3D Shape, Illumination, Shading, Reflectance, Texture

"Nothing of what is visible, apart from light and color, can be perceived by pure sensation, but only by discernment, inference, and recognition, in addition to sensation."

Alhazen, 965-1040 CE

A core problem of vision is the task of inferring the underlying physical world — the shapes and colors of objects, the locations of lights, etc — that gave rise to an observed image. These quantities cannot be directly observed in a single image, which is why a realistic painting can give the impression of a vivid, physical scene, despite being just a collection of paint on a flat canvas.

From a computational perspective, the problem of reconstructing the world from an image is terribly underconstrained. One approach we have explored is to adequately constrain the problem by introducing additional observations, such as multiple images taken under different viewpoints or different illumination conditions. We have also explored the information in a single image due to texture, whose regularities provide insight into the shapes of surfaces. More recently we have begun framing this problem as one of statistical inference, in which we learn models for shape, reflectance, and illumination, and recover the most likely explanation for a single image.


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