PUBLISHING: A Reliable Broadcast Communication Mechanism (CSD-83-165)
David Leo Presotto

Queries and Views of Programs Using a Relational Database System (CSD-83-164)
Mark A. Linton

TEMPO: A Network Time Controller for a Distributed Berkeley UNIX System (CSD-83-163)
Riccardo Gusella and Stefano Zatti

Creative Geometric Modeling with UNIGRAFIX (CSD-83-162)
Carlo H. Séquin

UNIGRAFIX 2.0 User's Manual and Tutorial (CSD-83-161)
Carlo H. Séquin, Mark Gordon Segal and Paul Wensley

The Design of a Language for Algebraic Computation Systems (CSD-83-160)
John K. Foderaro

Implementation of Network Primitives for a Network Monitor/Debugger (CSD-83-159)
Brendan A. Voge

A Simplex Variant Solving An m x d Linear Program in O(min(m squared, d squared)) Expected Number of Pivot Steps (CSD-83-158)
Ilan Adler, Richard Karp and Ron Shamir

A Family of Simplex Variants Solving An m x d Linear Program in Expected Number of Pivot Steps Depending on d Only (CSD-83-157)
Ilan Adler, Richard Karp and Ron Shamir

An Analysis of Naming Conventions for Distributed Computer Systems (CSD-83-156)
Douglas B. Terry

The Evolution of Berkeley UNIX (CSD-83-155)
Domenico Ferrari

A Collection of Papers on Magic (CSD-83-154)
John K. Ousterhout, Gordon T. Hamachi, Robert N. Mayo, Walter S. Scott and George S. Taylor

On the Modeling of Shared Resources by Queuing Networks with Serialization Delays (CSD-83-153)
Anna Hac

The Beta2-spline: A Special Case of the Beta-spline Curve and Surface Representation (CSD-83-152)
Brian A. Barsky and Anthony D. DeRose

Implementation of Rules in Relational Data Base Systems (CSD-83-151)
Michael Stonebraker, John Woodfill and Erika Andersen

An Implementation of Hypothetical Relations (CSD-83-150)
John Woodfill and Michael Stonebraker

Data Base Portals: A New Application Program Interface (CSD-83-149)
Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence A. Rowe

Finding Files Fast (CSD-83-148)
James A. Woods

A Fast File System for UNIX (Revised July 27, 1983) (CSD-83-147)
Marshall Kirk McKusick, William N. Joy, Samuel J. Leffler and Robert S. Fabry

4.2bsd Networking Implementation Notes (Revised July, 1983) (CSD-83-146)
Samuel J. Leffler, William N. Joy and Robert S. Fabry

A 4.2bsd Interprocess Communication Primer, Draft of July 27, 1983 (CSD-83-145)
Samuel J. Leffler, Robert S. Fabry and William N. Joy

Performance Analysis of Distributed Data Base Systems (CSD-83-144)
Michael Stonebraker, John Woodfill, Jeff Ranstrom, Joseph Kalash, Kenneth Arnold and Erika Andersen

A Big RISC (CSD-83-143)
Richard A. Blomseth

Modeling File System Organizations in a Local Area Network Environment (CSD-83-142)
Domenico Ferrari and Tzong-yu Paul Lee

Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architectures for VLSI (CSD-83-141)
Emmanuel-Manolis George Katevenis

SIMON: A Simulator of Multicomputer Networks (CSD-83-140)
Richard M. Fujimoto

Scheduling a Single Machine to Minimize the Number of Late Jobs (CSD-83-139)
Eugene L. Lawler

On Estimating the Performance of VLSI Circuits (CSD-83-138)
Clark D. Thompson and Prabhakar Raghavan

VLSI Communication Components for Multicomputer Networks (CSD-83-137)
Richard M. Fujimoto

The VLSI Circuitry of RISC I (CSD-83-135)
James B. Peek

Database Support for Programming Environments (CSD-83-134)
Michael L. Powell and Mark A. Linton

PUBLISHING: A Reliable Broadcast Communication Mechanism (CSD-83-133)
Michael L. Powell and David L. Presotto

Process Migration in DEMOS/MP (CSD-83-132)
Michael L. Powell and Barton P. Miller

The User Interface and Implementation of Caesar (CSD-83-131)
John K. Ousterhout

Exploiting Structure in the Analysis of Integrated Circuit Artwork (CSD-83-130)
Daniel T. Fitzpatrick

Inverse Currying Transformation on Attribute Grammars (CSD-83-129)
Reinhard Wilhelm

Effects of Underflow on Solving Linear Systems (CSD-83-128)
James W. Demmel

The Condition Number of Similarities that Diagonalize Matrices (CSD-83-127)
James W. Demmel

An Interval Algorithm for Solving Systems of Linear Equations to Prespecified Accuracy (CSD-83-126)
James W. Demmel and Fritz Kruckeberg

Paging on an Object-oriented Personal Computer for Smalltalk (CSD-83-125)
Ricki Blau

Performance Analysis of Several Backend Database Architectures (CSD-83-124)
Robert Brian Hagmann

On the Performance of Courier Remote Procedure Calls Under 4.1c BSD (CSD-83-123)
James R Larus

"... but will RISC run LISP??" (a feasibility study) (CSD-83-122)
Carl Glen Ponder

Analysis of Branch Prediction Strategies and Branch Target Buffer Design (CSD-83-121)
Johnny K. F. Lee and Alan Jay Smith

Disk Cache - Miss Ratio Analysis and Design Considerations (CSD-83-120)
Alan J. Smith

Crystal: A Timing Analyzer for nMOS VLSI Circuits (CSD-83-119)
John K. Ousterhout

A Study of the Parametric Uniform B-spline Curve and Surface Representations (CSD-83-118)
Brian A. Barsky

A New Monte-Carlo Method for Estimating the Failure Probability of an n-Component System (CSD-83-117)
Richard M. Karp and Michael G. Luby

A Simplified Version of H. W. Lenstra's Integer Programming Algorithm and Some Applications (CSD-83-116)
A. Paz

1983 VLSI Tools: Selected Works by the Original Artists (CSD-83-115)
Robert N. Mayo, John K. Ousterhout and Walter S. Scott

Corner Stitching: a Data Structuring Technique for VLSI Layout Tools (CSD-83-114)
John K. Ousterhout

The Differencing Method of Set Partitioning (CSD-83-113)
Narenda Karmarker and Richard M. Karp

Varying the Betas in Beta-splines (CSD-83-112)
Brian A. Barsky and John C. Beatty

An Integrated Circuit Based Speech-Recognition System (M83/80)
Hyman J. Murveit

SIMPL (SIMulated Profiles from the Layout) (M83/79)
M.A. Grimm

Characterization of Plasma Etched Structures in IC Processing (M83/78)
John L. Reynolds

Input-Output Description of Linear Systems with Multiple Time Scales (M83/77)
R. Silva-Madriz and S. Shankar Sastry

Absolute k-Stability of Linear Distributed n-Ports (M83/76)
A. Bhaya and Charles A. Desoer

Negative Resistance Devices: Part II (M83/75)
Leon O. Chua and A-C. Deng

Virtual Memory Transaction Management (M83/74)
Michael Stonebraker

QUEL as a Data Type (M83/73)
Michael Stonebraker, Erik Anderson, E. Hanson and B. Rubenstein

Low Sample-Rate Timing Recovery Using Switched-Capacitor Techniques (M83/72)
N-S. Lin

Timing Recovery in Digital Subscriber Loops (M83/71)
O. Agazzi, C-P.J. Tzeng, David G. Messerschmitt and David A. Hodges

High Speed Digital-to-Analog Conversion (M83/70)
Vivian W.-K. Shen

The Complete Dynamics of the Forced Josephson Junction Circuit: The Regions of Chaos (M83/69)
F. Abdel Salam and S. Shankar Sastry

BBL User's Manual (M83/68)
N-P. Chen, C-P. Hsu, H.H. Chen, Ernest S. Kuh and M. Marek-Sadowska

Stability, Security and Reliability of Interconnected Power Systems (M83/67)
Felix F. Wu

Verification of Circuit Interconnectivity (M83/66)
R. Spickelmeier

Collisionless Diffusion in Two-Frequency Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (M83/65)
J.E. Howard, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and R.H. Cohen

R-Trees: A Dynamic Index Structure for Spatial Searching (M83/64)
A. Guttman and Michael Stonebraker

High Precision Analog Circuits Using MOS VLSI Technology (M83/63)
Robert C.-T. Yen

Program Reference for KIC (M83/62)
G. Billingsley

Linear Longitudinal Oscillations in Collisionless Plasma Diodes with Thin Sheaths, Part II: Application to an Extended Pierce-Type Problem (M83/61)
S. Kuhn

Global Router for Gate Array (M83/60)
J-T. Li and M. Marek-Sadowska

Model Reference Adaptive Control-Stability, Parametric Convergence and Robustness (M83/59)
S. Shankar Sastry

Strong Law of Large Numbers for Random Variables with Values in the Fuzzy Real Line (M83/58)
E.P. Klement

General Path-Integral Successive-Collision Solution of the Bounded Dynamic Multi-Swarm Problem (M83/57)
S. Kuhn

Modeling and Evaluation of Database Concurrency Control Algorithms (M83/56)
Michael J. Carey

Performance Analysis of Distributed Database Systems (M83/55)
Michael Stonebraker, J. Woodfill, J. Ranstrom, J. Kalash, K. Arnold and E. Andersen

Implementation of Rules in Relational Database Systems (M83/54)
Michael Stonebraker, J. Woodfill and E. Andersen

A CAD Methodology for Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems Based on Algebraic Theory (M83/53)
C.L. Gustafson and Charles A. Desoer

Linear Longitudinal Oscillations in Collisionless Plasma Diodes with Thin Sheaths, Part I: Method (M83/52)
S. Kuhn

An MOS-LSI Autocorrelation Linear Prediction System (M83/51)
Paul J. Hurst

Design Considerations of a Speech Recognition System Using Special Purpose Integrated Circuits (M83/50)
Menahem Lowy

Final Report - Interchange No. NCA2-OR050- 006, Microwave Measurement of Snow Wetness Accumulation (M83/49)
D.J. Angelakos, William I. Linlor and Fred Clapp

Nonlinear Unity-Feedback Systems and Q-Parametrization (M83/48)
Charles A. Desoer and C.A. Lin

Behavioral-Level Simulation and Synthesis of Digital Systems (M83/47)
J.T. Deutsch

A Critical Review on External Network Modeling for On-line Security Analysis (M83/46)
Felix F. Wu and A. Monticelli

Theory of Asymmetric Double Layers (M83/45)
K.Y. Kim

Using a Relational Database System to Store Text (M83/44)
G.M. Pavlovic

Nonlinear Circuits (M83/43)
Leon O. Chua

Circuit and Technology Considerations for High Frequency Switched-Capacitor Filters (M83/42)
Ronald T. Kaneshiro

The Role of Fuzzy Logic in the Management of Uncertainty in Expert Systems (M83/41)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Outer Approximation Algorithm for Non- Differentiable Optimization Problems (M83/40)
D.Q. Mayne and Elijah Polak

Time-Dependent Child-Langmuir Diode Simulation (M83/39)
S. Rousset

Persistent Behavior, Sufficient Richness and Parameter Convergence in Adaptive Control (M83/38)
S. Boyd and S. Shankar Sastry

Weak Monotonic Double Layers (M83/37)
K.Y. Kim

A Switched-Capacitor Synchronous Detector (M83/36)
K.S. Kundert

Module Placement Based on Resistive Network Optimization (M83/35)
C.K. Cheng and Ernest S. Kuh

An Efficient Single-Row Routing Algorithm (M83/34)
T. T-S. Tarng, M. Marek-Sadowska and Ernest S. Kuh

DELIGHT: An Interactive System for Optimization-Based Engineering Design (M83/33)
William T. Nye

Nonlinear Op-Amp Circuits: Existence and Uniqueness of Solution by Inspection (M83/32)
T. Nishi and Leon O. Chua

High Frequency CMOS Switched-Capacitor Filters (M83/31)
Tat C. Choi

Uniqueness of Circuits and Systems Containing One Nonlinearity (M83/30)
S. Boyd and Leon O. Chua

Ratio Independent A/D and D/A Conversion Using a Recirculating Reference Approach (M83/29)
C-C. Shih, P-W. Li and Paul R. Gray

VICTOR: Global Redundancy Identification and Test Generation for VLSI Circuits (M83/27)
Ion M. Ratiu

Common Sense Knowledge Representation Based on Fuzzy Logic (M83/26)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Stochasticity and Reconnection in Two- Dimensional Mappings (M83/25)
J.E. Howard and S.M. Hohs

A Fuzzy-Set Theoretic Approach to the Compositionality of Meaning: Propositions, Dispositions and Canonical Form (M83/24)
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Attaching an Array Processor in the UNIX Environment (M83/23)
C.T. Cole

Potential Barrier Decoupling of Stable and Unstable Regions of Average Minimum B Magnetic Mirrors (M83/22)
J. Fernandez, Allan J. Lichtenberg, Michael A. Lieberman and N. Benjamin

Topological Criteria for Nonlinear Resistive Circuits Containing Controlled Sources to Have a Unique Solution (M83/21)
T. Nishi and Leon O. Chua

Extracting BJT Small-Signal Parameters for S. Parameter Measurements (M83/20)
M. Heising

Analytical Calculation of Invariant Distributions on Strange Attractors (M83/19)
K.Y. Tsang and Michael A. Lieberman

Precision Voltage Referencing Techniques in MOS Technology (M83/17)
Bang-Sup Song

Optimization-Based Design of SISO Control Systems with Uncertain Plant: Problem Formulation (M83/16)
Elijah Polak and D.M. Stimler

Integral Manifolds for Nonlinear Circuits (M83/15)
M. Odyniec and Leon O. Chua

Extensions of the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem (M83/14)
Pravin Varaiya, Jean Walrand and C. Buyukkoc

Arnold Diffusion in Swing Equations of Power Systems (M83/13)
F. Abdel Salam, Jerrold Marsden and Pravin Varaiya

Josephson Junction Circuit Analysis via Integral Manifolds: Part II (M83/12)
M. Odyniec and Leon O. Chua

A Modified Nyquist Stability Test for Use in Computer-Aided Design (M83/11)
Elijah Polak

Berkeley Building-Block Layout System for VLSI Design (M83/10)
N.P. Chen, C.P. Hsu and Ernest S. Kuh

A Physical Design Tool for Relational Databases (M83/9)
K. Youssefi

Uniqueness of a Basic Nonlinear Structure (M83/8)
S. Boyd and Leon O. Chua

Measuring Volterra Kernels (M83/7)
S. Boyd, Y.S. Tang and Leon O. Chua

An Abstract Model of Database Concurrency Control Algorithms (M83/6)
M. Carey

Deadlock Detection is Cheap (M83/5)
R. Agrawal, M. Carey and D. DeWitt

Nonlinear Oscillations in Power Systems (M83/4)
E. Abed and Pravin Varaiya

Application of Abstract Data Types and Abstract Indices to CAD Data Bases (M83/3)
Michael Stonebraker, B. Rubenstein and T. Guttman

An Implementation of Hypothetical Relations (M83/2)
J. Woodfill and Michael Stonebraker

Granularity Hierarchies in Concurrency Control (M83/1)
M.J. Carey