M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


A Dynamic Analysis for Tuning Floating-point Precision
Cuong Nguyen [advisor: Koushik Sen]

Adjoint based optimization to enable single mirror optic for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Greggory Scranton [advisor: Eli Yablonovitch]

Applications of Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to the Curation of Educational Videos
Zachary MacHardy [advisor: Dan Garcia]

Characterization and applications of piezoelectric polymers
Tae hoon Kim [advisor: Ana Claudia Arias]

Chlorophyll: Synthesis-Aided Compiler for Low-Power Spatial Architectures
Phitchaya Phothilimthana [advisor: Ras Bodik]

Coarse-to-fine MCMC in a seismic monitoring system
Xiaofei Zhou [advisor: Stuart J. Russell]

Deconstructing and Restyling D3 Visualizations
Jonathan Harper [advisor: Maneesh Agrawala]

Design and Analysis of a PVDF Acoustic Transducer Towards an Imager for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks
Benjamin T Eovino [advisor: Albert Pisano]

Design Techniques for 50GS/s ADC
Yida Duan [advisor: Elad Alon]

Enhancement of the Spin Hall Effect in Heavy Metal Bilayers
Haron Abdel-Raziq [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Experimental Design for Human-in-the-Loop Driving Simulations
Katherine Driggs Campbell [advisor: Ruzena Bajcsy]

Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Package Induced Stress on Micromechanical Resonator Temperature Stability
Divya Kashyap [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

Flexible FFT Optimization and RTL Generation in the Chisel Hardware Design Language
Stephen Twigg [advisor: John Wawrzynek]

Global Data Plane Router on Click
Nikhil Goyal [advisor: John Wawrzynek]

High Speed Analog Circuit for Solving Optimization Problems
Kristel Deems [advisor: Elad Alon]

Hold ’em or Fold ’em? Aggregation Queries under Performance Variations
Gautam Kumar [advisor: Ion Stoica and Sylvia Ratnasamy]

Implantable Beta Radiation Detecting Active Pixel Sensor Design For Prostate Cancer Surveillance
Leticia Ibarra [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Interdigital Oil Droplets Sensor with Acoustic Enabled Pre-Positioning
Xiaoyue Jiang [advisor: Albert Pisano]

Introduction to the Language of Convex Optimization
Elan Frenkel [advisor: Satish Rao]

Low-Complexity Interactive Algorithms for Synchronization from Deletions, Insertions, and Substitutions
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy [advisor: Anant Sahai]

Mixed Precision Vector Processors
Albert Ou [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Model-Based Fault Detection and Identification for Power Electronics Systems
Jason Poon [advisor: Seth R. Sanders]

Monte Carlo Methods for SLAM with Data Association Uncertainty
Constantin Berzan [advisor: Stuart J. Russell]

Occlusion-aware Depth Estimation Using Light-field Cameras
Ting-Chun Wang [advisor: Ravi Ramamoorthi and Alexei (Alyosha) Efros]

OMNI: A Distributed, Modular, Closed-Loop Neuromodulation Device for the Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Ali Moin [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey and Elad Alon]

Opportunities for Fine-Grained Adaptive Voltage Scaling to Improve System-Level Energy Efficiency
Ben Keller [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic and Krste Asanović]

Optimal Architecture Selection for an Aircraft Environmental Control System
John Finn [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Piezoelectric Negative Capacitance
Justin Wong [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Remote Pair Programming in a Visual Programming Language
Jonathan McKinsey [advisor: Dan Garcia]

Ressort: An Auto-Tuning Framework for Parallel Shuffle Kernels
Eric Love [advisor: Krste Asanović]

RF Transmitter Design for Large Array Applications
Pengpeng Lu [advisor: Elad Alon]

Room temperature approach to fully transparent, all-oxide thin-film transistors
Thomas Rembert [advisor: Ali Javey]

Room temperature approach to fully transparent, all-oxide thin-film transistors
Thomas Rembert [advisor: Ali Javey]

Scalable Genome Resequencing with ADAM and avocado
Frank Nothaft [advisor: David A. Patterson]

Short-Term Traffic Forecasting: Modeling and Learning Spatio-Temporal Relations in Transportation Networks Using Graph Neural Networks
Behrooz Shahsavari [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Simulation-based Study of Super-steep Retrograde Doped Bulk FinFET Technology and 6T-SRAM Yield
Xi Zhang [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Syllable based Lattice Transduction for Keyword Search
Hang Su [advisor: Nelson Morgan]

Synthesis and Characterization of the Gold Nanoparticle/SU-8 Nanocomposite Material
Anju Toor [advisor: Albert Pisano]

Thin Body InAs on Insulator Transistors
Jared Carter [advisor: Eli Yablonovitch]

Variability Characterization of Imaging Readout Integrated Circuits in Deeply Scaled CMOS
Amy Whitcombe [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

4H-Silicon Carbide p-n Diode for Harsh Environment Sensing Applications
Shiqian Shao [advisor: Albert Pisano]

5th Year M.S.

Building a User Interface for a Temporal Machine Learning System
George Yiu [advisor: Anthony D. Joseph]

CMOS and Memristor Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing Applications
Jeff Sun [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Force Sensing Shell using a Planar Sensor for Miniature Legged Robots
Joshua D. Goldberg [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Learning Manipulation of Deformable Objects from Multiple Demonstrations
Henry Lu [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Supervised Text Region Identification on Historical Documents
Jonathan Eng [advisor: Daniel Klein]

Two Optimal Path Problems in Synthetic Biology
Matthew Fong [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Worker Expertise and Expert Rubrics in Crowdsourced Design Critique
Alvin Yuan [advisor: Björn Hartmann]