Research to address next generation issues in computer architecture to address the grand challenge of parallel computation, bringing in techniques from other fields (e.g. machine learning for high impact optimizations), ideas for architecture based on novel substrates, power budget issues, micro-architectural circuit level issues, and architectural issues in the development of sensor networks.

Research Centers




Faculty Awards

  • ACM A.M. Turing Award: David A. Patterson, 2017. William M. Kahan, 1989.
  • SIAM John von Neumann Lecture Prize: William M. Kahan, 1997.
  • Computers and Communications (C&C) Prize: David A. Patterson, 2004.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame: Randy H. Katz, 2018. David A. Patterson, 2005.
  • Okawa Prize: David E. Culler, 2013.
  • National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Member: James Demmel, 2011. David A. Patterson, 2006.
  • National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member: Katherine A. Yelick, 2017. David E. Culler, 2005. William M. Kahan, 2005. Randy H. Katz, 2000. James Demmel, 1999. David A. Patterson, 1993.
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member: James Demmel, 2018. Katherine A. Yelick, 2017. David A. Patterson, 2006. William M. Kahan, 2003. Randy H. Katz, 1990.
  • Berkeley Citation: David E. Culler, 2021. Edward A. Lee, 2018. David A. Patterson, 2016.
  • UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award: Randy H. Katz, 1992. David A. Patterson, 1982.
  • Sloan Research Fellow: Sophia Shao, 2024. Prabal Dutta, 2017. Michael Lustig, 2013.

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