Ph.D. Dissertations - 2023

Accelerating Electronic Structure Calculations with Machine Learning
Daniel Rothchild [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez and Aditi Krishnapriyan]

Advances in Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
Tiancheng Xie [advisor: Dawn Song]

Aligning Robot Representations with Humans
Andreea Bobu [advisor: Anca Dragan]

Automated and Process-Portable Generation of Data Converters
Zhaokai Liu [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Bridging the Gap between Humans and Machines in 3D Object Perception
Jasmine Collins [advisor: Jitendra Malik and Bruno Olshausen]

Constrained machine learning: algorithms and models
Geoffrey Negiar [advisor: Laurent El Ghaoui and Michael William Mahoney]

Contributions to the Statistical Foundation of Data-Driven Control
Alex Devonport [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Control and Simulation of Power Electronic Dominated Power Systems
Ciaran Roberts [advisor: Seth R. Sanders and Duncan Callaway]

Data and Label Efficient Representation Learning
Colorado Reed [advisor: Kurt Keutzer and Trevor Darrell]

Data-Centric Machine Learning for Human-Centric Applications
Hari Prasanna Das [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Deep Generative Models for Decision-Making and Control
Michael Janner [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Deformation in Robotics: Applications in Tactile Sensing and Grasp Planning
Isabella Huang [advisor: Ruzena Bajcsy]

Design Methodologies and Automated Generation of Ultra High Speed Wireline SerDes Transmitters
Ayan Biswas [advisor: Elad Alon and Vladimir Stojanovic]

Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Theory and Practice
Jiaheng Zhang [advisor: Dawn Song]

Enhancing Visual Media Through Reflection and Recomposition
Jeremy Warner [advisor: Björn Hartmann]

Evaluating and Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources
Utkarsha Agwan [advisor: Costas J. Spanos and Kameshwar Poolla]

Feedforward MLSE Equalization for High Speed Serial Links
Paul Kwon [advisor: Elad Alon and Vladimir Stojanovic]

Formal Specification and Verification of Secure Information Flow for Hardware Platforms
Kevin Cheang [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Generative Models for Image and Long Video Synthesis
Tim Brooks [advisor: Alexei (Alyosha) Efros]

Generative Models of Images and Neural Networks
Bill Peebles [advisor: Alexei (Alyosha) Efros]

Geometry of Local-spectral Expanders
Siqi Liu [advisor: Alessandro Chiesa]

Geometry-Inspired Sampling Algorithms and Random Graphs
Elizabeth Yang [advisor: Satish Rao]

High Performance Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converters for Aerospace Applications
Sam Coday [advisor: Robert Pilawa-Podgurski]

High-Fidelity 3D Mesh Reconstruction of Humans and Objects
Shubham Goel [advisor: Jitendra Malik and Angjoo Kanazawa]

Human-Centric Reward Design
Yu Qing Du [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converter Design: State-Space Dynamical Modeling and Passive Device Characterization
Nathan Brooks [advisor: Robert Pilawa-Podgurski]

Infrastructure Support for Datacenter Applications
Michael Chang [advisor: Thomas Griffiths and Sergey Levine]

Instance-dependent Optimality in Statistical Decision-making
Wenlong Mou [advisor: Peter Bartlett and Martin Wainwright]

Integrated Low-Power Wireless Systems for the Next Generation of IoT, Sensors and Microrobots
Alex Moreno [advisor: Kristofer Pister and Ali Niknejad]

Integrated Low-Power Wireless Systems for the Next Generation of IoT, Sensors and Microrobots
Alex Moreno [advisor: Kristofer Pister and Ali Niknejad]

Integrated Signal Processing for Massive MIMO Systems
Yue Dai [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Investigation of Energy Efficient Magnetic Switching in Novel Materials and Device Structures for Spintronics Application
Jason Cheng-Hsiang Hsu [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Learning to Design and Engineer Proteins from Evolution, 3D Structures, and Experiments
Chloe Hsu [advisor: Moritz Hardt and Jennifer Listgarten]

Learning to Design and Engineer Proteins from Evolution, 3D Structures, and Experiments
Chloe Hsu [advisor: Moritz Hardt and Jennifer Listgarten]

Learning to Design Protein and DNA Libraries
Akosua Busia [advisor: Michael Jordan and Jennifer Listgarten]

Liberating the Siloed Gateway: Application-Agnostic Connectivity and Interaction for the Internet of Things
Thomas Zachariah [advisor: Prabal Dutta]

Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction with Greater Fidelity and Efficiency
Ke Wang [advisor: Michael Lustig and Stella Yu]

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Modeling of Brain Magnetic Susceptibility
Jingjia Chen [advisor: Chunlei Liu]

Magnetic Susceptibility of Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Altered by Neurodegeneration
Maruf Ahmed [advisor: Chunlei Liu]

MEMS Mirror-Based High-Speed Spatial Light Modulators
Cem Yalcin [advisor: Rikky Muller]

Modeling System-level Iron Homeostasis in the Human Brain over the Lifespan
Zoe Cohen [advisor: Chunlei Liu]

Multimodal Long-Term Video Understanding
Medhini Gulganjalli Narasimhan [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Neural Software Abstractions
Michael Chang [advisor: Thomas Griffiths and Sergey Levine]

Novel Non-Volatile Memory Devices and Applications
Tsegereda Esatu [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Object and Scene Reconstruction using Neural Radiance Fields
Matthew Tancik [advisor: Ren Ng and Angjoo Kanazawa]

Offline Data-Driven Optimization: Benchmarks, Algorithms and Applications
Xinyang Geng [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Perception for Real-World Robotic Applications
YuXuan Liu [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Performative Prediction: Theory and Practice
Juan Perdomo [advisor: Peter Bartlett and Moritz Hardt]

Phase Transitions in Inference
Sidhanth Mohanty [advisor: Prasad Raghavendra]

Photorealistic Reconstruction from First Principles
Sara Fridovich-Keil [advisor: Benjamin Recht]

Precise Pulse Discrimination for Space-Based Timing Front Ends
Lydia Lee [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Prediction and Statistical Inference in Feedback Loops
Tijana Zrnic [advisor: Michael Jordan and Moritz Hardt]

Pretrained Representations for Embodied AI
Sasha Sax [advisor: Jitendra Malik]

Probabilistic Ising Architectures for Combinatorial Optimization, Machine Learning and Neuromorphic Computing
Saavan Patel [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Pulsed Electroluminescent Devices for Emission Across Energy and Length Scales
Vivian Wang [advisor: Ali Javey]

Rapid Adaptation for Robot Control
Ashish Kumar [advisor: Jitendra Malik]

Recent Advances in Urban Mobility: Analyzing Efficiency, Equity and Safety
Akhil Shetty [advisor: Kameshwar Poolla]

Recent Developments in Robust Statistics
Yeshwanth Cherapanamjeri [advisor: Peter Bartlett]

Reinforcement Learning from Static Datasets: Algorithms, Analysis, and Applications
Aviral Kumar [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Rethinking System Design for Expressive Cryptography
Sam Kumar [advisor: David E. Culler and Raluca Ada Popa]

Robust Machine Learning for the Control of Real-world Robotic Systems
Tyler Westenbroek [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Scalable Binding
Allan Jabri [advisor: Alexei (Alyosha) Efros]

Scalable Representations for Vision and Robotics
Tete Xiao [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty: Optimality Guarantees, Compositional Learning, and Applications to Robotics and Ecology
Michael Lim [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Simulation-Based Testing, Validation, and Training with Probabilistic Programming
Edward Kim [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit A. Seshia]

Structure-Driven Algorithm Design in Optimization and Machine Learning
Tianyi Lin [advisor: Michael Jordan]

Test-Time Training
Yu Sun [advisor: Alexei (Alyosha) Efros and Moritz Hardt]

The Unprecedented Risks and Opportunities of Extended Reality Motion Data
Vivek Nair [advisor: Dawn Song]

Toward Platform-based Building Design
Wendy Lin [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Toward Trustworthy Scientific Inquiry and Design with Machine Learning
Clara Wong-Fannjiang [advisor: Michael Jordan and Jennifer Listgarten]

Towards Operating Underactuated Robotic Systems by Going With the Flow
Marius Wiggert [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Towards Robust and Scalable Large Language Models
Paras Jain [advisor: Ion Stoica and Joseph Gonzalez]

Transferable Generative Models
Ajay Jain [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Unsupervised Online Learning for Seizure Detection and Prediction
Adelson Chua [advisor: Rikky Muller]

Vision and Language Understanding Through Generative Modeling
SETH PARK [advisor: Trevor Darrell]