A Cooperative Game Theory Approach to Transmission Planning in Power Systems
Javier Contreras [advisor: Felix F. Wu]

A New O(n^2) Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Problem
Inderjit Singh Dhillon [advisor: James W. Demmel]

Adaptive Signal Models: Theory, Algorithms, and Audio Applications
Michael M. Goodwin [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

An Information-Centric Design Exploration and Implementation Server
Ole Bentz [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Analysis and Simulation of Noise in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits and Systems
Alper Demir [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Assembly Techniques for Microelectromechanical Systems
Michael B. Cohn [advisor: Roger T. Howe]

Broadband Millimeter-Wave Optical Transmitters for Fiber-Wireless Communications Links
John Park [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Characterization of Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Systems
Edita Tejnil [advisor: Jeffrey Bokor]

Design and Implementation Verification of Finite State Systems
Rajeev K. Ranjan [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Design and Optimization Techniques for Monolithic RF Downconversion Mixers
Keng L. Fong [advisor: Robert G. Meyer]

Design of Optical Transmitters with Low Electrical Power Considerations
Leonard P. Chen [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Design, Verification and Simulation of Communication Protocols for a Fault Tolerant Automated Highway System
Antonia E. Lindsey [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

Direct Aerial Image Monitoring for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Systems
Charles H. Fields [advisor: William G. Oldham]

Estimation and Synthesis for Low-Power, High-Performance Integrated Circuits
Premal Buch [advisor: A. Richard Newton]

Execution Time of Symmetric Eigensolvers
Kendall Swenson Stanley [advisor: James W. Demmel]

Fast and Effective Optimization of Statically Typed Object-Oriented Languages
David Francis Bacon [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Geometric Mechanics and Control of Multibody Systems
Charles P. Coleman [advisor: S. Shankar Sastry]

High-Intensity Terahertz Pulses and Their Applications
Edward W. Budiarto [advisor: Jeffrey Bokor]

High-Level Estimation and Synthesis Techniques for Low-Power Design
Renu Mehra [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

High-Speed, Low-Power Sigma-Delta Modulators for RF Baseband Channel Applications
Arnold R. Feldman [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Image Processing Techniques for Cellular Neural Network Hardware
Kenneth R. Crounse [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Incidents on the Freeway: Detection and Management
Karl F. Petty [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Incremental Static Semantic Analysis
William H. Maddox III [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

KARMA: Knowledge-based Active Representations for Metaphor and Aspect
Srinivas S. Narayanan [advisor: Jerome A. Feldman]

Lazy Threads: Compiler and Runtime Structures for Fine-Grained Parallel Programming
Seth Copen Goldstein [advisor: David E. Culler]

Mapping Connectionist Networks onto Parallel Machines: A Library Approach
Benedict A. Gomes [advisor: Jerome A. Feldman]

Maximizing Throughput of Reliable Bulk Network Transmissions
John W. Byers [advisor: Christos H. Papadimitriou]

Measurements and Analysis of End-to-End Internet Dynamics
Vern E. Paxson [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Micromachined Hot-Filament Vacuum Devices
Kirt R. Williams [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Micromachined Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes
William A. Clark [advisor: Roger T. Howe]

Micro-Optical Devices for Communications and Beyond: The Days Before and After Silicon Micromachining
Meng-Hsiung Kiang [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Modeling Electronegative Discharges
Igor G. Kouznetsov [advisor: Michael A. Lieberman]

MOSFET Technology for Ultra-Large-Scale Integration
Bin Yu [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Multipath Channels in Wireless Infrared Communications: Modeling, Angle Diversity and Estimation
Jeffrey B. Carruthers [advisor: Joseph M. Kahn]

Optical Constants of Materials in the EUV/Soft X-Ray Region for Multilayer Mirror Applications
Regina Soufli [advisor: David T. Attwood]

Physics of Future Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) MOSFETs
Dennis Sinitsky [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Portable, Modular Expression of Locality
David P. Stoutamire [advisor: Jerome A. Feldman]

Post-Routing Interconnect Performance Optimization
Tianxiong Xue [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

Practical Algorithms for Incremental Software Development Environments
Tim A. Wagner [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Presentation by Tree Transformation
Vance Maverick [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

Pricing Policies and Query Processing in the Mariposa Agoric Distributed Database Management System
Jeffrey P. Sidell [advisor: Michael R. Stonebraker]

Progressively Reliable Packet Delivery for Interactive Wireless Multimedia
Richard Y.-W. Han [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

Propagation Effects of Partially Coherent Light in Optical Lithography and Inspection
Robert J. Socha [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Quantum Complexity Theory
Ethan J. Bernstein [advisor: Umesh V. Vazirani]

Scheduling Scientific Applications on Distributed-Memory Parallel Computers
Allen B. Downey [advisor: Paul N. Hilfinger]

Self-Correcting Programs and Error-Correcting Codes
Hal Wasserman [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Self-Timing and Vector Processing in Superconductive Single-Flux Quantum Digital Technology
Zhong Deng [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Strings Algorithms and Machine Learning Applications for Computational Biology
Paul B. Horton II [advisor: John F. Canny]

TAO: An Integrated Framework for Optimizing Transformations
Sean Huang [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

The Implications of Deep Sub-Micron Technology on the Design of High Performance Digital VLSI Systems
Desmond A. Kirkpatrick [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

The Specification and Execution of Heterogeneous Synchronous Reactive Systems
Stephen A. Edwards [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

The Z-Spline: An Interpolating Subdivision Surface Scheme for Smooth Modeling and Three-Dimensional Morphing
Zijiang Yang [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Ultraviolet Damage to Fused Silica
Richard E. Schenker [advisor: William G. Oldham]

Validation, Identification and Control of Robust Control Uncertainty Models
Sundeep Rangan [advisor: Kameshwar Poolla]

When Push Comes to Shove: A Computational Model of the Role of Motor Control in the Acquisition of Action Verbs
David R. Bailey [advisor: Jerome A. Feldman]