A Control and Diagnostic System for the Photolithography Process Sequence
Sovarong Leang [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

A Data-Driven Multiprocessor Architecture for High Throughput Digital Signal Processing
Alfred K.-W. Yeung [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

A Linear Systems Approach Towards the Reduction of Non-Rigid Body Motion Artifacts in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
Nandini Rajan [advisor: Thomas F. Budinger]

A Methodology for Modeling the Manufacturability of Integrated Circuits
Eric D. Boskin [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

A Practical and Economical Approach to Resource Allocation in ATM
Linda T. Parker [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

A 2 1/2 Approximation in Algorithm for Shortest Common Superstring
Elizabeth A. Sweedyk [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Access, Addressing and Security in Wireless Packet Networks
Bharghavan Vaduvur [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Active Storage Management for Database Systems
Chye L. Chee [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Admission Control and Resource Management for Multi-Service ATM Netowrks
Ivy P.-S. Hsu [advisor: Jean C. Walrand]

Algorithms and Techniques for Manufacturing
Aaron S. Wallack [advisor: John F. Canny]

Algorithms for Biomagnetic Source Imaging with Prior Anatomical and Physiological Information
Paul W. Hughett [advisor: Thomas F. Budinger]

Approximating the Suffix Tree
Archibald L. Cobbs [advisor: John F. Canny and Daniel M. Gusfield]

Automatic Synthesis of CMOS Digital/Analog Converters
Robert McKinstry Neff [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

BJT Modeling for Circuit Simulation
Clement K. Szeto [advisor: Ping K. Ko]

Bounded Scheduling of Process Networks
Thomas M. Parks [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Centralizing Geometry Services for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits Topography Simulation
Robert H.-F. Wang [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Constraint-Driven Analysis and Synthesis of High-Performance Analog IC Layout
Edoardo Charbon [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Constraint-Driven System Partitioning
Minshine Shih [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

Dynamic Inversion of Nonlinear Maps with Applications to Nonlinear Control and Robotics
Neil H. Getz [advisor: Jerrold E. Marsden]

Efficient Algorithms for Broadcast, Prefix Summing, and Matrix Computation for Distributed-Memory Machines
Eunice E. Santos [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Encoding Problems in Logic Synthesis
Tiziano Villa [advisor: Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli]

Estimation Methods in Traffic Flow Systems
Kumud K. Sanwal [advisor: Jean C. Walrand]

Estimation Techniques to Guide Low-Power Resynthesis Algorithms for Combinatorial Random CMOS Logic
Christopher K. Lennard [advisor: A. Richard Newton]

Exploiting Parallelism in a Shared Disk Database System
Vikram Vij [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Formal Verification of Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems
Sonia R. Sachs [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Four Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging of Short and Long T(2) Species Using Sinusoidal and Optimized Gradient Waveforms
Joshua M. Lack [advisor: Thomas F. Budinger]

Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Device Issues
James S. Chan [advisor: Nathan W. Cheung]

Grating-Based Soft X-Ray Spatial Frequency Multiplication
Max Wei [advisor: David T. Attwood]

Heteroepitaxy and Fluidic Self-Assembly of Lattice-Mismatched Materials
Jay K.-J. Tu [advisor: J. Stephen Smith]

High-Speed Wireless Infrared Communication Links
Gene W. Marsh [advisor: Joseph M. Kahn]

Josephson-CMOS Memories
Uttam S. Ghoshal [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Low-Latency Handoff for Cellular Data Networks
Srinivasan Seshan [advisor: Randy H. Katz]

Low-Power Low-Voltage Analog-to-Digital Conversion Techniques Using Pipelined Architectures
Thomas B. Cho [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Minimizing Communication and Synchronization Overhead in Multiprocessors for Digital Signal Processing
Sundararajan Sriram [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Modeling and Analysis of Substrate Coupling in Integrated Circuits
Ranjit Gharpurey [advisor: Robert G. Meyer]

Modeling and Characterization of Electromigration Failures in IC Metallization Systems and Copper Metallization for ULSI Application
Jiang Tao [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Multi-Parameter Homotopy and Complex Encirclement: Finding dc Operating Points and Periodic Orbits of Nonlinear Circuits
Densie M. Wolf [advisor: Seth R. Sanders]

Multi-Party Real-time Communication in Computer Networks
Amit Gupta [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Multiple-Bus, Scalable, Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
Michael J. Carlton [advisor: Randy H. Katz]

Nanometric Silicon Device Design, Fabrication and Characterization
Mansun J. Chan [advisor: Ping K. Ko]

Noise, Speed, and Power Tradeoffs in Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters
David W. Cline [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

Non-Stoichiometric III-V Materials for Optoelectric Applications
Ashish K. Verma [advisor: J. Stephen Smith]

Object Management Systems
Aleks O. Göllü [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Optimal Utilization in Subcarrier and Multicarrier Systems
Keang-Po Ho [advisor: Joseph M. Kahn]

Optimization of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers and Processing for Fluidic Self-Assembly
Joseph J. Talghader [advisor: J. Stephen Smith]

Overcomplete Expansions for Digital Signal Processing
Zoran D. Cvetkovic [advisor: Martin Vetterli]

Phenomena and Techniques in High Speed Modulation of Semiconductor Laser Diodes
Bin Wu [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Portable Library Support for Irregular Applications
Chih-Po Wen [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick]

Power-Efficient Modulation for High-Speed Non-Directed Wireless Infrared Communication
Malik D. Audeh [advisor: Joseph M. Kahn]

Random Walks on Colored Graphs: Analysis and Applications
Diane Hernek [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Sawmill: A Logging File System for a High-Performance RAID Disk Array
Kenneth William Shirriff [advisor: John K. Ousterhout]

Scheduling Algorithms for Input-Queued Cell Switches
Nicholas W. McKeown [advisor: Jean C. Walrand]

Serverless Network File Systems
Michael Donald Dahlin [advisor: David A. Patterson]

Some Aspects of Order in Circuits and Systems
Chai W. Wu [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

State Minimization of Finite State Machines Using Implicit Techniques
Timothy Y.-K. Kam [advisor: Robert K. Brayton]

Storage Hierarchy Management for Scientific Computing
Ethan Leo Miller [advisor: Randy H. Katz]

System-Level Codesign of Mixed Hardware-Software Systems
Asawaree P. Kalavade [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

The Dynamics of a Class of Coupled Digital Oscillators
Wayne E. Wonchoba [advisor: Michael A. Lieberman]

Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Damping Limited Modulation Bandwidth in Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers
Ta-Chung Wu [advisor: Kam Y. Lau]

Theory of Hybrid Systems and Discrete Event Systems
Anuj Puri [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Transforming for Parallelism Using Symbolic Summarization
Oliver Joseph Sharp [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Transport for Multimedia in Wireless Networks
Louis C. M. Yun [advisor: David G. Messerschmitt]

Ultrasonic Microtransport
Richard M. Moroney III [advisor: Richard M. White]

Validity of the Classical Theory of Spontaneous Emission and the Fast Multipole Method for Electromagnetic Scattering
Si Chuen Michael Yeung [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

A Practical and Economical Approach to Resource Allocation in ATM
Fukiko Hidano [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]