthew Spencer [advisor: Elad Alon]

Design of control algorithms for redundant neuroprosthetic brain-machine interfaces
Suraj Gowda [advisor: Jose M. Carmena]

Design Techniques for Ultra-High-Speed Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
Yida Duan [advisor: Elad Alon]

Efficient Multi-Level Modeling and Monitoring of End-use Energy Profile in Commercial Buildings
Zhaoyi Kang [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Electronic Properties of Low-Dimensional Materials Under Periodic Potential
Mehdi Jamei [advisor: Ali Javey and Alex Zettl]

End-User Record and Replay for the Web
Shaon Barman [advisor: Ras Bodik]

Exploiting Structure and Input-Output Properties in Networked Dynamical Systems
Ana Sofia Rufino Ferreira [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Fast and Effective Approximations for Summarization and Categorization of Very Large Text Corpora
Andrew Godbehere [advisor: Laurent El Ghaoui]

Flexible Photonics with High Contrast Metastructures
Li Zhu [advisor: Constance Chang-Hasnain]

Frequency Tunable MEMS-Based Timing Oscillators and Narrowband Filters
Henry Barrow [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

From MetroII to Metronomy, Designing Contract-based Function-Architecture Co-simulation Framework for Timing Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Liangpeng Guo [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Games with vector payoffs : a dynamic programming approach
Vijay Kamble [advisor: Jean Walrand]

Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording: Fundamental Limits to Inverse Electromagnetic Design
Samarth Bhargava [advisor: Eli Yablonovitch]

High Contrast Grating for Optical Sensing
Tianbo Sun [advisor: Constance Chang-Hasnain]

High Contrast Metastructures on Silicon for Optoelectronic Devices
James Ferrara [advisor: Constance Chang-Hasnain]

High-Q AlN Contour Mode Resonators with Unattached, Voltage-Actuated Electrodes
Robert Schneider [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

High-Q AlN Contour Mode Resonators with Unattached, Voltage-Actuated Electrodes
Robert Schneider [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

High-Q MEMS Capacitive-Gap Resonators for RF Channel Selection
Lingqi Wu [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

III-V Nanolaser Integration with CMOS Electronics and Silicon Photonics
Fanglu Lu [advisor: Constance Chang-Hasnain]

Incentivizing Efficiency in Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems
Lillian Ratliff [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry and Pravin Varaiya]

Large-Margin Structured Prediction Extensions of Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition
Suman Ravuri [advisor: Nelson Morgan]

Leveraging Similar Regions to Improve Genome Data Processing
Kristal Curtis [advisor: David A. Patterson and Armando Fox]

Low-Latency, High-Reliability Wireless Networks for Control Applications
Matthew Weiner [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Machine Learning and Optimization for Neural Circuit Reconstruction
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Metal Optics Based nanoLEDs: In Search of a Fast, Efficient, Nanoscale Light Emitter
Michael Eggleston [advisor: Ming C. Wu]

Modeling and Control of an Ornithopter for Non-Equilibrium Maneuvers
Cameron Rose [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Modeling and Selection for Real-time Wafer-to-Wafer Fault Detection Applications
Jae Yeon (Claire) Baek [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Negative Capacitance for Ultra-low Power Computing
Asif Islam Khan [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

New Approaches to the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman and Related Problems
Nima AhmadiPourAnari [advisor: Satish Rao]

Non-Epitaxial Thin-Film Indium Phosphide Photovoltaics: Growth, Devices, and Cost Analysis
Maxwell Zheng [advisor: Ali Javey]

On the Power of Lasserre SDP Hierarchy
Ning Tan [advisor: Prasad Raghavendra]

Optical Design Considerations for High Conversion Efficiency in Photovoltaics
Vidya Ganapati [advisor: Eli Yablonovitch]

Optofluidic Devices for Droplet and Cell Manipulation
Shao Ning Pei [advisor: Ming C. Wu]

OS and Runtime Support for Efficiently Managing Cores in Parallel Applications
Kevin Klues [advisor: Eric Brewer]

Pervasive Well-being Technology
Pablo Paredes [advisor: John F. Canny]

pin orbit torque driven magnetic switching for low power computing and memory
Debanjan Bhowmik [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Predictable Processors for Mixed-Criticality Systems and Precision-Timed I/O
Michael Zimmer [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Privacy-preserving Messaging and Search: A Collaborative Approach
Giulia Fanti [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran]

Refinements in Syntactic Parsing
David Hall [advisor: Daniel Klein]

Reliability Studies of Micro-Relays for Digital Logic Applications
Yenhao Chen [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Resilient Design Techniques for Improving Cache Energy Efficiency
Brian Zimmer [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic and Krste Asanović]

Risk Management and Combinatorial Optimization for Large-Scale Demand Response and Renewable Energy Integration
Insoon Yang [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Robust Optimization and Data Approximation in Machine Learning
Gia Vinh Anh Pham [advisor: Laurent El Ghaoui]

Robust Scheduling for Queueing Networks
Ramtin Pedarsani [advisor: Jean Walrand]

Scalable Algorithms for Population Genomic Inference
Sara Sheehan [advisor: Yun S. Song]

Scalable Platform for Malicious Content Detection Integrating Machine Learning and Manual Review
Bradley Miller [advisor: Anthony D. Joseph and Doug Tygar]

Scalable Transactions for Scalable Distributed Database Systems
Gene Pang [advisor: Michael Franklin]

Security Mechanisms and Security-Aware Mapping for Real-Time Distributed Embedded Systems
Chung-Wei Lin [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Statistical Models for Genome Assembly and Analysis
Atif Rahman [advisor: Lior Pachter]

Synthesis and Verification of Networked Systems with Applications to Transportation Networks
Samuel Coogan [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Solution-processed Nanomaterials: From Thin-film Transistors to Flexible “Smart Bandages”
Sarah Swisher [advisor: Vivek Subramanian]

Three-Dimensional Inkjet-Printed Metal Nanoparticles: Ink and Application Development
Jake Sadie [advisor: Vivek Subramanian]

Tools for Creating Audio Stories
Steven Rubin [advisor: Maneesh Agrawala]

Towards Secure and Privacy-Preserving Online Social Networking Services
Zhenqiang Gong [advisor: Dawn Song]

Ultra-low energy photoreceivers for optical interconnects
Ryan Going [advisor: Ming C. Wu]

Unified Multi-Cue Depth Estimation from Light-Field Images: Correspondence, Defocus, Shading, and Specularity
Michael Tao [advisor: Jitendra Malik and Ravi Ramamoorthi]

Unsupervised Analysis of Structured Human Artifacts
Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick [advisor: Daniel Klein]

Variability Modeling and Statistical Parameter Extraction for CMOS Devices
Kun Qian [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Visual Representations for Fine-grained Categorization
Ning Zhang [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Wideband Signal Acquisition via Frequency-Interleaved Sampling
Steven Callender [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Wireless Power Monitoring at Plugs and Panels
Michael Lorek [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

3D Modeling of Interior Building Environments and Objects from Noisy Sensor Suites
Eric Turner [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]