Master's Theses & Technical Reports - 2022

M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


A Modular Framework for Socially Compliant Robot Navigation in Complex Indoor Environments
Sara Pohland [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

An Updated Model of Computation for VLSI and Applications to FPGA Implementation
Nathaniel Young [advisor: John Wawrzynek]

Comparative Studies on Sample Complexity Bounds in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Jiaqi Yang [advisor: Jiantao Jiao]

DCR: DataCapsule Replication System
Hanming Lu [advisor: John D. Kubiatowicz]

Design of Linear mmWave Wideband Mixer-first Receivers
Rawan Al Kubaisy [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Dex-NeRF: Using a Neural Radiance Field to Grasp Transparent Objects
Yahav Avigal [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Directed Shortest Walk on Temporal Graphs
Alex Khodaverdian [advisor: Nir Yosef]

GeneDrive.jl: A Julian Approach to Simulating Biological Dynamics and Control
Valeri Vasquez [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Hardware Accelerators and Optimization Algorithms for Unconventional Computing
Philip Canoza [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Indoor Scene Augmentation via Scene Graph Priors
Mohammad Keshavarzi [advisor: Björn Hartmann]

Katara: Synthesizing CRDTs with Verified Lifting
Shadaj Laddad [advisor: Joseph M. Hellerstein and Alvin Cheung]

Learning Representations that Enable Generalization in Assistive Tasks
Zhiyang He [advisor: Anca Dragan]

Microscopy Slide Image Segmentation of Invasive Melanoma
Franklin Wang [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Microscopy Slide Image Segmentation of Invasive Melanoma
Franklin Wang [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Neural Network Compression with Low Rank Structured Layers
Dimitris Papadimitriou [advisor: Somayeh Sojoudi]

Oscillator-Based Potts Machine (OPM) for the Implementation of the Vector Potts Model
Sayan Seal [advisor: Jaijeet Roychowdhury]

PCB-less Integration of a Robust Wireless MEMS Tactile Package
Dillon Acker-James [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Peak Load Estimation with the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
Jonathan Lee [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Robust Learning of Optimal Auctions
Wenshuo Guo [advisor: Michael Jordan]

Semantic Analysis of Programs using Graph Neural Networks
Aayan Kumar [advisor: Koushik Sen]

Social Optimality via Dynamic Tolling and Adaptive Incentive Design
Kshitij Kulkarni [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Take Out the TraChe: Maximizing (Tra)nsactional Ca(che) Hit Rate
Audrey Cheng [advisor: Ion Stoica and Natacha Crooks]

The Beauty and Joy of Physical Computing
Deanna Gelosi [advisor: Dan Garcia]

5th Year M.S.

A Case Study on COVID-19 Intervention Visualizations: The Role of Trust, Beliefs, and Interpretations
Priyam Mohanty [advisor: Aditya Parameswaran]

A Compiler in Snap!: Compiling a Block-Based Language
Oscar Chan [advisor: Brian Harvey]

A Study of Generalization Metrics for Natural Language Processing: Correlational Analysis and a Simpson's Paradox
Raguvir Kunani [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

A System for Automated Security Knowledge Extraction
Edward Choi [advisor: Dawn Song]

Accelerating Deep Learning on Heterogenous Architectures
Avinash Nandakumar [advisor: Sophia Shao]

Accelerating Visual Data Exploration via Sampling: A Case Study with Lux
Kunal Agarwal [advisor: Aditya Parameswaran]

Algorithms for Robust Linear Models against Strong Adversarial Corruptions
Yimeng Wang [advisor: Alistair Sinclair]

An Automated Control System for Beat Pilot Tone in MRI
Jordan Grelling [advisor: Michael Lustig]

An Investigation of Sense Disambiguation in Scientific Texts
Manav Rathod [advisor: Marti Hearst]

Assisting Reinforcement Learning in Real-time Strategy Environments with SCENIC
Qiancheng Wu [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Beyond Conservatism in Offline Reinforcement Learning: The Importance of Effective Representations
Kevin Li [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Bridging the Gap Between Modular and End-to-end Autonomous Driving Systems
Eric Leong [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Building a Ring Resonator Feedback Loop
Parth Patel [advisor: Vladimir Stojanovic]

CANClassify: Automated Decoding and Labeling of CAN Bus Signals
Paul Ngo [advisor: Alexandre Bayen]

CapsuleDB: A Secure Key-Value Store for the Global Data Plane
William Mullen [advisor: John D. Kubiatowicz]

City Alive: Interactive Tools to Improve Local Civic Engagement
Odysseus Pyrinis [advisor: Eric Paulos]

Compatibility, Maintainability, and Portability Improvements to the Taichi Graphics Programming Framework
Cheng Cao [advisor: Ren Ng]

Compressive Deconvolution Algorithms for a Computational Lightfield Display for Correcting Visual Aberrations
Anmol Parande [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Computational Methods for Assessing and Improving Quality of Study Group Formation
Ana Tudor [advisor: Gireeja Ranade]

Contrastive Feature Learning for Audio Classification
Daniel Lin [advisor: Alexei (Alyosha) Efros and Stella Yu]

Contributions to Rust and C++ Cryptographic Libraries for zkSNARKS
Solomon Joseph [advisor: Alessandro Chiesa]

Coverage Path Planning in Dynamic Environment through Guided Reinforcement Learning
Ming Lung Raymond Chong [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Creating a Video Classification Neural Network Architecture to Map American Sign Language Gestures to Computer Cursor Controls
Rohan Hajela [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Critique of and System Design for Optimization in Construction Supply Chain Management with Consideration for the SEAD Village
Alec Zhou [advisor: Somayeh Sojoudi]

Data Science in Snap!: A Block-Based Approach to Data Science Education
Isaac Merritt [advisor: Joshua Hug]

Depression Severity Estimation Using Learned Vocal Biomarkers
Harrison Costantino [advisor: Gerald Friedland]

Design and Implementation of Physical Experiments for Evaluation of the AlphaGarden: an Autonomous Polyculture Garden
Mark Presten [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Dynamic Linking in Trusted Execution Environments in RISC-V
Catherine Lu [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Enhancing Privacy and Security on the Extensible Internet
William Lin [advisor: Scott Shenker]

Environment Reconstruction from an Aerial Perspective with RGB-D and Fisheye Cameras
Ritika Shrivastava [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Evaluating the use of sequence-to-expression predictors for personalized expression prediction
Parth Baokar [advisor: Nilah Ioannidis]

Expanding the Capabilities of Voxelwise Modeling for Naturalistic Brain Decoding
Ryan Ong [advisor: Allen Yang]

Extending Succinct Zero Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership to Ring Signatures
Jialin Li [advisor: Sanjam Garg]

Factoring Matrices into Linear Neural Networks
Sagnik Bhattacharya [advisor: Jonathan Shewchuk]

FogROS: An Adaptive Framework for Automating Fog Robotics Deployment and Co-scheduling Feature Updates and Queries for Feature Stores
Yafei Liang [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Forecasting Future World Events with Neural Networks
Tristan Xiao [advisor: Dawn Song]

GamesmanUni GUI Accessibility and Combinatorial Games
Avery Liou [advisor: Dan Garcia]

Generative Modeling for Healthcare Applications and Energy Demand Response with Normalizing Flows
Japjot Singh [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Generative Modelling of Quantum Processes via Quantum-Probabilistic Information Geometry
Sahil Patel [advisor: Umesh Vazirani]

Group Probability-Weighted Tree Sums for Interpretable Modeling of Heterogeneous Data
Keyan Abou-Nasseri [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Hallucination Is All You Need: Using Generative Models for Test Time Data Augmentation
Dhruv Jhamb [advisor: John F. Canny]

Hierarchical Actor-Critic Exploration with Synchronized, Adversarial, & Knowledge-Based Actions
Ayush Jain [advisor: Alexandre Bayen]

High Efficiency Computation of Game Tree Exploration in Connect 4
Justin Yokota [advisor: Dan Garcia]

High-Performance FPGA-accelerated Chiplet Modeling
Xingyu Li [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Assistive Interfaces
Jensen Gao [advisor: Sergey Levine]

Influence of Capacitive Transducer Nonlinearities on the Amplitude Limiting of MEMS Based Oscillators
Sherwin Afshar [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

Intensity Based Visualization of Pulmonary Biomarkers on Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) MRI
Darren Hsu [advisor: Michael Lustig]

Interpreting batch correction of single-cell variational inference at scale
Katherine Wu [advisor: Nir Yosef]

Investigating Intuitions and Predicting Success using Fine Grained Student Code Snapshot Data
Henry Maier [advisor: Joshua Hug]

IPC-GraspSim: Reducing the Sim2Real Gap for Parallel-Jaw Grasping with the Incremental Potential Contact Model
Chung Min Kim [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Joist Detection and Climbing Method for Hexapod Robots
Yibin Li [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Knowledge-Guided Self-Supervised Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging
Kevin Miao [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Learning Causal Overhypotheses through Exploration in Children and Computational Models
Jiakun Liu [advisor: John F. Canny]

Learning Rate Estimation for Stochastic Gradient Descent
Nadia Hyder [advisor: Gerald Friedland and David Bamman]

Learning to Perceive and Manipulate Deformable Objects by Leveraging Simulation and Cloud Robotics
Aditya Ganapathi [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Learning to Walk: Legged Hexapod Locomotion from Simulation to the Real World
Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

LEM: A Configurable RISC-V Vector Unit Based on Parameterized Microcode Expander
Zitao Fang [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Lifting Hardware Models from Implementations for Verification
Jonathan Shi [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Low Overhead Remote Procedure Call System for Saturn DSP
Christiaan Banister [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Low-Power Hyperdimensional Computing Processors for Real-Time Wearable Sensor Fusion and Keyword Classification
Daniel Sun [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Low-Rank and Temporal Smoothness Regularization on Value-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
Edward Yam [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Machine Learning Prediction of TCR-Epitope Binding
Julian Faust [advisor: Yun S. Song]

Machine Learning Safety
Jiaming Zou [advisor: Dawn Song]

Making the Most of Serverless Accelerators
Aditya Ramkumar [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Multimodal Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning
Anup Hiremath [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Mutual Information for Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Abhinav Gopal [advisor: John F. Canny]

Object-Level Representation Learning for Natural and Medical Images
Akash Gokul [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Optimization Methods for Tracking and Mapping the Human Retina
Jay Shenoy [advisor: Ren Ng]

Overhead-communication Exploration in Large-Scale Machine Learning Frameworks
Wai Cheuk Chadwick Leung [advisor: Vladimir Stojanovic]

PolyVI: Deep Generative Models for Gene Expression, Chromatin Accessibility, and Surface Protein Expression Data
Rohan Koodli [advisor: Nir Yosef]

Power, Performance, and Area Analysis of Asynchronous Stochastic Neural Accelerator PASSOv1
Steven Lu [advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin]

Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly
Vedaad Shakib [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Representation Learning in Video and Text - A Social Media Misinformation Perspective
Kehan Wang [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Robust Imitation Learning for Risk-Aware Behavior and Sim2Real Transfer
Zaynah Javed [advisor: Ken Goldberg]

Simulating Spin Orbit Torque Driven Switching with Ultrafast Thermal Effects
Ashwin Rastogi [advisor: Jeffrey Bokor]

Single-Chip Micro Mote in EEG, fMRI, and TMS Systems
Joshua Alexander [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Software-in-the-loop Testing for Autonomous Vehicles With Docker
Sarah Bhaskaran [advisor: Alexandre Bayen]

Study of Program Synthesizers & Novice Programmers
Dhanya Jayagopal [advisor: Sarah Chasins]

Suppression of Oscillator Bias Voltage Phase Noise via MEMS Resonator Arraying
Jeffrey Ni [advisor: Clark Nguyen]

Teaching Robots to Span the Space of Functional Expressive Motion
Arjun Sripathy [advisor: Anca Dragan]

The Effect of Model Size on Worst-Group Generalization
Alan Pham [advisor: Joseph Gonzalez]

Christopher De Leon [advisor: Aditya Parameswaran]

Towards a Real-Time Vision Correcting Display
Shiyun Xu [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Tuning Doubly Randomized Block Kaczmarz Method
Rahul Jain [advisor: James Demmel]

Vision and Language for Digital Forensics
Grace Luo [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Visualizing High-Dimensional Hyperbolic Data
Haoran Guo [advisor: Jitendra Malik and Stella Yu]

3D Wireframe Reconstruction of Buildings from Point Cloud Data
Richard Wang [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]