• Internet architecture:

    Overlay architectures. Distributed hashing. Naming. Next generation network design. Peer to peer networking. Mobile and ad-hoc networking. Troubleshooting. Implications for energy efficiency.

  • Security:

    Malware detection. Secure routing. Testbeds for security applications. Operating systems security. Intrusion detection/prevention. Availability. Authentication. Botnets and worms.

  • Distributed Systems:

    Experimental testbeds. Distributed logging. Declarative networking.

  • Operating systems:

    OS for sensor networks. Monitoring OS behavior for malware detection. Performance analysis. Programming languages for systems. Power aware computing.

  • Network economics:

    Price of anarchy. Game theory.

  • Technology for developing regions:

  • Network measurement:

    Traffic characterization and modeling.

Research Centers




Faculty Awards

  • National Medal of Science: Richard M. Karp, 1996.
  • ACM A.M. Turing Award: David A. Patterson, 2017. Richard M. Karp, 1985.
  • ACM Prize in Computing: Eric Brewer, 2009.
  • SIAM John von Neumann Lecture Prize: Richard M. Karp, 1987.
  • Computers and Communications (C&C) Prize: Scott Shenker, 2015. David A. Patterson, 2004.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame: Randy H. Katz, 2018. David A. Patterson, 2005.
  • Harvey Prize: Richard M. Karp, 1998.
  • Kyoto Prize: Richard M. Karp, 2008.
  • MacArthur Fellow: Dawn Song, 2010.
  • Okawa Prize: David E. Culler, 2013.
  • National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Member: Scott Shenker, 2019. David A. Patterson, 2006. Richard M. Karp, 1980.
  • National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member: Ion Stoica, 2024. Scott Shenker, 2012. Eric Brewer, 2007. David E. Culler, 2005. Randy H. Katz, 2000. David A. Patterson, 1993. Richard M. Karp, 1992.
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member: Eric Brewer, 2018. Scott Shenker, 2016. David A. Patterson, 2006. Randy H. Katz, 1990. Richard M. Karp, 1980.
  • Berkeley Citation: David E. Culler, 2021. David A. Patterson, 2016.
  • UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award: David A. Wagner, 2006. Randy H. Katz, 1992. Richard M. Karp, 1986. David A. Patterson, 1982.
  • Sloan Research Fellow: Raluca Ada Popa, 2018. Prabal Dutta, 2017. Michael Lustig, 2013. Sylvia Ratnasamy, 2012. Dawn Song, 2007. Ion Stoica, 2003. David A. Wagner, 2003. Joseph M. Hellerstein, 1998. Eric Brewer, 1997.

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