Technical Reports - Clark Nguyen

Non-Linear Stiffness Extraction & Modeling of Wineglass Disk Resonators (EECS-2018-183)
Alain Anton

Parametric Oscillation with Wineglass Disk Resonators (EECS-2018-179)
Thanh-Phong Nguyen

Hollow Disk Electromechanical Coupling Cx/Co Boosting (EECS-2018-60)
Yafei Li and Clark Nguyen

FEA-Assisted Analysis and Gain Optimization of a Micromechanical Resonant Displacement Amplifier (EECS-2017-207)
Gleb Melnikov

A Micromechanical Frequency-Selective Power Amplifier (EECS-2017-171)
Clark Nguyen and Wei-chang Li

Transistor circuits for MEMS based transceiver (EECS-2015-150)
Clark Nguyen and Soumya Mantha

High-Q Low-Impedance MEMS Resonators (EECS-2012-218)
Li-Wen Hung and Clark Nguyen