Master's Theses & Technical Reports - 2013

M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


A W-Band Phase-Locked Loop for Millimeter-Wave Applications
Shinwon Kang [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

AdDroid: Privilege Separation for Applications and Advertisers in Android
Paul Pearce [advisor: David Wagner and Vern Paxson]

Archipelago - An Open Source FPGA with Toolflow Support
Hao Jun Liu [advisor: John Wawrzynek]

CANDID: Classifying Assets in Networks by Determining Importance and Dependencies
Scott Marshall [advisor: Vern Paxson and Sylvia Ratnasamy]

Communication-Avoiding Parallel Recursive Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication
Benjamin Lipshitz [advisor: James Demmel]

Constraints And Techniques For Software Power Management In Production Clusters
Arka Bhattacharya [advisor: David E. Culler]

Delay Comparison of Different Switch Architectures
Stephan Adams [advisor: Jean Walrand]

Designing Networks for Large-Scale Blackout Circumvention
Shaddi Hasan [advisor: Eric Brewer]

Differential Slicing: Identifying Causal Execution Differences for Security Applications
Noah Johnson-Walls [advisor: Dawn Song]

Efficient Switching Power Amplifiers using the Distributed Switch Architecture
Siva Viswanathan Thyagarajan [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Flight Simulation of an Ornithopter
Cameron Rose [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Formal Methods for Reverse Engineering Gate-Level Netlists
Wenchao Li [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Fully Automatic Standard Cell Creation in an Analog Generator Framework
Rachel Nancollas [advisor: Elad Alon]

Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Wei-Cheng Lien [advisor: Albert Pisano]

Hinted Collection
Philip Reames [advisor: George Necula]

Investigation of Peptoid Thin Films and Their Potential Use in a Biosensor
Brian Lunt [advisor: Ana Claudia Arias]

Local Optima of Nonconvex Regularized M-Estimators
Po-Ling Loh [advisor: Martin Wainwright]

Loop Closure Transformation Estimation and Verification Using 2D LiDAR Scanners
Nicholas Corso [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Measurement and characterization of EUV mask performance at high-NA
Rikon Chao [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Methuselah: Intelligent Data Aging
Nick Lanham [advisor: Michael Franklin]

Millimeter-Wave Circuit Design for Radar Transceivers
Paul Swirhun [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

NbQ-CLOCK: A Non-blocking Queue-based CLOCK Algorithm for Web-Object Caching
Gage Eads [advisor: John D. Kubiatowicz]

Real-time Safe Semi-Autonomous Control with Driver Modeling
Victor Shia [advisor: Ruzena Bajcsy]

Scalable Scheduling for Sub-Second Parallel Jobs
Patrick Wendell [advisor: Ion Stoica]

Shark: SQL and Analytics with Cost-Based Query Optimization on Coarse-Grained Distributed Memory
Antonio Lupher [advisor: Scott Shenker]

Shark: SQL and Rich Analytics at Scale
Reynold Shi Xin [advisor: Michael Franklin]

Tactile Sensors for Palm-Size Crawling Robots
Jaakko Karras [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Towards Programmable Buildings: A Study of System Design for Application Portability in Buildings
Andrew Krioukov [advisor: David E. Culler]

Towards Sound HTTP Request Causation Inference
Kristin Stephens [advisor: David Wagner and Vern Paxson]

Transparent Micro-electrocorticography (μECoG) Arrays for Optogenetic Mapping of Surface Potentials
Brian Pepin [advisor: Michel Maharbiz]

Using Telemetry to Illuminate Policy Interactions: A Case Study with RequestPolicy
Justin Samuel [advisor: Vern Paxson]

Visual Grasp Affordances From Appearance-Based Cues
Hyun Oh Song [advisor: Trevor Darrell]

Watertight Floor Plans Generated from Laser Range Data
Eric Turner [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

5th Year M.S.

A Fast Filter for Physically-Based Rendering
Brandon Wang [advisor: Ravi Ramamoorthi]

Benefits and Practicality of Super-Packets
Yunlong Li [advisor: Michael Franklin]

CrowdCritter: Strategies for Crowdsourcing Visual Design Critique
Wei Wu [advisor: Björn Hartmann]

Equalization for Intracortical Microstimulation Artifact Reduction
Philip Chu [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

FRPA: A Framework for Recursive Parallel Algorithms
David Eliahu [advisor: Armando Fox]

Fully Printed, Flexible, High Performance Carbon Nanotube Top-gated Thin-film Transistors
Pak Heng Lau [advisor: Ali Javey]

Hardware Construction in Chisel
Huy Vo [advisor: Krste Asanović]

Matrix Multiplication Algorithm Selection with Support Vector Machines
Omer Spillinger [advisor: Armando Fox]

Object Detection in RGB-D Indoor Scenes
Edmund Shanming Ye [advisor: Jitendra Malik]

Predicting Student Retention in Massive Open Online Courses using Hidden Markov Models
Girish Balakrishnan [advisor: Armando Fox]

Quicksilver: Automatic Synthesis of Relational Queries
Edward Lu [advisor: Ras Bodik]

Texture Mapping 3D Models of Indoor Environments with Noisy Camera Poses
Peter Cheng [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]