PLL Design for FMCW Radar Systems (EECS-2024-106)
Benyuanyi Liu

Towards a Wireless Fluorescence Microscope on A Chip ()
Rozhan Rabbani

Passive Radio Frequency Beamformer Using Transmission-Line Transformers And Tunable Capacitors (EECS-2023-50)
Matthew Anderson, Ali Niknejad and Jan M. Rabaey

An Implantable Radiation Detector for Cancer Radiotherapy (EECS-2023-27)
Kyoungtae Lee

Design of Linear mmWave Wideband Mixer-first Receivers ()
Rawan Al Kubaisy

Millimeter-wave Impedance Spectroscopy for High Sensitivity and Selectivity Biomolecular Detection (EECS-2022-246)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

An Optics-Free Ultra-Thin Time-Resolved Intraoperative Imager Using Upconverting Nanoparticles (EECS-2022-170)
Hossein Najafiaghdam

Fanout Optimization for an Inductor-less Broadband Variable Gain Cherry-Hooper Amplifier (EECS-2021-23)
Sashank Krishnamurthy and Ali Niknejad

An Open, Scalable Massive MIMO Testbed Operating at E-Band Frequencies (EECS-2020-194)
James Dunn

Scalable RF Receivers for Large Antenna Arrays (EECS-2020-188)
Konstantin Trotskovsky

Towards Wideband Signal Acquisition Systems (EECS-2020-171)
Nima Baniasadi

Monolithic Wireless Transceiver Design (EECS-2020-33)
Filip Maksimovic

Low Noise Integrated CMOS Receiver Front-End (EECS-2020-19)
Ahmed Khidre and Ali Niknejad

A Multi-Parametric Microwave-Optical Biomolecular Sensor (EECS-2019-159)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

New RF Transmitter Techniques for RFID, Cellular, and mmW Applications (EECS-2019-158)
NaiChung Kuo and Ali Niknejad

A Low Power Mutual Noise-Canceling Receiver Front-End with Blocker Tolerance for IoT Applications (EECS-2019-86)
Tian Liu and Ali Niknejad

Low Power ISM band receiver front end (EECS-2019-4)
Ali Niknejad and Hari VEMURI

BPSK Demodulation for RF Applications (EECS-2017-91)
Yu-Ting Toh

Advanced High-Frequency Measurement Techniques for Electrical and Biological Characterization in CMOS (EECS-2017-9)
Jun-Chau Chien and Ali Niknejad

Maximum Achievable Gain of a Two Port Network (EECS-2016-15)
Ali Niknejad and Siva Thyagarajan

Efficient Switching Power Amplifiers using the Distributed Switch Architecture (EECS-2015-18)
Siva Viswanathan Thyagarajan and Ali Niknejad

Analysis and Design of a High Speed Delta-Sigma Modulator for mm-Wave Imaging Applications (EECS-2012-76)
Juan Yaquian and Ali Niknejad

mm-Wave Quadrature Spatial Power Combining: A Proposal (EECS-2010-110)
Ali Niknejad, Debopriyo Chowdhury, JiaShu Chen, Jungdong Park and Lu Ye

60 GHz Tapered Transmission Line Resonators (EECS-2008-117)
Cristian Marcu and Ali Niknejad

Microwave and mm-Wave CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers (EECS-2007-160)
Ehsan Adabi Firouzjaei and Ali Niknejad

Ultra Low Power Transmitters for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-57)
Yuen Hui Chee, Jan M. Rabaey and Ali Niknejad

Analysis and Design of Wideband LC VCOs (EECS-2006-50)
Axel Dominique Berny, Robert G. Meyer and Ali Niknejad