Master's Theses & Technical Reports - Dan Garcia

M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


CS 375: A Climate-First Approach to Training Student Teaching Assistants
Victor Huang [2023]

The Beauty and Joy of Physical Computing
Deanna Gelosi [2022]

Code Patternz - A tool to record the programming process
Renaldo Williams [2021]

AutoQuiz: an online, adaptive, test practice system
Zhiping Xiao [2018]

Teaching with Reinforcement Learning: A Smarter AutoQuiz
Steven Hewitt [2018]

Applications of Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to the Curation of Educational Videos
Zachary MacHardy [2015]

Remote Pair Programming in a Visual Programming Language
Jonathan McKinsey [2015]

OCTAL: The Online Course Tool for Adaptive Learning
Daniel Armendariz [2014]

REGIS: A Tool for Building and Distributing Personalized Practice Problems
Albert Segars [2012]

Advanced Digital Animation Curriculum Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Jeremy R Huddleston [2009]

5th Year M.S.

Techniques for Solving and Visualizing Large Games
Cameron Cheung [2023]

GamesmanUni GUI Accessibility and Combinatorial Games
Avery Liou [2022]

High Efficiency Computation of Game Tree Exploration in Connect 4
Justin Yokota [2022]

Automatic Detection of Interesting Cellular Automata
Qitian Liao [2021]

Computer-Based Testing using PrairieLearn in BJC
Bojin Yao [2021]

GamesmanPuzzles: A Leap Into the Puzzles Domain
Anthony Ling [2021]

Exploring the Use of Parsons Problems for Learning a New Programming Language
Mansi Shah [2020]

An Analysis of Introductory Courses Affect on Student Sentiment and Stereotype Toward Computer Science
Lara McConnaughey [2019]

A Data Analysis of Student Success and Motivations in the BJCx MOOC
Yifat Amir [2018]

Lambda: An Autograder for Snap!
Michael Ball [2016]

ACES: Automatic Evaluation of Coding Style
Stephanie Rogers [2014]

Computer Science Illustrated
Ketrina Yim [2009]