Technical Reports - 1981

Multiple Stochastic Integrals: Projection and Iteration (M81/100)
Bruce Hajek, Eugene Wong and Ellen W. Szeto

Interoptdyn-siso: A Tutorial (M81/99)
E. Polak, K.J. Astrom and D.Q. Mayne

Lower Bounds on the Size of Deterministic Parsers (M81/98)
Esko Ukkonen

Interoptdyn-siso: A Tutorial (M81/97)
E. Polak and K.J. Astrom

Cifplot: Plotting Software for IC Layouts (M81/96)
Daniel T. Fitzpatrick

A New Approach to Channel Routing (M81/95)
M. Marek-Sadowska and E.S. Kuh

Extending Ingres with a Rules System (M81/93)
Michael Stonebraker, Rowland Johnson and Steven Rosenberg

Virtual Storage Management in the Absence of Reference Bits (M81/92)
Ozalp Babaoglu

On Globally Stabilized Quasi-Newton Methods for Inequality Constrained Optimization Problems (M81/91)
E. Polak and A.L. Tits

How to Exchange (Secret) Keys (M81/90)
Manuel Blum

Algebraic Theory for Robust Stability of Interconnected Systems: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (M81/89)
M.J. Chen and C.A. Desoer

A Bit by Bit Secure Public-Key Cryptosystem (M81/88)
Shafi Goldwasser

Two-Frequency Fermi Mapping (M81/86)
J.E. Howard, M.A. Lieberman and A.J. Lichtenberg

Dynamic Security Regions of Power System (M81/85)
R. John Kaye and Felix F. Wu

Three-Layer channel Routing (M81/84)
Y.K. Chen and M.L. Liu

An Approach to Two-Dimensional Channel Routing (M81/83)
Y.K. Chen

An Algorithm for Two-Layer Channel Routing with Cyclic Constraints (M81/82)
M.L. Liu

On Fuzzy Binary Relations (M81/81)
S.V. Ovchinnikov and T. Riera

Effects of Random and Periodic Excitations on Relaxation Oscillators (M81/80)
Asad A. Abidi

Double-Layer Channel Routing with Irregular Boundaries (M81/79)
M.L. Liu and Y.K. Chen

On the Extension of Constrained Optimization Algorithms From Differentiable to Nondifferentiable Problems (M81/78)
E. Polak, D.Q. Mayne and Y. Wardi

The Behavior of Three Node Power Networks (M81/77)
A. Arapostathis and P. Varaiya

HOPF Bifurcation Via Volterra Series (M81/76)
Y.S. Tang, A.I. Mees and L.O. Chua

The Waveform Relaxation Method for the Domain Analysis of Large Scale Integrated Circuits (M81/75)
Ekachai Lelarasmee, A.E. Ruehli and A.L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Fast Algorithms for VLSI Layout Rule Checking (M81/74)
Dale Skeen

Kink Instabilities in Long Ion Layers (M81/73)
Douglas S. Harned

Stabilization of the Lower Hybrid Drift Instability by Resonant Electrons (M81/72)
Yu-Jiuan Chen, William M. Nevins and Charles K. Birdsall

Quasineutral Hybrid Simultation of Macroscopic Plasma (M81/71)
Douglas S. Harned

Rotational Instabilities in the Field-Reversed Theta Pinch: Results of Hybrid Simultations (M81/70)
Douglas S. Harned

The Design of Digital Filters Using Interactive Optimization (M81/69)
T.P. Lee, W.T. Nye and A.L. Tits

Two Results on Polynomial Time Turning Reductions to Sparse Sets (M81/68)
Esko Ukkonen

One Analyzer for Three Languages (M81/67)
Robert Wilensky and Michael Morgan

Effects of Ambipolar Potential on Multiple Mirror Confinement (M81/66)
F. Najmabadi, A.J. Lichtenberg and M.A. Lieberman

Modal Analysis of Synchronous Machine Dynamics (M81/65)
M.K. Inan

On Synonymy, Antonymy, and Negotiations (M81/63)
S.V. Ovchinnikov

Performance Enhancements to a Relational Data Base System (M81/62)
Michael Stonebraker, John Woodfill, Jeff Ranstrom, Marguerite Murphy, Marc Meyer and Eric Allman

Ingres Version 7 Reference Manual (M81/61)
John Woodfill, Polly Siegal, Jeff Ranstrom, Marc Meyer and Eric Allman

Review of the Lower Hybrid Drift Instability and its Saturation Mechanisms (M81/60)
Yu-Jiuan Chen

Design and Analysis of Program Behavior Models for the Reproduction of Working-Set Characteristics (M81/59)
Newton Faller

Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Robust Stability of Linear Distributed Feedback Systems (M81/58)
M.J. Chen and C.A. Desoer

Global Parametrization of Feedback Systems (M81/57)
C.A. Desoer and R-W Liu

Bifurcations of the Two-Frequency Fermi Mapping (M81/56)
J.E. Howard, M.A. Lieberman and A.J. Lichtenberg

Error Bounds for General Describing Function Problems (M81/55)
A.R. Bergen, L.O. Chua, A.I. Mees and E.W. Szeto

Finding all Solutions of Piecewise-Linear Equations (M81/54)
Leon O. Chua and Robin L.P. Ying

Design of a Multi-Language Editor with Static Error Detection Capabilities (M81/53)
Mark R. Horton

Noise Reduction Techniques for Switched Capacitor Filters (M81/52)
K.-C. Hsieh, P.R. Gray and D. Senderowicz

Controller Design for Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems with Stable Plants, Using Optimization with Inequality Constraints (M81/51)
C.L. Gustafson and C.A. Desoer

A Decentralized Termination Protocol (M81/50)
Dale Skeen

A Model for Planning in Complex Situations (M81/49)
Robert Wilensky

First Order Logic Syntax and the Dynamic Behavior of Programs (M81/48)
Luis Felipe Cabrera

The Code Generator Generators' Work Station: Reimplementation and Experimentation with the Graham-Glanville Machine Independent Algorithms for Code Generation (M81/47)
Robert R. Henry

The Partial Order Dimension Problem is NP-Complete (M81/46)
E.L. Lawler and O. Vornberger

Diagnosability of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Part I: The DC Case (M81/45)
V. Visvanathan and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Application of Restructuring Techniques to the Optimization of Program Behavior in Virtual Memory Systems (M81/44)
Jehan-Francois L. J. Paris

On the Convergence of Fuzzy Control Processes (M81/43)
Jerzy Kiszka

Test Score Semantics for Natural Languages and Meaning Representation Via Pruf (M81/42)
L.A. Zadeh

The (p+q)- Port Transfer (M81/41)
L.O. Chua, G.N. Lin and J.J. Lum

Simulation of Developed Resist Profiles for Electron-Beam Lithography (M81/40)
Michael G. Rosenfield

Comparing User Response Times on Paged and Swapped Unix (M81/39)
Luis Felipe Cabrera and Jehan-Francois Paris

On the Efficient Generation of Dynamic Program Profiles (M81/38)
Luis Felipe Cabrera

The Reproducibility of Fuzzy Control Systems (M81/37)
K. Burdzy and J.B. Kiszka

Dealing With Errors in the Motion of a Vehicular Robot in 2-D (M81/35)
Gordon C. Fossum

When is a Device Passive? (M81/34)
P.J. Moylan, L.O. Chua and E.W. Szeto

An Investigation of Multiprocessor Structures and Algorithms for Data Base Management (M81/33)
James Richard Goodman

Passivity Criterion for LTI N-Ports (M81/32)
S. Boyd and L.O. Chua

A Unified CAD Model for MOSFETs (M81/31)
Sally Liu

Syntax Oriented Analysis of the Run Time Performance of Programs (M81/30)
Luis Felipe Cabrera

Performance Limits of Integrated Circuit Simulation on a Dedicated Minicomputer System (M81/29)
Ellis Cohen

Dynamic Model for the Analog Multiplier (M81/28)
A. Baranyi and L.O. Chua

Hypothetical Data Bases as Views (M81/27)
Michael Stonebraker

Program Restructuring in a Multilevel Virtual Memory (M81/26)
Edwin J. Lau and Domenico Ferrari

Numerical Properties of Algorithms for the Timing Analysis of MOS VLSI Circuits (M81/25)
Giovami De Micheli and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Charge Circuits for Analog LSI (M81/24)
Robert H. McCharles

Structure- Preserving Model Reduction with Applications to Power System Dynamic Equivalents (M81/23)
Yu-Kun Tsai, N. Narasimhamurthi and Felix F. Wu

Recursive Linear Smoothing of Two-Dimensional Random Fields (M79/22)
Richard G. Ogier and Eugene Wong

Characterization and Reproduction of the Referencing Dynamics of Programs (M81/22)
Domenico Ferrari

Nonlinear Oscillation Via Volterra Series (M81/21)
L.O. Chua and Y.S. Tang

Reliability Systems Modeled as Continuous-Time Markov Chains with Periodic Transition Rates (M81/20)
Yu-Kun Tsai and Felix F. Wu

Delight: An Optimization-Based Computer-Aided Design System (M81/19)
W. Nye, E. Polak, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and A. Tits

Choice Theory for Cardinal Scales I: Ratio-Scales (M81/18)
S.V. Ovchinnikov

Simulation and Performance Evaluation of the Risc Architecture (M81/17)
Yuval Temir

Chaotic Motion Along Resonance Layers in Near-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems With Three or More Freedoms (M81/16)
M.A. Lieberman and J.L. Tennyson

Probabilistic Dynamic Security Assessment of Power Systems Part I: Basic Model (M81/15)
Felix F. Wu and Yu-Kun Tsai

Strong Structural Stability of Resistive Nonlinear n-Ports (M81/14)
T. Matsumoto, G. Ikegami and L.O. Chua

An Error Analysis of the Motion of a Vehicular Robot in 2-D (M81/13)
Gordon C. Fossum

Algorithmic Design of Single-Input Single-Output Systems With a Two-Input One-Output Controller (M81/12)
M.J. Chen, C.A. Desoer and G.F. Franklin

The Design and Implementation of Query Modification in the Data Base Management System Ingres (M81/11)
Eric Allman

Simulation and Modeling of Evaporated Deposition Profiles (M81/8)
Chiakang Sung

Enhancement of Classical Transport Processes Along Resonances in Near Integrable Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom (M81/7)
Jeffrey Tennyson

Fuzzy Rational Choice Functions (M81/4)
S.V. Ovchinnikov

Global Behavior of Interconnected Power Systems: Part I (M81/3)
A. Arapostathis, S. Sastry and P. Varaiya

Simulation of Dry Etched Line-Edge Profiles (M81/2)
John L. Reynolds

Traffic Modelling in Large Scale Telephone Networks (M81/1)
J.M. Garcia