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Professor Jeff Bokor has been featured in several articles regarding his research group's development of an integrated silicon circuit with nanotube transistors.
Oakland Tribune:,1413,82%257E1865%

UC Berkeley press release:
San Mateo County Times:,1413,87~11268~1878078,00.html
Science Daily:
January 8, 2004
Professor Edward Lee was interviewed by on Voice of America about Soft Walls.
December 6, 2003
Alum John Koo (PhD 2000) and Professors Lotfi Zadeh and Shankar Sastry appeared in a Vanderbilt Register article titled "A Childhood Love of Remote-Controlled Cars Leads to Career in Robotics."

September 22-October 5, 2003
Professor Christos Papadimitriou's book "Turing: A Novel About Computation" was reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

December 7, 2003
Lecturer Brian Harvey was featured in an article in The Sudbury Town Crier, titled "The Computer Pioneers of Lincoln-Sudbury," about his influence on computer science students when he was a high school teacher.
December 4, 2003
Professors Joe Hellerstein and David Culler appeared in a Wired article titled "Intel's Tiny Hope for the Future: The microprocessor giant is thinking even smaller: tiny sensor chips that network with each other - inside everything on earth."
December 2003
Professors David Culler and Kris Pister appeared in an Oakland Tribune article titled "Cal engineering students show their life-simplifying inventions.",1413,82%257E1726%
November 25, 2003
Professor Carlo Sequin has been selected as a recipient of the 2003 Technical Achievement Award of the IEEE Computer Society. The citation reads: "For outstanding contributions to design tools for computer architectures, computer graphics, industrial CAD/CAM, and artistic expressionism."
Professor Stuart Russell has been elected as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The citation reads "for seminal contributions to AI and to a major enhancement of the role of probability theory in AI and machine learning."
Professor Gene Myers has been elected as an ACM Fellow. His citation reads, "for the BLAST algorithm, the development of whole-genome shotgun sequencing, and leadership in the sequencing of the Drosophila, human and mouse genomes."
David Culler was selected as one of the 2003 Scientific American 50 List winners, in the area of communications, for his "Field-tested networks of sensors for military and environmental applications."

November 10, 2003
Professor Lotfi Zadeh has been elected as Foreign Member, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters in recognition of outstanding scientific merits. He also received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Waterloo, Canada in recognition of unique and innovative ways for approaching complex problems in science and engineering, and an Honorary Doctorate from Johannes Kepler University, Austria for hisoutstanding scientific achievements in System Theory and Fuzzy Logic.
Professor and Chair Shankar Sastry and Professor Doug Tygar were featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "Building a crash-test Internet: Researchers will assess vulnerability," about the new DETER project.
November 3, 2003
Professors John Canny and Vivek Subramanian appeared in a Technology Review article titled "Instant Manufacturing: Machines that create products directly from digital files can save hours of painstaking human labor, compress production schedules, and eliminate costly overstock."
November 2003
Professor Ruzena Bajcsy was mentioned in a San Jose Mercury News article titled "`Science is cool' -- for girls, too: Stereotypes Must Be Overcome Early, When Their Aptitude Equals Boys'"

October 24, 2003
Professor David Wagner was featured in an article from The Vancouver Province titled "Code-crackers foiled: B.C. encryption tech keeps secrets safe under expert attack."
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October 22, 2003
Professor Christos Papadimitriou appeared in a New York Times article titled "Art and Science Meet With Novel Results"

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October 18, 2003
EECS Professor and College of Engineering Dean Richard Newton received the 2003 EDA Consortium's Kaufman Award.
Professor Joseph Hellerstein appeared in a New York Times article titled "What's Next: Smart Servers as Watchdogs for Trouble on the Web," which mentioned his software program Pier (Peer-to-Peer Information Exchange and Retrieval).
October 23, 2003

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Shankar Sastry appeared in a CNET News article titled "Schools to make model Net, then break it," about the Cyber Defense Technology Experimental Research (DETER) network.
October 15, 2003
Alum Jim Gray (PhD, 1969) was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "Microsoft sky survey in S.F. lab Computer scientist crunching data for cosmologists."

October 6, 2003
EECS Professor in Residence David Attwood will be a lead researcher in a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology, which will be headquartered at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. The project will develop short-wavelength, optical measurement instrumentation to further nanoscience and nanotechnology research.
October 3, 2003
Kris Pister was featured in a Forbes Magazine article titled "Sensing Opportunity" about his Smart Dust technology and his startup Dust Inc.
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September 2003
Professor Charles (Ned) Birdsall is the co-winner (with Bruce Langdon) of the first John Dawson Prize for pioneering advances in plasma physics through simulations, which was given at the 18th International Conference on the Numerical Simulation of Plasmas earlier this month on Cape Cod. The citation recognizes the impact of their classic textobok, Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation (McGraw Hill, 1984), and their ongoing contributions to the scientific framework for particle simulation.
September 2003
Professor David Patterson appeared in a New York Times article titlled "New Sun Microsystems Chip May Unseat the Circuit Board."

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September 22, 2003
Professor Shankar Sastry, post-doc Jin Kim, and staff member Peter Ray appeared in an Oakland Tribune article titled "Robotic projects abound in Bay Area.",1413,82~1865~1647162,00.html
September 21, 2003
Professor Ron Fearing appeared in an Oakland Tribune article titled "Robotic Invasion: No longer the stuff of science fiction fantasy, increasingly sophisticated robots are on the verge of changing our world.",1413,82%257E1865%257E

September 21, 2003
Professor Edward Lee appeared on National Public Radio's Marketplace show.
A link to the interview can be found at: (click on "In the News")
September 9, 2003
CS graduate student Jason Hill was named one of MIT Technology Review's "100 young innovators." The TR100/2003 innovators are all under age 35 as of January 1, 2003 and are poised at the cutting edge of computing, biotech and medicine, the Internet, and nanotech (and more). EECS alum Claire Tomlin (PhD, 1998) was also named one of MIT Technology Review's 100 young innovators, along with former EECS Postdoc Andre DeHon (1996-99) and alum Mike Horton (MSEE, 1996).
September 15, 2003
NSF has announced that EECS professors Pravin Varaiya, Jean Walrand, Ion Stoica, and Doug Tygar, along with SIMS professors John Chuang and Hal Varian, and collaborators at several other institutions, have been awarded a $7.5 million ITR award for their project "100 Mb/sec to 100 Million Homes and Small Businesses."
September 2003
Professor Bill Oldham participated in the "Cycle to the Sun" bicycle race. The race took place in Maui, climbing from sea level to the summit of Haleakala (10,005'). Professor Oldham came in 21st out of 100, 1st in his age group, and 2nd of those over 50. (Professor Oldham crossing the finish line)
Professor Kris Pister was featured in a New Scientist article titled "March of the motes: An unseen silicon army is gathering information on Earth and its inhabitants. It's not an alien reconnaissance mission: smart dust is finally hitting the streets, says Anil Ananthaswamy." Professor David Culler also appeared in the article.
August 23, 2003
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Professor Kris Pister appeared in a Business Week article titled "The Future of Tech -- The Technology Road Map: The Quest for the Next Big Thing."
August 25, 2003
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Professor David Culler appeared in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "Remote possibilities grow with redwoods: Tiny sensors a huge help in tracking trees' progress."
August 18, 2003

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