Ph.D. Dissertations - 2020

Actuation and Localization of Resource-Constrained Autonomous Microrobotic Systems
Brian Kilberg [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Adapting Across Domains by Aligning Representations and Images
Eric Tzeng [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Biological patterning in networks of interacting cells
Mindy Perkins [advisor: Murat Arcak]

Biomechanical Models and Robotic Systems for Human Motion Assessment
Sarah Seko [advisor: Ruzena Bajcsy]

Deep Generative Models: Imitation Learning, Image Synthesis, and Compression
Jonathan Ho [advisor: Pieter Abbeel]

Design for Performance and Reliability in Advanced CMOS Structures
Fei Ding [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Discrete and Complex Algorithms for Curves
Lynn Chua [advisor: Bernd Sturmfels and Alessandro Chiesa]

Drug Monitoring with Wearable Sweat Sensors
Li-Chia Tai [advisor: Ali Javey]

Geometric Sampling Theory, Triangulations, and Robust Machine Learning
Marc Khoury [advisor: Jonathan Shewchuk]

Inductive Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Biomedical Implants
George Alexandrov [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Interactive Program Distillation
Andrew Head [advisor: Marti Hearst and Björn Hartmann]

Jumping Silicon Microrobots With Electrostatic Inchworm Motors and Energy Storing Substrate Springs
Craig Schindler [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Practical Algorithms for Reliable Autonomy
David Fridovich-Keil [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Risk-Sensitive Safety Analysis and Control for Trustworthy Autonomy
Margaret Chapman [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Round-Optimal Secure Multiparty Computation from Minimal Assumptions
Akshayaram Srinivasan [advisor: Sanjam Garg]

Sparse-Graph Codes for the Big Data Era: Exploiting Sparsity to Speed Up Computation
Orhan Ocal [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran]

Structured Models for Vision-and-Language Reasoning
Ronghang Hu [advisor: Trevor Darrell]