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Professor and CS Associate Chair Jitendra Malik appeared in a New York Times article titled "Human or Computer? Take This Test." Also mentioned in the article are Professor Emeritis Manuel Blum, Professor Doug Tygar, and CS grad students Greg Mori and Monica Chew.
(registration required)
December 10, 2002

Ankur Luthra, an EECS undergraduate student, has been selected for the Rhodes Scholarship.
He is the first winner from UC Berkeley since 1989.
December 9, 2002

Professor Kris Pister
was featured in a Business Week article titled "Attack Of The Killer Dust. Relax, it's a novel. Still, nanotech has a scary side."
December 2, 2002

Professor David Culler has been selected as an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellow for his achievements in computer science and information technology
November 2002

Professor John Kubiatowicz has been selected by Scientifiic American for the SA 50 Award.
His citation reads: "Designed a highly distributed data storage system that could be shared by millions of users simultaneously."
November 11, 2002

Professor Paul Hilfinger
and student Alex Fabrikant were featured in an Oakland Tribune article called "Cal plugs in to schools' speed-code competition.",1674,82%257E1865%257E
November 10, 2002

Professor Ken Goldberg appeared in a Christian Science Monitor article titled "The eyes have it - for now: As surveillance cameras proliferate, a band of skeptics is questioning the social impact of all this watching."
November 7, 2002

Al Pisano
, ERL director and professor in EECS and mechanical engineering appeared in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "Desperate company finds huge opportunity with tiny syringe."
November 4, 2002

Professor David Wagner was named one of Popular Science magazine's "Brilliant 10," a list of top groundbreaking scientists.,12543,364881,00.html,12543,364614,00.html
November 2002
EECS Adjunct Professor and CITRIS Director, Ruzena Bajcsy, was named "one of the 50 most influential female scientists in the nation," in a list compiled by Discover magazine.
November 2002
Professors Shankar Sastry, Kris Pister, and David Culler, and graduate student Bruno Sinopoli appeared in an article titled "Smartdust, la polvere intelligente che spia e trasmette informazioni" in the Italian news magazine "la Repubblica."
"Smartdust, la polvere intelligente che spia e trasmette informazioni" (pdf file)
October 2002

Professor Roger Howe
appeared in a Forbes article titled "Sensors Gone Wild: An experiment in the California desert provides hints of how a networked world could improve everyday life."
October 28, 2002

Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli was featured in a section of Electronic Design magazine titled "People Who Made It Happen."
October 21, 2002

Professor Donald Pederson was selected as one of Electronic Design magazine's 2002 Hall of Fame inductees.
October 21, 2002

EECS alum (PhD, 1992) Dan Jurafsky has received the MacArthur Fellowship.
September, 2002

A project led by U.C. Berkeley to modernize embedded software systems, which run everything from an aircraft's navigation system to a child's robotic pet, is getting a $13 million
boost from a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.

Professor Shankar Sastry, principal investigator of the project is the founder and director of the Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems (CHESS), where the project will be based at UC Berkeley. CHESS is a major part of the UC Berkeley-based Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), one of four California Institutes for Science and Innovation established by Gov. Gray Davis to foster high-impact research that will benefit society as well as drive the state's future economic growth.

Professor Edward Lee is co-investigator of the project that brings together eight other UC Berkeley researchers in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, including professors Thomas Henzinger and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentell. Researchers from UC Berkeley will team up for the project with colleagues at Vanderbilt University's Institute for Software Integrated Systems and the Mathematical Sciences Department at the University of Memphis.
September 25, 2002

Professor Randy Katz has been chosen as the winner of the 2002 SIGMOBILE Outstanding Contribution Award,
"For significant and lasting contributions to the research on mobile computing and communications and wireless networking."
September, 2002

Professor David Wagner appeared in a Contra Costa Times article titled "Cyberterror plan revealed: High on suggestions, low on regulation, Bush strategy leaves much of the work to the private sector."
September 19, 2002

Professor Brian Barsky was featured in a New York Times article titled "For an Irregular Lens, an Optical Blueprint."
September 12, 2002

Professor Eric Brewer
was featured in a Financial Times (London) article titled "Computing with fresh fluency," about the concept of timesharing computer access with a computer utility. (no link available online)
September 9, 2002

Professor Ron Fearing appeared in a Science Central News article titled "Sticky Feet," about his reasearch involving van der Waals forces.
September 06, 2002

Professor and EECS Chair Shankar Sastry and his BEAR project were featured in a Daily Californian article titled "Pilotless Chopper Finds Its Own Way: Berkeley Researchers Build Flying Machine."
August 28, 2002

CS student Tien-Hao Lan appeared in a USA Today article titled "Students go buy the book - on the Net."
August 28, 2002

Professor Eric Brewer appeared in a Financial Times (London) article titled "Battling the bugs: Computer software problems are costing billions and threatening to hold back hardware developments." (no link available)
August 27, 2002

Professor and ERL Director Al Pisano
was mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "U.S. eyes biotech exports."

August 26, 2002

Professor Jan Rabaey
was featured in a New York Times article titled "Faster Chips That March to Their Own Improvised Beat." (registration required) 22NEXT.html?pagewanted=print&position=topAugust 22, 2002

Madhu Sudan, who received his PhD in CS from UC Berkeley in 1992, was awarded the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize for computer science research.
August 20, 2002

Professor John Canny has received the AAAI Classic Paper Award for the most influential paper from the 1983 National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
. As the author of "A Variational Approach to Edge Detection" and the creator of the widely used Canny Edge Detector, he was honored for seminal contributions in the areas of robotics and machine perception.
August 14, 2002

Professor Michael Jordan was elected Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence for his significant contributions to reasoning under uncertainty, machine learning, and human motor control.
He also delivered the AAAI 2002 keynote address on "Probabilistic AI and Information Retrieval."
August 14, 2002

Professors Alistair Sinclair and Luca Trevisan have received the Okawa Prize from The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications for 2002.
The award is "to pay tribute to and make public recognition of persons who have made outstanding contributions to the research, technological development and business in the information and telecommunications fields, internationally."
August 14, 2002

Professor Sue Graham
was quoted in a New York Times article titled "Would-Be Math Teacher Ended Up Educating a Computer Revolution," about Frances Allen's retirement from IBM.
(registration required)
August 6, 2002

Professor Shankar Sastry has been appointed to the NEC Distinguished Professorship. This faculty honor, most recently held by Professor and Chancellor Emeritus Chang-Lin Tien, is administered jointly by the College of Engineering and the Walter A. Haas School of Business.
August 2002
_________ Professors David Patterson and John Kubiatowicz both appeared in a Fast Company article titled "How to SMASH Your Strategy: IBM's revolutionary approach to computing just might offer a new direction in strategy -- one that bridges the gap between brilliant insight and flawless execution."
August, 2002

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