A BDD-Based Environment for Formal Verification of Hardware Systems
Ramin Hojati [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

A General Framework for Analysis and Synthesis of Self-Tuning Adaptive Controllers
Karim Nassiri-Toussi [advisor: Wei Ren]

A Global QoS Management for Wireless Networks
My T. T. Le [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

A Toolkit for Algebra and Geometry
Ashutosh G. Rege [advisor: John F. Canny]

A 4 K CMOS Self-Calibration Circuit for Josephson Flash-Type Analog-to-Digital Converters
Kishore V. Seendripu [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Adaptive Algorithms for Active Noise Control
Angela K. Wang [advisor: Wei Ren]

Advanced MOSFET Devices for VLSI Memory and Logic
Hsing-Jen C. Wann [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Applications in Optical Communications: Optical Transmission of Millimeter-Wave Signals; and, an All-Optical Wavelength-Routed Switching Network
Lisa A. Buckman [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

ATM Network Planning and Management
Zhigang Qin [advisor: Felix F. Wu]

Batch-Fabricated Ferromagnetic Microactuators with Silicon Flexures
Jack W. Judy [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Behavioral Level Guidance Using Property-Based Design Characterization
Lisa M. Guerra [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Characterization and Modeling of the Inversion Layer Mobility of Electrons and Holes over an Extended Temperature Range
John S. Duster [advisor: Ping K. Ko]

Descriptional Composition of Compiler Components
John Tang Boyland [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Design Aids Linking Manufacturing and Technology with IC Design
Robert H. Tu [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Design and Analysis of Diffractive Optical Elements for Beamshaping of Gaussian Profiles and Emission from Multimode VCSELs and RCLEDs
John S. Hoch [advisor: Joseph M. Kahn]

Design Replacements for Sequential Circuits
Vigyan Singhal [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Detector and Electronics Design Considerations for an Emission-Transmission Medical Imaging System
Joseph A. Heanue [advisor: Bernhard E. Boser]

Efficient Resource Scheduling in Multiprocessors
Soumen Chakrabarti [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick]

Efficient Techniques for Surface Design Using Constrained Optimization
Mark A. Halstead [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Formal Analysis of Synchronous Circuits
Thomas R. Shiple [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Formal Methods in VLSI System Design
Adnan Aziz [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Hierarchical, Hybrid Control of Large-Scale Systems
John Lygeros [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Hierarchical Sequential Synthesis: Logic Synthesis of FSM Networks
Huey-yih Wang [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

High Performance Verification Algorithms
Jagesh V. Sanghavi [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems
Brian V. Mirtich [advisor: John F. Canny]

Incremental Methods for Formal Verification and Logic Synthesis
Gitanjali M. Swamy [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Integrated Circuit Process Design for Manufacturability Using Statistical Metrology
Crid Yu [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Interfacing System Description Languages to Formal Verification
Wendell C. Baker [advisor: A. Richard Newton]

Limited Bandwidth Parallel Computation
Micah A. Adler [advisor: Michael Luby]

Lower Bounds for Fundamental Geometric Problems
Jeffrey G. Erickson [advisor: Raimund Seidel]

Microfabrication of Magnetic Components for High Frequency Power Conversion
Charles R. Sullivan [advisor: Seth R. Sanders]

Micromachined Photonic Devices and Systems on Silicon
Michael J. Daneman [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Micromachined Silicon Ultrasonic Longitudinal Mode Actuators: Theory and Applications to Surgery, Pumping, and Atomization
Amit Lal [advisor: Richard M. White]

Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs
Paul E. Debevec [advisor: Jitendra Malik]

Modeling and Simulation of the Automated Highway System
Farokh H. Eskafi [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Network Analysis Without Exponentiality Assumptions
Mor Harchol-Balter [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Media
Vivien W. L. Talghader [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Optimization Algorithms for Engineering Design
Charles Kirjner-Neto [advisor: Elijah Polak]

Oxide Charging Damage in Integrated Circuit Processing Investigated with a Coupled Plasma/IC Device Model
William G. En [advisor: Nathan W. Cheung]

Pen and Speech Recognition in the User Interface for Mobile Multimedia Terminals
Shankar Narayanaswamy [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]

Predicting ULSI Device Behavior Using Parallel Monte Carlo Methods
Henry S.-W. Sheng [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Pricing Issues in Multi-Service Networks
Spyros N. Papadakis [advisor: Jean C. Walrand]

Quality of Service and Asynchronous Transfer Mode in IP Interenetworks
Bruce A. Mah [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Query Processing in Tertiary Memory Databases
Sunita Sarawagi [advisor: Michael R. Stonebraker]

Rapid Prototyping and Deployment of User-to-User Networked Applications
Wan-T. Chang [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

REMAP: Recursive Estimation and Maximization of a posteriori Probabilities in Transition-Based Speech Recognition
Yochai Konig [advisor: Nelson Morgan]

Scalable Compression and Transmission of Internet Multicast Video
Steven Ray McCanne [advisor: Martin Vetterli]

Scheduling Techniques for Synchronous and Multidimensional Synchronous Dataflow
Praveen K. Murthy [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Shape Synthesis for Assembly-Centric Design
Steve R. Burgett [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Simulation for Reliability Design of Power Electronic Circuits
Linda A. Kamas [advisor: Seth R. Sanders]

Sparse Gaussian Elimination on High Performance Computers
Xiaoye S. Li [advisor: James W. Demmel]

Speech Recognition for Portable Multimedia Terminals
Andrew J. Burstein [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]

Storage and Retrieval of Compressed Video
Edward T. Chang [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

System Identification Methods for a Class of Structured Nonlinear Systems
Gregory J. Wolodkin [advisor: Kameshwar Poolla and Edwin R. Lewis]

Testing and Characterization of Analog Systems Using Behavioral Models and Optimal Experimental Design
Eric J. Felt [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

The Double Loop Sigma-Delta Modulator with Unstable Filter Dynamics: Stability Analysis and Tone Behavior
Mariam Motamed [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

The Power of Two Choices in Randomized Load Balancing
Michael D. Mitzenmacher [advisor: Alistair Sinclair]

The Role of Carrier Transport in the High-Frequency Response of Quantum Well Semiconductor Lasers
Dan Vassilovski [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Theory and Applications of Adaptive and Nonlinear Control
Gevorg M. Nahapetyan [advisor: Wei Ren]

Theory and Implementation of Numerical Methods Based on Runge-Kutta Integration for Solving Optimal Control Problems
Adam L. Schwartz [advisor: Elijah Polak]

Topics in Black-Box Combinatorial Optimization
Ari Juels [advisor: Alistair Sinclair]

Traffic Models and Admission Control for Integrated Services Networks
Edward W. Knightly [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Ultra-Shallow Junction Fabrication Using Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Epitaxial Cobalt Disilicide as a Dopant Source
Erin C. Jones [advisor: Nathan W. Cheung]

VLSI Gate Oxide Reliability
Chih-chieh King [advisor: Chenming Hu]

VLSI Implementation of Cellular Neural Networks
Jose M. Cruz-Moreno [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Wideband Spread-Spectrum Digital Communications for Portable Applications
Samuel W. Sheng [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]