Technical Reports - 2004

Building a Source-to-Source UPC-to-C Translator (CSD-04-1369)
Wei-Yu Chen

Visual Programming Languages: a Survey (CSD-04-1368)
Marat Boshernitsan and Michael S. Downes

LAPACK Working Note 163: How the MRRR Algorithm Can Fail on Tight Eigenvalue Clusters (CSD-04-1367)
Beresford N. Parlett and Christof Voemel

Shape Matching and Object Recognition using Low Distortion Correspondences (CSD-04-1366)
Alexander Berg, Tamara L. Berg and Jitendra Malik

Two-player Nonzero-sum omega-regular Games (CSD-04-1364)
Krishnendu Chatterjee

Side Effects Are Not Sufficient to Authenticate Software (CSD-04-1363)
Umesh Shankar, Monica Chew and J. D. Tygar

Strike a Pose: Tracking People by Finding Stylized Poses (CSD-04-1362)
Deva Ramanan, David A. Forsyth and Andrew Zisserman

Detecting, Localizing, and Recovering Kinematics of Textured Animals (CSD-04-1361)
Deva Ramanan, David A. Forsyth and Kobus Barnard

Distributed Schedule Carrying Code (CSD-04-1360)
Thomas A. Henzinger, Christoph M. Kirsch and Slobodan Matic

Cooperative Containment of Fast Scanning Worms (CSD-04-1359)
Jayanth Kumar Kannan, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Ion Stoica, Scott Shenker and Randy Katz

Reliable Broadcase in Unknown Fixed-Identity Networks (CSD-04-1358)
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Randy H. Katz, Volker Roth, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

HLP: A Next Generation Inter-domain Routing Protocol (CSD-04-1357)
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Matthew Caesar, Cheng Tien Ee, Mark Handley, Morley Mao, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica

The Case for an Internet Health Monitoring System (CSD-04-1356)
Matthew Caesar, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian and Randy H. Katz

The Complexity of Stochastic Rabin and Streett Games (CSD-04-1355)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Luca de Alfaro and Thomas A. Henzinger

The Complexity of Quantitative Concurrent Parity Games (CSD-04-1354)
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Luca de Alfaro and Thomas A. Henzinger

Precise Interprocedural Analysis using Random Interpretation (Revised version) (CSD-04-1353)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

BINDER: An Extrusion-based Break-In Detector for Personal Computers (CSD-04-1352)
Weidong Cui, Randy H. Katz and Wai-tian Tan

S2D2: A Framework for Scalable and Secure Optimistic Replication (CSD-04-1351)
Brent ByungHoon Kang

Software Design Patterns for TinyOS (CSD-04-1350)
David Gay, Philip Levis and David Culler

Sensor Field Localization: A Deployment and Empirical Analysis (CSD-04-1349)
Kamin Whitehouse, Fred Jiang, Chris Karlof, Alec Woo and David Culler

Fault Attacks on Dual-Rail Encoded Systems (CSD-04-1347)
Jason D. Waddle and David A. Wagner

LAPACK Working Note 162: The Design and Implementation of the MRRR Algorithm (CSD-04-1346)
Inderjit Dhillon, Beresford N. Parlett and Christof Voemel

Reconciling Cooperation with Confidentiality in Multi-Provider Distributed Systems (CSD-04-1345)
Sridhar Machiraju and Randy H. Katz

Error Bounds from Extra Precise Iterative Refinement (CSD-04-1344)
James W. Demmel, Yozo Hida, William Kahan, Xiaoye S. Li, Soni Mukherjee and E. Jason Riedy

Bridging the Gap: Programming Sensor Networks with Application Specific Virtual Machines (CSD-04-1343)
Philip Levis, David Gay and David Culler

Supporting Legacy Applications over i3 (CSD-04-1342)
Jayanth Kumar Kannan, Ayumu Kubota, Karthik Lakshminarayanan, Ion Stoica and Klaus Wehrle

Gigabit Rate Packet Pattern-Matching Using TCAM (CSD-04-1341)
Fang Yu, Randy H. Katz and T. V. Lakshman

How Much Does Globalization Help Segmentation? (CSD-04-1340)
Charless Fowlkes and Jitendra Malik

FREddies: DHT-Based Adaptive Query Processing via FedeRated Eddies (CSD-04-1339)
Ryan Huebsch and Shawn Ryan Jeffery

CrocoPat 2.1 Introduction and Reference Manual (CSD-04-1338)
Dirk Beyer and Andreas Noack

Video Based Motion Synthesis by Splicing and Morphing (CSD-04-1337)
Greg Mori, Alex Berg, Alyosha Efros, Ashley Eden and Jitendra Malik

Dynamically Adapting GUIs to Diverse Input Devices (CSD-04-1336)
Scott Carter, Jennifer Mankoff, Jack Li and Nick Molchanoff

Performance Modeling and Analysis of Cache Blocking in Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply (CSD-04-1335)
Rajesh Nishtala, Richard W. Vuduc, James W. Demmel and Katherine A. Yelick

Scalable Wide-Area Resource Discovery (CSD-04-1334)
David Oppenheimer, Jeannie Albrecht, David Patterson and Amin Vahdat

Image Recognition CAPTCHAs (CSD-04-1333)
Monica Chew and J. D. Tygar

Querying Network Graphs with Recursive Queries (CSD-04-1332)
Boon Thau Loo

Challenges for Ubicomp Evaluation (CSD-04-1331)
Scott Carter and Jennifer Mankoff

A Direct Formulation for Sparse PCA Using Semidefinite Programming (CSD-04-1330)
Alexandre d'Aspremont, Laurent El Ghaoui, Michael I. Jordan and Gert R. G. Lanckriet

Randomized Rumor Spreading with Fewer Phone Calls (CSD-04-1329)
Kirsten Hildrum, Sean Ma and Satish Rao

Low Stretch between Nearby Peers (CSD-04-1328)
Kirsten Hildrum, John D. Kubiatowicz and Jeremy Stribling

Routing as a Service (CSD-04-1327)
Karthik Lakshminarayanan, Ion Stoica and Scott Shenker

Path-Sensitive Analysis for Linear Arithmetic and Uninterpreted Functions (CSD-04-1325)
Sumit Gulwani and George C. Necula

Response Time as a Performability Metric for Online Services (CSD-04-1324)
Peter M. Broadwell

DuraNet: Energy-Efficient Durable Slot-Free Power Scheduling (CSD-04-1323)
Terence Tong, David Molnar and Alec Woo

A Preliminary Report on the Embedded Virtual Machine (CSD-04-1322)
Arkadeb Ghosal, Marco A. A. Sanvido and Thomas A. Henzinger

Towards a Structured Underlay for Network Routing (CSD-04-1321)
Matthew Caesar, Miguel Castro and Antony Rowstron

SCONE: A Tool to Estimate Shared Congestion Among Internet Paths (CSD-04-1320)
Weidong Cui, Sridhar Machiraju, Randy H. Katz and Ion Stoica

A Kernel-based Learning Approach to Ad Hoc Sensor Network Localization (CSD-04-1319)
XuanLong Nguyen, Michael I. Jordan and Bruno Sinopoli

Radiance Caching and Local Geometry Correction (CSD-04-1318)
Okan Arikan, David A. Forsyth and James F. O'Brien

An Overlay MAC Layer for 802.11 Networks (CSD-04-1317)
Ananth Rao and Ion Stoica

Efficient Multi-Match Packet Classification with TCAM (CSD-04-1316)
Fang Yu and Randy H. Katz

Light-Weight Instrumentation From Relational Queries Over Program Traces (CSD-04-1315)
Simon Goldsmith, Robert O'Callahan and Alex Aiken

Memory Management with Use-Counted Regions (CSD-04-1314)
Tachio Terauchi and Alex Aiken

Continuous Query Processing with Real-Valued Functions (CSD-04-1312)
Matthew Denny and Michael J. Franklin

GridDB: a Data-Centric Overlay for Scientific Grids (CSD-04-1311)
David T. Liu and Michael J. Franklin

Learning the Behavior of Users in a Public Space through Video Tracking (CSD-04-1310)
Wei Yan and D. A. Forsyth

DoS Defense in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks (CSD-04-1309)
Pete C. Perlegos

Finding User/Kernel Pointer Bugs With Type Inference (CSD-04-1308)
Rob Johnson and David Wagner

Fast Kernel Learning using Sequential Minimal Optimization (CSD-04-1307)
Francis R. Bach, Gert R. G. Lanckriet and Michael I. Jordan

MultiChord: A Resilient Namespace Management Protocol (CSD-04-1306)
Nancy Lynch and Ion Stoica

Distributed Web Crawling over DHTs (CSD-04-1305)
Boon Thau Loo, Sailesh Krishnamurthy and Owen Cooper

A Recovery-Oriented Approach to Dependable Services: Repairing Past Errors with System-Wide Undo (CSD-04-1304)
Aaron Baeten Brown

Computing Query Previews in the Flamenco System (CSD-04-1303)
Kevin Chen

Analyzing P2P Overlays with Recursive Queries (CSD-04-1301)
Boon Thau Loo, Ryan Huebsch, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Timothy Roscoe and Ion Stoica

Self-Tuning Energy-Aware Multichannel (STEAM) Scheduling (CSD-04-1300)
Umesh Shankar

Characterization of the Critical Dimension (M04/50)
J. P. Cain

Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging and Resist Characterization Using Spatial Filtering Techniques (M04/49)
Michael D. Shumway

Design Optimization of Ultra-Scaled Transistors and the Impact of Process Variations (M04/48)
Shiying Xiong

Exact Emulation of a Priority Queue with Switch and Delay Lines (M04/47)
A. Sarwate and Venkat Anantharam

Advanced Materials and Structures for Nanoscale CMOS Devices (M04/46)
Daewon Ha

Complexity of Two-Level Minimization (M04/45)
C. Umans, T. Villa and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Quality of Service for Flows in Ad-Hoc etworks (M04/44)
E. Chi and A. Dimakis

Bandwidth Guaranteed Routing for Ad Hoc etworks with Interference Consideration (M04/43)
Z. Jia, R. Gupta, Jean Walrand and Pravin Varaiya

Sufficient Rate Constraints for QoS Flows n Ad-Hoc Networks (M04/42)
R. Gupta, J. Musacchio and Jean Walrand

Metropolis Design Guidelines (M04/40)
A. Pinto

Metropolis Arm CPU Examples (M04/39)
T. C. Meyerowitz

The Metropolis META model - Version 0.4 (M04/38)
Metropolis Project Team

Simple Case Study in Metropolis (M04/37)
H. Zeng, V. Shah, D. Densmore and A. Davare

Metropolis Architecture Refinement Styles nd Methodology (M04/36)
D. Densmore

Flapping Flight for Biomimetic Robotic Insects - Part I: System Modeling (M04/35)
X. Deng, L. Schenato, W. C. Wu and S. Shankar Sastry

Flapping Flight for Biomimetic Robotic Insects - Part II: Flight Control Design (M04/34)
X. Deng, S. Schenato and S. Shankar Sastry

A Lyapunov-Based Approach to Control of Mechanical Systems with Periodic Forcing Inputs (M04/33)
D. Campolo, L. Schenato, E. Guglielmelli and S. Shankar Sastry

Design, Fabrication, and Optical Analysis of Nanomirrors for Maskless EUV Lithography (M04/32)
Yashesh A. Shroff

Linking TCAD and EDA Through Pattern Matching (M04/31)
Frank E. Gennari

Giotto Tutorial (M04/30)
A. Walburg and M. Sanvido

Latency-Insensitive Design (M04/29)
Luca Carloni

Robust Markov Decision Processes with Uncertain Transition Matrices (M04/28)
A. Nilim and Laurent El Ghaoui

Ptolemy II - Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java (M04/27)
C. Brooks and Edward A. Lee

Concurrent Models of Computations for Embedded Software (M04/26)
Edward A. Lee and S. Neuendorfer

Kikuchi Approximation Method for Joint Decoding of LDPC Codes and Partial-Response Channels (M04/25)
P. Pakzad and Venkat Anantharam

The Role of Soft Computing Techniques and Geosciences for Intelligent Reservoir Characterization and Oil Exploration (M04/24)
M. Nikravesh

Soft Computing-Based Modeling for Intelligent Reservoir Characterization and Geosciences Applications (M04/23)
M. Nikravesh

Real-Time Systems Design in Ptolemy II: A Time-Triggered Approach (M04/22)
N. V. Krishnan

Estimation and Marginalization Using Kikuchi Approximation Methods (M04/21)
P. Pakzad and Venkat Anantharam

Low Complexity, High Performance Algorithms for Estimation and Decoding (M04/20)
Payam Pakzad

Balance Between Formal and Informal Methods, Engineering and Artistry, Evolution and Rebuil (M04/19)
Edward A. Lee

Hyvisual: A Hybrid System Visual Modeler (M04/18)
C. Brooks and Edward A. Lee

Ptolemy II - Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java - Vol. 3 - Domains (M04/17)
C. Brooks and Edward A. Lee

Ptolemy II - Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java - Vol. 2 - Software Architecture (M04/16)
C. Brooks and Edward A. Lee

Oscillator Modeling and Phase Noise (M04/14)
Brian N. Limketkai

Nano-Scaled Logic and Memory Devices: Modeling and Fabrication (M04/13)
Peiqi Xuan

A Unified Data-Link Energy Model for Wireless Sensor Networks (M04/12)
Lizhi C. Zhong

Integrated CMP Metrology and Modeling with Respect to Circuit Performance (M04/11)
Runzi Chang

Formal Refinement Verification in Metropolis (M04/10)
D. Densmore

Design Flow for Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuits (M04/9)
Fan Mo

Visualsense: Visual Modeling for Wireless and Sensor Network Systems (M04/8)
X. Liu

galsC: A Language for Event-Driven Embedded Systems (M04/7)
E. Cheong and J. Liu

Analysis and Control of Flapping Flight: From Biological to Robotic Insects (M04/6)
Luca Schenato

Zero-rate Reliability of the Exponential- Server Timing Channel (M04/5)
A. B. Wagner and Venkat Anantharam

Design and Implementation of Picoradio Data Link Layer (M04/4)
J. Zhou

Cache Aware Scheduling for Synchronous Dataflow Programs (M04/3)
S. Kohli

Hierarchical Reconfiguration of Dataflow Models (M04/2)
S. Neuendorfer and Edward A. Lee

A Hierarchical Multiple Target Tracking Algorithm for Sensor Networks (M04/1)
S. Oh and S. Shankar Sastry