Technical Reports - Ali Niknejad

An Optics-Free Ultra-Thin Time-Resolved Intraoperative Imager Using Upconverting Nanoparticles (EECS-2022-170)
Hossein Najafiaghdam

Passive Radio Frequency Beamformer Using Transmission-Line Transformers And Tunable Capacitors ()
Matthew Anderson, Ali Niknejad and Jan M. Rabaey

Fanout Optimization for an Inductor-less Broadband Variable Gain Cherry-Hooper Amplifier (EECS-2021-23)
Sashank Krishnamurthy and Ali Niknejad

Millimeter-wave Impedance Spectroscopy for High Sensitivity and Selectivity Biomolecular Detection ()
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

An Implantable Radiation Detector for Cancer Radiotherapy ()
Kyoungtae Lee

An Open, Scalable Massive MIMO Testbed Operating at E-Band Frequencies (EECS-2020-194)
James Dunn

Scalable RF Receivers for Large Antenna Arrays (EECS-2020-188)
Konstantin Trotskovsky

Towards Wideband Signal Acquisition Systems (EECS-2020-171)
Nima Baniasadi

Monolithic Wireless Transceiver Design (EECS-2020-33)
Filip Maksimovic

Low Noise Integrated CMOS Receiver Front-End (EECS-2020-19)
Ahmed Khidre and Ali Niknejad

A Multi-Parametric Microwave-Optical Biomolecular Sensor (EECS-2019-159)
Luya Zhang and Ali Niknejad

New RF Transmitter Techniques for RFID, Cellular, and mmW Applications (EECS-2019-158)
NaiChung Kuo and Ali Niknejad

A Low Power Mutual Noise-Canceling Receiver Front-End with Blocker Tolerance for IoT Applications (EECS-2019-86)
Tian Liu and Ali Niknejad

Low Power ISM band receiver front end (EECS-2019-4)
Ali Niknejad and Hari VEMURI

BPSK Demodulation for RF Applications (EECS-2017-91)
Yu-Ting Toh

Advanced High-Frequency Measurement Techniques for Electrical and Biological Characterization in CMOS (EECS-2017-9)
Jun-Chau Chien and Ali Niknejad

Maximum Achievable Gain of a Two Port Network (EECS-2016-15)
Ali Niknejad and Siva Thyagarajan

Efficient Switching Power Amplifiers using the Distributed Switch Architecture (EECS-2015-18)
Siva Viswanathan Thyagarajan and Ali Niknejad

Analysis and Design of a High Speed Delta-Sigma Modulator for mm-Wave Imaging Applications (EECS-2012-76)
Juan Yaquian and Ali Niknejad

mm-Wave Quadrature Spatial Power Combining: A Proposal (EECS-2010-110)
Ali Niknejad, Debopriyo Chowdhury, JiaShu Chen, Jungdong Park and Lu Ye

60 GHz Tapered Transmission Line Resonators (EECS-2008-117)
Cristian Marcu and Ali Niknejad

Microwave and mm-Wave CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers (EECS-2007-160)
Ehsan Adabi Firouzjaei and Ali Niknejad

Ultra Low Power Transmitters for Wireless Sensor Networks (EECS-2006-57)
Yuen Hui Chee, Jan M. Rabaey and Ali Niknejad

Analysis and Design of Wideband LC VCOs (EECS-2006-50)
Axel Dominique Berny, Robert G. Meyer and Ali Niknejad