A Sparse Coding Method for Specification Mining and Error Localization (EECS-2011-163)
Wenchao Li and Sanjit A. Seshia

A Framework for Aberration Compensated Displays (EECS-2011-162)
Fu-Chung Huang and Brian A. Barsky

Concurrent Breakpoints (EECS-2011-159)
Chang Seo Park and Koushik Sen

The Case for User-Level Preemptive Scheduling to Support Multi-Rate Audio Applications for Multi-Core Processors (EECS-2011-158)
Rimas Avizienis

Routing Along DAGs (EECS-2011-155)
Junda Liu

Confluence Analysis for Distributed Programs: A Model-Theoretic Approach (EECS-2011-154)
William Marczak, Peter Alvaro, Neil Conway, Joseph M. Hellerstein and David Maier

Statistical Results on Filtering and Epi-convergence for Learning-Based Model Predictive Control (EECS-2011-153)
Anil Aswani, Humberto Gonzalez, S. Shankar Sastry and Claire Tomlin

Finding Difficult Speakers in Automatic Speaker Recognition (EECS-2011-152)
Lara Lynn Stoll

Cognitive radios in the TV whitespaces: challenges and opportunities (EECS-2011-151)
Kate Harrison

Sparsity Pattern Recovery in Compressed Sensing (EECS-2011-150)
Galen Reeves

Party Pooper: Third-Party Libraries in Android (EECS-2011-149)
Gabriel Nunez

A curriculum feedback collection tool for UC-WISE courses on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (EECS-2011-148)
Aditya Kashyap

On Word Prediction Methods (EECS-2011-147)
Darren Kuo

Scaling of Inkjet-Printed Transistors using Novel Printing Techniques (EECS-2011-146)
Huai-Yuan Tseng

Large Scale Image Retrieval in Urban Environments with Pixel Accurate Image Tagging (EECS-2011-145)
Jerry Zhang

Nanoscale SRAM Variability and Optimization (EECS-2011-144)
Seng Oon Toh

NDetermin: Inferring Nondeterministic Sequential Specifications for Parallelism Correctness (EECS-2011-143)
Jacob Burnim, Tayfun Elmas, George Necula and Koushik Sen

Data-Parallel Language for Correct and Efficient Sparse Matrix Codes (EECS-2011-142)
Gilad Arnold

Program Synthesis of Parallel Scans (EECS-2011-141)
Sagar Jain

Automatic Design of Prosodic Features for Sentence Segmentation (EECS-2011-140)
James G Fung

Closed-Loop Decoder Adaptation Algorithms for Kalman Filters in Brain-Machine Interface Systems (EECS-2011-139)
Siddharth Dangi

Hierarchical Methods for Optimal Long-Term Planning (EECS-2011-138)
Jason Wolfe

MEMS Lens Scanners for Free-Space Optical Interconnects (EECS-2011-137)
Jeffrey Chou

Interdomain Multipath Routing (EECS-2011-136)
Igor Anatolyevich Ganichev

Power-efficient Design of Multi-Gpbs Wireless Baseband (EECS-2011-135)
Ji-Hoon Park and Borivoje Nikolic

Parallelism, Patterns, and Performance in Iterative MRI Reconstruction (EECS-2011-134)
Mark Murphy

Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Models of Categorization (EECS-2011-133)
Kevin Canini

LO Generation and Distribution for 60GHz Phased Array Transceivers (EECS-2011-132)
Cristian Marcu

Extracting and Querying Probabilistic Information in BayesStore (EECS-2011-131)
Daisy Zhe Wang

Powering mm-Size Wireless Implants for Brain-Machine Interfaces (EECS-2011-130)
Michael Mark

Efficient VLSI Implementations of Vector-Thread Architectures (EECS-2011-129)
Yunsup Lee

Fast Speaker Diarization Using a Specialization Framework for Gaussian Mixture Model Training (EECS-2011-128)
Ekaterina Gonina

Mask Roughness Induced LER in EUV Lithography (EECS-2011-127)
Brittany Marie McClinton

Analysis and Experiences with Information Flow Tracking as a Practical Means to Prevent Data Leakage (EECS-2011-126)
Lisa L Fowler

Beta processes, stick-breaking, and power laws (EECS-2011-125)
Tamara Broderick, Michael Jordan and Jim Pitman

Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics for Large-Scale Droplet Manipulation (EECS-2011-124)
Shao Ning Pei and Ming C. Wu

Design Techniques for High-Frequency CMOS Integrated Circuits: From 10 GHz To 100 GHz (EECS-2011-123)
Zhiming Deng

III-V Nanowires and Nanoneedles on Lattice Mismatched Substrates for Optoelectronic Device Applications (EECS-2011-122)
Chih-Wei Linus Chuang

Large Monitoring Systems: Data Analysis, Design and Deployment (EECS-2011-121)
Ram Rajagopal

A Declarative Semantics for Dedalus (EECS-2011-120)
Peter Alvaro, Tom J. Ameloot, Joseph M. Hellerstein, William Marczak and Jan Van den Bussche

Metareasoning for Monte Carlo Tree Search (EECS-2011-119)
Nicholas Hay and Stuart J. Russell

Towards Automated System Synthesis Using SCIDUCTION (EECS-2011-118)
Susmit Kumar Jha

Searching for a Parent Instead of Fighting Over Children: A Fast Breadth-First Search Implementation for Graph500 (EECS-2011-117)
Scott Beamer, Krste Asanović and David A. Patterson

Incorporating Supervision for Visual Recognition and Segmentation (EECS-2011-116)
Alex Yu Jen Shyr

Efficient Distribution of Triggered Synchronous Block Diagrams (EECS-2011-115)
Yang Yang, Stavros Tripakis and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

DeTail: Reducing the Flow Completion Time Tail in Datacenter Networks (EECS-2011-113)
David Zats, Tathagata Das, Prashanth Mohan and Randy H. Katz

Reachability Analysis of Lazy Linear Hybrid Automata (EECS-2011-112)
Susmit Kumar Jha

Animating Viscoelastic Fluids (EECS-2011-111)
Tolga Gokce Goktekin

Design and Implementation of a Consolidated Middlebox Architecture (EECS-2011-110)
Vyas Sekar, Norbert Egi, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Michael Reiter and Guangyu Shi

Power-Aware Dynamic Control of Error-Resilience Mechanisms (EECS-2011-109)
Wenchao Li, Susmit Kumar Jha and Sanjit A. Seshia

Asynchronously Communicating Visibly Pushdown Systems (EECS-2011-108)
Domagoj Babic and Zvonimir Rakamaric

Feedback and Interference Alignment in Networks (EECS-2011-107)
Changho Suh

Building Extensible and Secure Networks (EECS-2011-106)
Lucian Popa

High-dimensional Principal Component Analysis (EECS-2011-104)
Arash Ali Amini

Cooperative Interference Management in Wireless Networks (EECS-2011-103)
I-Hsiang Wang

A Dynamic Game Framework for Verification and Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems (EECS-2011-101)
Jerry Ding, Maryam Kamgarpour, Sean Summers, Alessandro Abate, John Lygeros and Claire Tomlin

Dimension Reduction Near Periodic Orbits of Hybrid Systems: Appendix (EECS-2011-100)
Sam Burden, Shai Revzen and S. Shankar Sastry

Algorithms for Next-Generation High-Throughput Sequencing Technologies (EECS-2011-99)
Wei-Chun Kao

How Open Should Open Source Be? (EECS-2011-98)
Adam Barth, Saung Li, Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein and Dawn Song

Checking for Circular Dependencies in Distributed Stream Programs (EECS-2011-97)
Dai Bui, Hiren Patel and Edward A. Lee

Lattice: A Scalable Layer-Agnostic Packet Classification Framework (EECS-2011-96)
Sameer Agarwal, Mosharaf Chowdhury, Dilip Joseph and Ion Stoica

Linear Propagation Methodology in Compact Variability Modeling (EECS-2011-95)
Ying Qiao

Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter: Superior where the Buck Converter has Dominated (EECS-2011-94)
Vincent Wai-Shan Ng and Seth R. Sanders

Avoiding Communication in Two-Sided Krylov Subspace Methods (EECS-2011-93)
Erin Carson, Nicholas Knight and James Demmel

Improving communication performance in dense linear algebra via topology aware collectives (EECS-2011-92)
Edgar Solomonik, Abhinav Bhatele and James Demmel

Perceptually Based Tone Mapping for Low-Light Conditions (EECS-2011-91)
Adam Garnet Kirk

Learning Dependency-Based Compositional Semantics (EECS-2011-90)
Percy Shuo Liang

Robust Topological Features for Deformation Invariant Image Matching (EECS-2011-89)
Edgar Lobaton, Ram Vasudevan, Ron Alterovitz and Ruzena Bajcsy

Improving File System Reliability and Availability with Continuous Checker and Repair (EECS-2011-88)
Haryadi S. Gunawi

Failure as a Service (FaaS): A Cloud Service for Large-Scale, Online Failure Drills (EECS-2011-87)
Haryadi S. Gunawi, Thanh Do, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Ion Stoica, Dhruba Borthakur and Jesse Robbins

Sparse Reconstruction of Visual Appearance for Computer Graphics and Vision (EECS-2011-86)
Ravi Ramamoorthi

Improving CMOS Speed and Switching Power with Air-gap Structures (EECS-2011-84)
Jemin Park

Torus Immersions and Transformations (EECS-2011-83)
Carlo H. Séquin

Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing (EECS-2011-82)
Matei Zaharia, Mosharaf Chowdhury, Tathagata Das, Ankur Dave, Justin Ma, Murphy McCauley, Michael Franklin, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Advanced Relay Design and Technology for Energy-Efficient Electronics (EECS-2011-81)
Jaeseok Jeon

Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) 2011 (EECS-2011-80)

Large Scale Image Annotations on Amazon Mechanical Turk (EECS-2011-79)
Subhransu Maji

Bayesian Nonparametric Latent Feature Models (EECS-2011-78)
Kurt Miller

Constructing an Augmented Rhombicuboctahedron (RCO) (EECS-2011-77)
Carlo H. Séquin

The Path of the Blind Watchmaker: A Model of Evolution (EECS-2011-76)
Andrew Anthony Poggio, David A. Patterson, Adam Arkin, Brent Mishler and Christos Papadimitriou

Rigging Tournament Brackets for Weaker Players (EECS-2011-75)
Isabelle Stanton and Virginia Vassilevska Williams

Rethinking Runtime Verification on Hundreds of Cores: Challenges and Opportunities (EECS-2011-74)
Tayfun Elmas, Semih Okur and Serdar Tasiran

Communication-optimal parallel 2.5D matrix multiplication and LU factorization algorithms (EECS-2011-72)
Edgar Solomonik and James Demmel

Declarative Systems (EECS-2011-71)
Tyson Condie

On the Lagrangian Biduality of Sparsity Minimization Problems (EECS-2011-70)
Dheeraj Singaraju, Roberto Tron, Ehsan Elhamifar, Allen Yang and S. Shankar Sastry

PhD Dissertation: Compact Models for Future Generation CMOS (EECS-2011-69)
Darsen Lu

Sciduction: Combining Induction, Deduction, and Structure for Verification and Synthesis (EECS-2011-68)
Sanjit A. Seshia

Reverse Execution With Constraint Solving (EECS-2011-67)
Raluca Sauciuc and George Necula

Uncertainty Propagation in Transistor-level Statistical Circuit Analysis (EECS-2011-66)
Qian Ying Tang

Autonomous Ornithopter Flight with Sensor-Based Behavior (EECS-2011-65)
Stanley Seunghoon Baek

Non-Local Correlations and Interactive Games (EECS-2011-64)
Daniel Ciprian Preda

Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Code Size with RISC-V Compressed (EECS-2011-63)
Andrew Waterman

The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual, Volume I: Base User-Level ISA (EECS-2011-62)
Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, David A. Patterson and Krste Asanović

Learned Factorization Models to Explain Variability in Natural Image Sequences (EECS-2011-61)
Benjamin Jackson Culpepper

Cryptographic Techniques for Privacy Preserving Identity (EECS-2011-58)
John Bethencourt

Interactive Text Recognition and Translation on a Mobile Device (EECS-2011-57)
Michael Hsueh

Fast Approximation Algorithms for Graph Partitioning using Spectral and Semidefinite-Programming Techniques (EECS-2011-56)
Lorenzo Orecchia

The impact of causality on information-theoretic source and channel coding problems (EECS-2011-55)
Harikrishna R Palaiyanur

Electrical Detection of Spin-Dependent Transport in Silicon (EECS-2011-54)
Cheuk Chi Lo

From Ptides to PtidyOS, Designing Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems (EECS-2011-53)
Jia Zou

Photopatterned polyacrylamide gels enable efficient microfluidic protein assays (EECS-2011-52)
Chenlu Hou

Automatic Term-Level Abstraction (EECS-2011-51)
Bryan Brady

Design and Implementation of a Hypervisor-Based Platform for Dynamic Information Flow Tracking in a Distributed Environment (EECS-2011-50)
Andrey Ermolinskiy and Scott Shenker

Compositional Design of Analog Systems Using Contracts (EECS-2011-49)
Xuening Sun

The Elements of Automatic Summarization (EECS-2011-47)
Daniel Jacob Gillick

Solution-Processed Inorganic Electronics (EECS-2011-46)
Teymur T Bakhishev

Compilation Techniques for Embedded Data Parallel Languages (EECS-2011-45)
Bryan Catanzaro

High Contrast Grating VCSELs: Properties and Implementation on InP-based VCSELs (EECS-2011-44)
Christopher Chase

Circuit Analysis in Metal-Optics, Theory and Applications (EECS-2011-43)
Matteo Staffaroni

PhotoVis: Visualization of Digital Photograph Metadata (EECS-2011-42)
Michael Hsueh

Transistor-Based Ge/SOI Photodetector for Integrated Silicon Photonics (EECS-2011-41)
Xi Luo

Graph Expansion and Communication Costs of Fast Matrix Multiplication (EECS-2011-40)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Olga Holtz and Oded Schwartz

Structural and Algorithmic Properties of Static and Mobile Random Geometric Graphs (EECS-2011-39)
Alexandre Stauffer

Understanding Inkjet Printed Pattern Generation (EECS-2011-38)
Daniel Benjamin Soltman

Superposition and Synthetic Genetic Devices: Framework and Model System to Investigate Linearity in Escherichia coli (EECS-2011-37)
Meghdad Hajimorad

Compensation for Lithography Induced Process Variations during Physical Design (EECS-2011-36)
Eric Chin

A Methodology and Tool Support for the Design and Evaluation of Fault Tolerant, Distributed Embedded Systems (EECS-2011-35)
Mark Lee McKelvin Jr

Light-induced Electrokinetics: A path to a versatile micro total analysis system (EECS-2011-34)
Justin K Valley

A Practical Ontology Framework for Static Model Analysis (EECS-2011-33)
Ben Lickly, Charles Shelton, Elizabeth Latronico and Edward A. Lee

An Introduction to the Pthales Domain of Ptolemy II (EECS-2011-32)
Remi Barrere, Eric Lenormand, Dai Bui, Edward A. Lee, Christopher Shaver and Stavros Tripakis

Statistical Verification and Optimization of Integrated Circuits (EECS-2011-31)
Yu Ben

PreFail: A Programmable Failure-Injection Framework (EECS-2011-30)
Pallavi Joshi, Haryadi S. Gunawi and Koushik Sen

The Hierarchical SPMD Programming Model (EECS-2011-28)
Amir Ashraf Kamil

Informative Feature Selection for Object Recognition via Sparse PCA (EECS-2011-27)
Nikhil Naikal, Allen Yang and S. Shankar Sastry

Algorithms for Human Genetics (EECS-2011-25)
Bonnie Kirkpatrick

Learning Conditional Abstractions (EECS-2011-24)
Bryan Brady and Sanjit A. Seshia

The Ratio Method for Multi-view Color Constancy (EECS-2011-23)
Trevor Owens, Kate Saenko, Ayan Chakrabarti, Ying Xiong, Todd Zickler and Trevor Darrell

Automating the Debugging of Datacenter Applications with ADDA (EECS-2011-22)
Gautam Altekar, Cristian Zamfir, George Candea and Ion Stoica

The Case for Evaluating MapReduce Performance Using Workload Suites (EECS-2011-21)
Yanpei Chen, Archana Ganapathi, Rean Griffith and Randy H. Katz

Scaling Laws for Cooperative Node Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Networks (EECS-2011-20)
Venkatesan N E, Kannan Ramchandran and Raja Sengupta

A Game Theoretical Approach to Communication Security (EECS-2011-19)
Assane Gueye

Dominant Resource Fairness: Fair Allocation of Multiple Resource Types (EECS-2011-18)
Ali Ghodsi, Matei Zaharia, Benjamin Hindman, Andrew Konwinski, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

Addressing Modeling Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems (EECS-2011-17)
Patricia Derler, Edward A. Lee and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Synthesizing Switching Logic to Minimize Long-Run Cost (EECS-2011-16)
Susmit Kumar Jha, Sanjit A. Seshia and Ashish Tiwari

Minimizing Communication in Numerical Linear Algebra (EECS-2011-15)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel, Olga Holtz and Oded Schwartz

Minimizing Communication for Eigenproblems and the Singular Value Decomposition (EECS-2011-14)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel and Ioana Dumitriu

Communication Bounds for Heterogeneous Architectures (EECS-2011-13)
Grey Ballard, James Demmel and Andrew Gearhart

Modeling and Optimal Control Algorithm Design for HVAC Systems in Energy Efficient Buildings (EECS-2011-12)
Mehdi Maasoumy Haghighi

An Empirical Analysis of XSS Sanitization in Web Application Frameworks (EECS-2011-11)
Joel Weinberger, Prateek Saxena, Devdatta Akhawe, Matthew Finifter, Richard Shin and Dawn Song

Communication-optimal parallel 2.5D matrix multiplication and LU factorization algorithms (EECS-2011-10)
Edgar Solomonik and James Demmel

Towards a societal scale, mobile sensing system (EECS-2011-9)
Richard Edward Honicky

Representation of Coalitional Games with Algebraic Decision Diagrams (EECS-2011-8)
Karthik Aadithya, Tomasz Michalak and Nicholas Jennings

Algorithms to detect multi-protein modularity conserved during evolution (EECS-2011-7)
Luqman Hodgkinson and Richard M. Karp

Codes and Game Theory for Key Agreement with Untrusted Participants (EECS-2011-6)
Nebojsa Milosavljevic

Convex formulations of inverse modeling problems on systems modeled by Hamilton-Jacobi equations: applications to traffic flow engineering (EECS-2011-5)
Christian Claudel

Axioms for Asynchronous Processes (EECS-2011-4)
Eleftherios Matsikoudis

PreFail: Programmable and Efficient Failure Testing Framework (EECS-2011-3)
Pallavi Joshi, Haryadi S. Gunawi and Koushik Sen

Actions can speak more clearly than words (EECS-2011-1)
Pulkit Grover