Differentiable Subdivision Surface Fitting (EECS-2023-14)
Tianhao Xie, Brian A. Barsky, Sudhir Mudur and Tiberiu Popa

Adapting Vision Correcting Displays to 3D (EECS-2020-181)
Jacob Holesinger

Can Motion Features Inform Video Aesthetic Preferences? (EECS-2012-172)
Scott Chung, Jonathan Sammartino, Jiamin Bai and Brian A. Barsky

Image Cropping: Collection and Analysis of Crowdsourced Data (EECS-2012-94)
Sally Ahn

A Framework for Aberration Compensated Displays (EECS-2011-162)
Fu-Chung Huang and Brian A. Barsky

Advanced Digital Animation Curriculum Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach (EECS-2009-90)
Jeremy R Huddleston

Fast Filter Spreading and its Applications (EECS-2009-54)
Todd Jerome Kosloff, Justin Hensley and Brian A. Barsky

Depth of Field Postprocessing For Layered Scenes Using Constant-Time Rectangle Spreading (EECS-2008-187)
Todd Jerome Kosloff, Michael Tao and Brian A. Barsky

An Algorithm for Rendering Generalized Depth of Field Effects Based on Simulated Heat Diffusion (EECS-2007-19)
Todd Jerome Kosloff and Brian A. Barsky

The Optimal Tree Algorithm for Line Clipping (CSD-92-691)
You-Dong Liang and Brian A. Barsky

Some Improvements to a Parametric Line Clipping Algorithm (CSD-92-688)
You-Dong Liang, Brian A. Barsky and Mel Slater

A Symbolic Derivation of Beta-splines of Arbitrary Order (CSD-91-633)
Brian A. Barsky and Gadiel Seroussi

Parametric Bernstein/Bezier Curves and Tensor Product Surfaces (CSD-90-571)
Brian A. Barsky

Beta Continuity and Its Application to Rational Beta-splines (CSD-88-442)
Ronald N. Goldman and Brian A. Barsky

Three Characterizations of Geometric Continuity for Parametric Curves (CSD-88-417)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

An Adaptive Subdivision Method With Crack Prevention for Rendering Beta-spline Objects (CSD-87-348)
Brian A. Barsky, Anthony D. DeRose and Mark D. Dippe

Arbitrary Subdivision of Bezier Curves (CSD-86-265)
Brian A. Barsky

Research Highlights in Computer Graphics at Berkeley (CSD-85-241)
Brian A. Barsky

Geometric Continuity of Parametric Curves (CSD-84-205)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

The Beta2-spline: A Special Case of the Beta-spline Curve and Surface Representation (CSD-83-152)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

A Study of the Parametric Uniform B-spline Curve and Surface Representations (CSD-83-118)
Brian A. Barsky

Varying the Betas in Beta-splines (CSD-83-112)
Brian A. Barsky and John C. Beatty