A Wireless Image Sensor for Real-Time, In Vivo Fluorescence Microscopy in Cancer Therapy (EECS-2024-29)
Rozhan Rabbani

Towards a Wireless Fluorescence Microscope on A Chip ()
Rozhan Rabbani

Silicon Microring Resonator Design for Monolithic Electronic–Photonic Biosensing System ()
Hyeong Seok Oh and Vladimir Stojanovic

Cryogenic Optical Link: Device, Circuit, and System ()
Bozhi Yin

Fully Integrated Electronic-Biophotonic System-on-Chip for Real-Time Label-Free Molecular Sensing (EECS-2023-241)
Christos Adamopoulos

Realization of a Fully Integrated Electronic-Photonic Sensor-Receiver Array for Endoscopic Ultrasound (EECS-2023-35)
Panagiotis Zarkos

Optical Beamforming Techniques for Solid-State Automotive LIDAR (EECS-2023-30)
Pavan Bhargava

Energy Efficient Communication Links for Smart Devices (EECS-2022-16)
Nathan Narevsky

Berkeley Open MOS dataBase (BOMB): A Dataset for Silicon Technology Representation Learning (EECS-2021-192)
Rohan Lageweg

Ultrasound Detection with Silicon Microring Resonators (EECS-2021-123)
Sarika Madhvapathy

Enhancing Performance of Analog Mixed Signal Circuits using Integrated Silicon-Photonics (EECS-2020-195)
Nandish Mehta

Time-interleaved SAR ADC Design Using Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2020-109)
Zhaokai Liu

Design of a sub-Hz Resolution Fully Digital RF Frequency Synthesizer (EECS-2020-17)
Panagiotis Zarkos

A Fully Integrated Electronic-Photonic Platform for Label-Free Biosensing (EECS-2020-15)
Christos Adamopoulos

Closing the Analog Design Loop with the Berkeley Analog Generator (EECS-2019-23)
Nicholas Werblun

Photonic Links -- From Theory to Automated Design (EECS-2019-7)
Vladimir Stojanovic

Energy-efficient and High-bandwidth Density Monolithic Optical Transceivers in Advanced CMOS Processes (EECS-2018-100)
Sajjad Moazeni and Vladimir Stojanovic

Electronic-Photonic Co-Design of Silicon Photonic Interconnects (EECS-2017-208)
Sen Lin

Demonstration of an Optical Chip-to-Chip Link in a 3D Integrated Electronic-Photonic Platform (EECS-2017-193)
Sen Lin, Krishna Settaluri and Sajjad Moazeni

High Speed Data Link (EECS-2017-72)
Vladimir Stojanovic and liheng zhu

Predicting Bad Patents (EECS-2017-63)
William Ho

A 40Gb/s PAM4 Transmitter based on a Ring-resonator Optical DAC (EECS-2017-23)
Sajjad Moazeni and Vladimir Stojanovic

Mixed Precision Vector Processors (EECS-2015-265)
Albert Ou

Next Generation Memory Interfaces (EECS-2015-111)
Miron Veryanskiy, Kyle Dillon, Kalika Saxena, Sinan Liu and Chenyang Xu

Re-architecting DRAM with Monolithically Integrated Silicon Photonics (EECS-2009-179)
Scott Beamer, Chen Sun, Yong-jin Kwon, Ajay Joshi, Christopher Batten, Vladimir Stojanovic and Krste Asanović

Designing Multi-socket Systems Using Silicon Photonics (EECS-2009-9)
Scott Beamer, Krste Asanović, Chris Batten, Ajay Joshi and Vladimir Stojanovic