Krste Asanović

Professor Emeritus, Professor in the Graduate School


Krste Asanović is a Professor in the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley. He received a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 1998 then joined the faculty at MIT, receiving tenure in 2005. He returned to join the faculty at Berkeley in 2007. His main research areas are computer architecture, VLSI design, parallel programming and operating system design. He is currently Co-Director of the Berkeley ADEPT lab tackling the challenge of deploying custom silicon to meet new application demands. He leads the free RISC-V ISA project, is Chairman of the RISC-V Foundation, and co-founded SiFive Inc. to support commercial use of RISC-V processors. He is also an Associate Director at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center. He received the NSF CAREER award, and is an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow.


  • 1998, PhD, Computer Science, UC Berkeley
  • 1987, BA, Electrical and Information Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

Selected Publications

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